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Santoshi Maa 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector scolding Dhairya and putting him in lockup. Santoshi sees Dhairya getting beaten up and asks constable not to beat her husband. Constable says some beating is necessary to bring criminal on path, you go home. Inspector asks constable to beat Dhairya and then he will speak up. Trishna comes with commissioner and stops them. She signs Dhairya. Commissioner asks inspector how can you do big mistake, Verma’s murderer surrendered yesterday, leave him, else I will suspend you. He asks Trishna to take Dhairya. Dhairya thanks Trishna.

He asks how did you do this. She tells him meeting commissioner and giving him money. She says Santoshi has done this, I went to her room, she tied Dhenuka and run away, case is strong and Santoshi filed FIR. Dhairya gets angry and

says Santoshi did this with me, I will not leave her, I don’t understand what to do, she has my baby, if I do anything, if my baby is harmed, how to punish her. She says I planned everything, come home with me. They go to hospital and meet doctor. Doctor says baby can be born in 7 months, but its risky for mother, there are complications. Santoshi’s case is normal and doing this will make her die.

Dhairya says it means I will get my baby and get rid of my wife, this news is like celebration for me, I want you to enjoy, have this money, just remember nothing should happen to baby, and my wife should not be saved. Doctor gets shocked. He agrees. Santoshi Maa says this is going to be a disaster, Gaumata did not succeed till now, Narad is also missing, now I have to do something. Devi Paulmi says its natural that you got restless, you can’t do anything. Santoshi and baby will not be alive now. Santoshi gets a call. Inspector tells her everything. She says it means Dhairya is innocent, how did I get mistaken. She cries and gets glad that Dhairya did not kill anyone. Dhairya gets doctor. He acts in front of Santoshi.

He asks Santoshi to think about coming baby. Santoshi says this is not that doctor who was treating me. He says Trishna recommended him, he is big doctor, he will do your delivery. She thinks why Dhairya got another doctor. He thinks I will get my child and get rid of Santoshi. Doctor says I m not getting her hand nerve, I can’t give her this injection. Dhairya asks what’s this drama, we did deal for premature delivery. Doctor says Santoshi is weak, if she gives birth to baby, maybe baby dies in her womb, have patience, its matter of one weak, give supplements to her, then we can do her delivery. Dhairya says fine. Sharmili hears this and gets shocked. She thinks to do something, Santoshi’s life is in risk.

Trishna says perfect, once this plan gets successful, sky is the limit. A man comes there. Dhairya pays him money and says do my small work, cut the orphanage electricity and water, vacate the place, if they don’t agree, then light fire there. The man goes. He says there is just one work left now.

Sharmili recalls Dhairya’s words. She goes to talk to Dhairya. She asks about Guddu. He says don’t take tension, I will make you talk next week. She thinks he is going to do that with Santoshi next week. Dhairya calls Gaumata and asks her to make Santoshi eat supplements daily, I will not leave you if Santoshi misses this. Santoshi gets unwell. Gaumata opens her chains. Gaumata runs out. Trishna says where did she run. Gaumata says I can’t bear this now, I m coming Devlok. Santoshi Maa says I know why did you come back to devlok, but you did not think after you come here, what will happen of Santoshi, she has to face problems. Gaumata says I m not able to bear Santoshi’s troubles. Santoshi Maa says her life is in trouble. She reminds her and says Dhairya is asking you to take care of Santoshi because of his plan.

Dhairya and Trishna come to Santoshi. Dhairya hurts Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says sometimes we lose thinking ability by pain, but we can stop pain by thinking of truth. They see Dhairya hurting Santoshi. Devi Paulmi laughs. Dhairya asks Santoshi what did she do to make Dhenuka run away. Santoshi says I did not do anything, trust me. Sharmili and Kaka come there. Kaka asks Dhairya to leave Santoshi. Dhairya asks them to get out. He feeds Santoshi forcefully. Sharmili and Kaka ask Dhairya to stop all this. Santoshi says I will get unwell. Gaumata says sorry I came back, allow me to go back, I will protect Santoshi and come back after succeeding. She goes. Dhaira says you felt you will send Dhenuka. Trishna says you scolded her, so she went. Dhairya asks Trishna to give tape.. He fixes tape to Santoshi’s mouth. Kaka and Sharmili look on and shout.

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