Santoshi Maa 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa blessing Santoshi. Santoshi shouts for help. She gets the briefcase provided by Santoshi Maa. She gets tools and says maybe this can open it. Ujwal pours water on Ankur. Ankur does not wake up. Madhu says he is drunk, get more water. She shouts Ankur. Ujwal pours more water. She asks Ankur why is Dhairya finding you, where is your car. She slaps him. He says I don’t know. She says tell me. He says its outside city club. Ujwal says its far. Madhu asks Ujwal to come along, Dhairya won’t find car without reason.

Dhairya looks for the car. Santoshi tries breaking the lock. Dhairya says I m not getting the car, what shall I do. Madhu asks Ujwal to drive fast. Santoshi prays. Dhairya says where shall I find his car now. Paras sees Dhairya and asks him to

come, Bubbly called and told me everything, we will find car. Santoshi opens the dicky. Madhu and Ujwal come there and see the car. Santoshi hides. They check the car. Madhu says there is no one in the car. Dhairya asks people on the way. Ujwal says we will check dicky. They don’t see anyone. Santoshi hides.

Madhu says don’t know what was Dhairya finding in car, we will take car home. Ujwal says fine and drives Ankur’s car. They leave. Dhairya and Paras come home. Dhairya says don’t know where did Santoshi go. Paras says don’t worry, we will find her. Dhairya says what shall I do, I told her not to go anywhere, if anything happens to her. Santoshi comes and says nothing can happen to me in Santoshi Maa’s presence. He hugs her happily and asks where did you go, I was afraid. She says I also missed you a lot. He makes her sit. She says I m fine, but Kaka and Kaki are not fine, Madhu and Ankur kidnapped them and kept them somewhere. Dhairya asks how do you know. She says I told you I m hiding in car to know about Kaka and Kaki, I wanted to follow Ankur. She tells him and gets dizzy. He makes her rest.

Seshnath tells Ujwal that someone gave envelop for him. Ujwal asks who gave this. He checks it and smiles. Seshnath asks whats written in it, did your wife send divorce papers. Ujwal says stop nonsense and runs to Madhu. Kaka and Kaki are tied. They get free. The goons come and shoot Kaka. Santoshi wakes up by this dream and worries.

Paras tells Dhairya that you should be with Santoshi, but this meeting is very imp, that’s why I called you. Santoshi calls Dhairya. Dhairya tells her to have breakfast, don’t take stress. She says I have to find Kaka and Kaki. He says I have imp meeting, we will talk later. She says you are doing meeting instead finding them. He says I gave ad in paper, everything will be fine. She says I could not tell you complete matter.She tells him everything.

He says I will complete in police. She says no, Ankur and Madhu can do anything if they know our plan. He asks how will we find them. She says anyway, I know some route, we can reach there. Paras asks Dhairya to come fast. Dhairya says you and Bubbly find them, I will finish meeting and call you. She says what happened to Dhairya, is my doubt right, Dhairya is changing. Ujwal tells Madhu that if no one claims this house till 7 days, the house will be yours, old owner has to sign, but 7 days will complete today. She asks how. He says there were holidays. Ankur says relax, make papers ready, we have Kaka and Kaki. She says yes. Ujwal asks will Papa get ready to sign. She says yes, he loves Dhairya and Santoshi a lot and has to pay price for this love.

Dhairya gives presentation and everyone clap. The client praises him and asks him to give a guarantor. He asks Dhairya to keep his dad’s property as guarantee. Paras says we will prepare papers and meet you. The men leave. Paras asks why did you stop me, we could have said truth. Dhairya says we would have lost the contract, I have no share, dad named it to Santoshi, then Madhu took it from Santoshi. Paras asks did your dad and Santoshi sign in court. Dhairya says no. Paras says then if Santoshi denies and your dad helps you, it can work, your Papa is real owner. Dhairya says I have to find Papa. Santoshi calls him. Dhairya says we will come.

Tanasur laughs and beats the Devs. Santoshi Maa looks on. He throws fire balls and asks is there any Devi Devta to face me. Santoshi Maa sees all this and worries. She thinks Tanasur’s attacks are increasing, I have to find Devi Paulmi soon, else nothing will remain. She does not see Devi Paulmi and thinks where is she.

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