Santoshi Maa 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka trying to call Dhairya. He worries for Santoshi. Dhairya gets Santoshi lifting in arms. Kaka and Kaki get worried seeing her state. Dhairya tells them that some lady made Santoshi eat bhaang laddoo. He rushes to get doctor. Madhu comes home. Kaki says I will get mustard oil for Santoshi. She blames Madhu. Madhu says I got embarrassed because of Santoshi. Kaka says you took Santoshi there, you did not see anyone making her eat bhaang laddoo. Madhu denies it. Madhu tells them that Santoshi got mad and she called a doctor for her too. Pratap agrees with her. Madhu says I have proof that Santoshi is mad, and shows that video.

Ujwal says yes, she looks mad. Kaka says its bhaang effect, she is fine. Doctor says I will check her and say is she mad or not. Santoshi asks

doctor is he teasing her. Madhu says he is checking you whether you are mad. Santoshi scolds her and says let me sleep now. Madhu recalls how Santoshi reacted that day and holds her hand asking her to get checkup done. Santoshi asks her to leave her hand. Madhu says I won’t. Santoshi pushes her away and hits on her head with a vase. They all get shocked.

Pushpa says Santosho broke Madhu’s head, she got mad. Pratap asks Santoshi what did she do. Kaka also asks same. Santoshi asks Kaka not to talk in between, Madhu made me angry. Pratap and Ujwal ask doctor to take her. Doctor asks the staff to take her. Kaka says wait, I will come. Doctor asks him to come in morning. Madhu and Pratap smile.

Dhairya says Santoshi is not mad, she ate bhaang laddoo, so she behaved such way. Pratap says normal person does not hit on head. Kaka says it was not easy for us, we sent her for her good, doctor said there is no other way, we want her to get fine and come back home. Dhairya says I will go and meet her. Pratap takes Madhu to room. He asks is she happy now, Santoshi is gone, now keep smiling. She says she was jumping a lot, once she is proved mad, our work will get easy, mad person can do anything and can harm herself too.

Santoshi says I m not mad, leave me. Doctor gives her electric shocks. The power goes. Narad comes as the ward boy. Doctor asks him to take care of patient. Narad removes the fuse and dumps it in bin. He gets sad seeing Santoshi. Dhairya goes to meet Santoshi. Doctor asks him to come when there is power. Dhairya says my wife Santoshi is not mad. Doctor takes him to show Santoshi’s state. Dhairya sees Santoshi murmuring and asks doctor to let him take Santoshi, she is strong. She says I m not strong. Doctor says we would be not needed if patients got fine by saying. Narad says love has much power and can make anyone fine. Doctor says you are new, don’t say anything. He asks Dhairya to see her state. Dhairya asks till when will she get fine. Doctor says we can’t say anything, pray for her, it can come some years too, we have to give her electric shock again. Narad says there is no power. Doctor goes to check generator. Narad pacifies Dhairya.

Brahmadev and Dimakh Raj are trying to rebuild the page. Dimakh Raj says I m unable to get some part of the shreds. Brahmadev gives him a power and asks him to chant this mantras so that they succeed in their word, you have to start it soon, else it will get meaningless.

Pratap asks doctor to do his work well. Doctor says don’t worry, I don’t give reason to complain, and gives injection to Santoshi. Pratap and Madhu thank doctor and give him money. Narad goes to Yamraj and tells about Santoshi’s state, do something, more delay will be painful for Santoshi. Yamraj says I was never stained to get people’s soul, but now I feel like getting a stain on my forehead. Narad asks him to do something, if Santoshi’s soul does not enter her body for two days, she will have to wander forever. Santoshi Maa tells Brahmadev that Madhu will harm Santoshi, if we delay, Santoshi’s body will get pain, do something. He says I did everything, now just Dimakh Raj can do something, till he does not find that part of the page, we just have to watch.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amena why dnt u update precap? Do u hav any enmity with it?

  2. Hi shreya in precap santoshi overpowers the nurse n then she is seen outsidw in disguise of nurse ( means she must have changed yhe clothes with nurse) that doctor calls her from back. Santoshis side face s shown

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