Santoshi Maa 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka defending Santoshi. Madhu asks them to relax, no need to argue now, we should think how to make Kranti Mata happy. Santoshi goes with Kaka and Vidya Kaki. She asks Kaki why are you crying. Vidya says I m worried for my family, and feels guilty. Santoshi says you don’t need to regret. Vidya says you don’t know anything, Dhairya is right, she is responsible for all this. Kaka signs Santoshi to go and he will manage. Santoshi goes. Vidya says I m sure Kranti Maa will bless me. He says fine, take rest, worry is not good for your health. Santoshi looks on.

Riya calls Dhairya. He is upset and does not answer. Madhu and Nupur smile. Sanketh gets 10 lakhs rs cheque and gives to Pratap. Pratap says I made it for Kranti Mata, we need her blessings a lot, if she gets

annoyed, our family happiness will go. Madhu says you are right, don’t know when Vidya gets fine, but we can’t annoy Kranti Maa. Ujwal agrees but why this big amount. Madhu says we decided to give this amount to Kranti Maa’s trust. Ujwal asks what, 10 lakhs cheque.

Madhu asks Santoshi what is she hearing go and do work. Santoshi says I was… Dhairya asks her to go. Madhu says its cheque from us and Dhairya. Ujwal asks Pratap to give from his share too, as Pratap has his share. Madhu says give whatever, send this cheque by someone. Nupur says I would like to contribute, as I get commissions by Pratap. Ujwal asks her to donate everything. She says I m not going for shopping, I earn also. Ujwal says I forgot that and goes.

Vidya blames Kaka and he asks her to stop this and not blame anyone. She argues with him and says I got insulted there, my trust broke, not yours. Kaka says please open your eyes, if Kranti Mata had power, she would have made your hands fine, she has sent you back. Santoshi gets food and asks them to have it. She says so Kaka and Kaki have fight again. He says explain her. Vidya says Santoshi will tell about Santoshi Mata. Santoshi says that’s my belief, and this superstition on Kranti Mata is not good. Vidya asks her to say what is superstition if she could say. Santoshi goes. Vidya says she left. Kaka says have food. Santoshi comes and says you want to know superstitions, tell me do you believe on Kranti Maa’s miracle. Vidya says yes. Santoshi lights a matchstick and says see this will burn and not happen anything to my hand, as I believe on Kranti Maa. Kaka asks her to throw it, her hand will burn. Santoshi says see now and chants Kranti Maa’s name. Vidya thinks Santoshi will also become Kranti Maa’s devotee and says see your hand did not get burn, now do you have to say something.

Santoshi says whats seen is not always true, this matchstick did not stop because of Kranti Maa, I have made it half wet, so fire did not go ahead, if I did not tell you, this would be Kranti Maa’s miracle for you, this is superstition, devotion is on belief. Vidya says if Santoshi Maa has power, my hand should get fine. Santoshi says you will get fine if you become her devotee, you see your hand will get fine, once belief comes in your heart, I promise I will revive devotion in your heart.

Santoshi Maa puts stones. Gaumata asks why are you doing this after having Divya Shakti. Santoshi Maa asks her to help, and says the work in which power is not need, we should not waste time and energy, humans also wait for Lord to make everything fine, if every work happens by Divya Shakti, balance will get wrong, devotion’s benefit is got on time, Santoshi started 16 weeks fast, she can’t get that benefit now, humans should wait for right time, its true that human who helps himself, I will help him.

GauMata asks will you bless Vidya. Santoshi Maa says yes, humans wait for miracles, I don’t know what Brahmadev wrote in Vidya’s life, but my devotee Santoshi is there, who can get anything by her devotion and belief. She arranges the rocks. Gaumata says you are great. They disappear. The stones fall and Devi Paulmi laughs. She says if belief’s foundation is shaken, humans break, this will happen with Santoshi too, you believe on her devotion and belief, see her belief will shatter.

Dhairya is drunk and comes home by taxi. He gets Riya’s call and talks to her. Santoshi hears him. Riya asks Dhairya to rest and they will talk tomorrow. Santoshi opens the door. He stumbles and she holds him. He says I know you are eager to help me. She says fine. He says he had scotch. She asks him to come, as he is not in right state. He goes towards his room and stumbles. He sees the stairs and says Pratap made new stairs, he did not tell me, he could have messaged me. She smiles. He counts the stairs and falls. She says careful and holds him.

Dhairya asks Santoshi to make burger for him. He calls her lazy and asks is she talking to her BF. She makes the burger and gives him. He takes a bite and says yuck, a hair in burger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like this show. I see it on Zee Caribbean, and I am glad they chose this show…it is so different from any of the other Zee programming. …I hope it stays sweet.

  2. Wat r u serious…hair in burger?

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