Santoshi Maa 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa saying I will help you Santoshi and find Dhairya. Some men come to Dhairya and ask what happened. Dhairya asks can you see me and hear me. The man says yes. Dhairya says there is some wall here, my wife can’t see and hear me. The man says yes, you are in some other world, this wall is around you. Dhairya says see she is so worried, help me go to her. Three Devis look for Dhairya and don’t find him. Devi Parvati says some strong magic has made Dhairya invisible. Santoshi Maa asks any solution for this. Devi Parvati says yes, we have to know who laid this magical trap.

Santoshi Maa says just Devi Paulmi can do this. The man says when human comes here, he can’t go by his wish, he can just go when our Devi wants. Devi Paulmi asks Santoshi Maa to help her

devotees now, see how I create Agnipath, I will trouble them a lot that you will be ready to come in this magical trap.

Inspector asks Santoshi to come with them, the place is not safe. She refuses. She shouts to Dhairya. Inspector says you can stay here if you want, come to police station if you need help. Police goes. Santoshi asks what’s happening. Dhairya says I m here, look at me. Santoshi says I m with you, I will not go anywhere from here till I get you. Dhairya shouts to her. She cries. Dhairya scolds and beats the men.
The man hits on his head. The men beat him up. Dhairya says you have to do what we say, else we will kill you. Santoshi cries. Seshnath says I got fine, see. Madhuri jokes on him. Seshnath takes care of Dadi. Kaka says Santoshi and Dhairya’s phones are not reachable. Santoshi comes home and asks if Dhairya came home. Kaka says he was with you. Kaki asks them to get water, where did he go.

Kaki asks what happened. Santoshi tells everything to them. They all get shocked. Kaka says we will go there, everything will be fine. Paulomika asks her not to cry, we will find Dhairya. Mangla looks on. Santoshi Maa says I m sure Santoshi’s family is related to this magical trap, I will try to find truth. She sees Mangla calling Devi Paulmi. She says it will be easy if I hear her conversation. Mangla asks Devi Paulmi did she disappear Dhairya. Devi Paulmi senses and sees Santoshi Maa in mirror. She thinks Santoshi Maa is acting smart, but she will fail again, see how I fool you. She says no, I did not do anything, just do your work. Mangla thinks who kidnapped Dhairya then. Santoshi Maa says how to know who did this work.

Rudrakshi cries for Dhairya. Paulomika consoles her. The men take Dhairya. Asur Raj sees Dhairya. He asks them to trouble Dhairya. Santoshi gets family to the place and says there was a village here at night, don’t know where it disappeared in morning. Kaki, Ujwal and Kaka say there doesn’t look any village here. Devi Paulmi laughs and asks what will you find out Santoshi. Gaumata says what’s this magical trap which Maa is not able to see. Ujwal says I think we came at any wrong place. Santoshi says I feel Dhairya is close.

Dhairya calls out Santoshi and Kaka. He sits crying. Devi Paulmi says we will get Santoshi here and then sacrifice their lives.

Update Credit to: Amena

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