Santoshi Maa 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka getting Madhu’s laptop and showing Santoshi. He asks her to switch it on and run it. He says I have seen Madhu seeing her CCTV video on it, you can also see videos. She says I don’t know to run it. He asks what, I also don’t know, how will we do our work. She calls Tinu for help. She asks about starting laptop. Tinu thinks why did Santoshi need to use this. He guides her. She thanks him and says she will call later.

She checks CCTV footage of everything she did. Santoshi gets shocked and does not remember anything. She stops the video. Kaka asks her why did she stop this. Seshnath asks Janardhan not to break their house. The man says we will break the area we bought. Janardhan and Seshnath request him not to break their house, they will come on road. The man


Seshnath says I thought to get inspector’s daughter and we will get benefit, but Sharmili is making us leave from house. Janardhan calms him. Santoshi says I can’t do this even in dream, I can’t do this. He says the truth is this. She says I don’t know how Dhairya liked this behavior, I can’t lose my love, sacrifice and relation, I can’t behave such again. She cries. Kaka says if you don’t act as per time, you will lose Dhairya. She says I can’t lose Dhairya, I can’t imagine losing him.

He asks her to fight for her rights, I know Dhairya is your life, you have to become Sinduri and do such things, you walked on Dharm, now break injustice with cheat, you have to win. They hear the car horn. She keeps laptop back. Madhu comes from hospital and asks for help. Sinduri helps her.

Kaka and Santoshi come there. Madhu says doctor asked me to rest. She asks Kaka and Santoshi to sit with her. Santoshi gets a call and goes. Madhu asks Sinduri to take care of her. Sinduri says I will mix poison in Santoshi’s life on naag panchami day.

Dadi talks to Santoshi, and tells her everything. Santoshi asks her not to worry, I will come home tomorrow and see what can be done. Santoshi Maa revives Swarnrekha. Indra and Swarnrekha thank her.

Sinduri hugs Dhairya’s shirt and thinks of their moments. Kaka asks whats all this. She says sorry, I have to iron clothes. He asks her to leave job, remember Santoshi is Dhairya’s wife, you have to become her maid. Sinduri says I can’t, Santoshi is maid. Kaka scolds her and raises hand. Sinduri holds his hand and pushes him. She scolds him and says don’t think I m weak and scared like Santoshi, better stay away. Santoshi gets shocked seeing this and pushes Sinduri.

Madhu looks on. Dhairya comes and looks on. Santoshi scolds Sinduri and drags Sinduri out. She pushes Sinduri outside the house. Sinduri gets angry. Madhu shouts Santoshi. Santoshi asks Sinduri not to come inside house. Madhu comes there and scolds Santoshi. Santoshi turns deaf ear and behaves like Sinduri used to behave with Madhu. Kaka smiles. Madhu and Sinduri get shocked. Santoshi asks Madhu to lock her mouth.

Madhu says how dare you talk to me like this, and raises hand on her. Santoshi holds her hand. Dhairya looks on. Kaka smiles. Santoshi reminds Madhu what she did before, you had to apologize to me. Madhu fumes. Santoshi goes. Dhairya smiles seeing her and goes. Madhu gets angry recalling Santoshi’s words and thinks who is real Santoshi.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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