Santoshi Maa 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Daksha about sending Santoshi as maid to Janardhan’s boss’ house. Madhvi laughs. Daksha denies everything and says I will not send Santoshi as maid. She asks Santoshi does she want Janardha’s boss to get annoyed, I told you its matter of few days. Dadi asks Janardha does his boss stay in Lucknow, and there is problem of cook in his house right? Daksha signs him to nod. Janardha is speechless. Santoshi says Daksha is not lying, the head maid told me if I work well, Janardhan will get promotion. Dadi says I know Daksha is hiding something.

Daksha says fine, I will tell the truth, I have sent Santoshi there as maid, but this is also true that Janardhan will get promotion. Dadi says Santoshi will not go there. Dadi takes Santoshi. Santoshi says I will

go there Dadi. Daksha smiles. Dadi asks will she go as maid there. Madhvi says see such a nice family girl will go as maid. Santoshi says I m ready to do this work for Tau ji, as I would have done this for dad too. Dadi says fine, and tells Janardhan that he is lucky to have a niece like Santoshi. Madhvi says I can’t manage work here at home. Santoshi says don’t worry, I will manage and smiles.

Daksha gives money to Bua. Bua counts and says just 1.5 lakhs. Daksha says I can just give in installments. Bua says give 3 lakhs, else we will take Bittoo. Daksha gets shocked and requests her to give her some time. Bua says fine, I will give time, but I have a condition, you keep your jewelry mortgaged, you get money and take jewelry back. Daksha agrees. Bua asks her to get money and jewelry tomorrow to her house and leaves.

Madhvi tells Seshnath that Daksha trapped Santoshi, she is very clever. Santoshi does cleaning work at night. Seshnath asks her to listen, its good that money is coming at home. Madhvi keeps more junk and asks Santoshi to clean. Janardhan looks on and feels sorry for not telling the truth. Daksha scolds him. He says you did not right by lying. She asks will you give money to Bua, I m keeping jewelry mortgaged. He says Santoshi is like my daughter. She says Bua will kidnap Bittoo, what will you do. He says I care for Santoshi, but its about Bittoo, sorry.

Daksha asks Santoshi to sleep, she has to wake up early and go Lucknow. Dadi comes and asks Santoshi to sleep in her room, its cold. Santoshi says no, I will sleep outside, I miss mum and dad a lot, I feel like they are with me here. Daksha asks Dadi to go. She asks Santoshi to wake up soon in morning. Santshi asks her not to worry.

Tinu comes to Santoshi and talks to her. Santoshi says he is lucky to go to school. She laughs talking to him. Tinu asks her to become teacher in his school. Madhvi hears them and gets angry on Tinu. She takes him with her. Santoshi looks at her burnt hand and sees moon. Bittoo comes out and sees Santoshi sleeping in lawn. She opens gate for her boyfriend. Devi Paulmi comes there and smiles evil way.

Bittoo and her BF have a talk and romance. Devi Paulmi asks Madhvi to wake up and rings bell. Madhvi wakes up and thinks what is this sound. She asks who is there. Bittoo says Chachi, run from here fast. The guy runs and a snake stops him. He asks the snake to let it go. Devi Paulmi smiles scaring the guy with the snake and stopping him from leaving. She says you can’t go, else how will I get happy.

Madhvi comes out. The guy lies beside Santoshi and covers himself. Devi Paulmi moves sheet and makes Madhvi sees his shoes. She smiles. Madhi shouts. The guy starts running and Devi Paulmi makes him fall. Everyone come out. Madhvi asks who is he. Bittoo signs him. Seshnath asks why is he seeing there. The guy asks Santoshi will you say or should I say? Santoshi says I don’t know him. He says Chachi has seen everything, whats the need to hide. Madhvi says yes, he was sleeping beside Santoshi. Santoshi gets shocked.

The guy says Santoshi and I truly love each other. Santoshi slaps and beats him. Daksha scolds Santoshi. Madhvi beats Santoshi. Mata looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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