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Santoshi Maa 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with men asking Devi Paulmi to leave from the way. She calls them senseless to talk to her like this. Santoshi wipes cleans the floor and Dhairya spoils it. She cleans it again. He scolds her and asks her to work again. He troubles her. He pours the bucket of water on her. Pratap comes and gets shocked. Santoshi covers herself and leaves from there. Pratap asks Dhairya whats this, is this daily drama necessary, I m fed up. Dhairya says ask me whats problem, one mistake and this big punishment, I m bearing this maid as my wife, there is no one in this house to support me. I filled sindoor in her maang and it became big crime. Pratap says I will find some way, take it easy. He leaves.

Kaka thanks Riya for meeting him. Riya asks him to say what he wants to say. Kaka says since

your and Dhairya’s relation broke, he is very upset, he did not accept this, you were not in Dhairya’s fate, but now when Santoshi is his wife, he should accept her, we know he filled her maang in anger, but now she is his wife, I m tired of explaining him, he does not listen, if you explain him, maybe he will understand. He requests her to do this. She thinks to talk to Dhairya and get clarity. Kaka says I will not forget your favor. She says fine, I m ready to talk to Dhairya. He thanks her and leaves.

Santoshi asks Pratap did he call her. Pratap says yes, I have to talk to you, so I called you, you know your marriage has no meaning, I want you to leave from here, I will give you what you want, please leave from Dhairya’s life. She says Dhairya is my life, can you give me that, I will leave if you say, how can I go without my life. Madhu says Santoshi is right, where can she go. She reminds Pratap that he won’t interfere in house matters. He says fine, I m stuck between you and Dhairya. He goes. Madhu asks Santoshi not to worry, I will find some way. Santoshi nods.

Devi Paulmi gets warm and sweats. She goes to have water. The man asks for money. She asks whats money. The man asks did you come from other lok. She says I m from devlok. He says fine, then return. The men call her mad. She sees some man greedy and says I m glad seeing him, when he knows I m his Devi, he will not ask money from me. She goes to that café. She orders the best food and is happy.

Narad tells Santoshi Mata that now Devi Paulmi will realize humans’ life is tough. Santoshi Maa says we should not be happy for this, we should be happy when Devi Paulmi changes after coming here, I want you to help her in this work. He says as you command.

The man gives sweets to Devi Paulmi. She likes it. She says she wants to talk to café owner and goes to him. Tinu comes there and smiles seeing Devi Paulmi. Devi Paulmi asks the café owner to have greed and selfishness. He says I m greed Devi, Devi Paulmi. The man laughs on her and says it was good joke, stop fooling. The man says her bill is 280rs. The man asks her to pay money. She says how can you take money from me being my devotee. He says what devotee, you are cheating and teaching me wrong, you had food, now give money, else you have to wash utensils entire night. She says I don’t have money. Tinu says don’t take money from her, she is Santoshi’s friend and winks to her. He says Santoshi will give you money. The man agrees and says Santoshi would have not done this, this time you got help, next time you won’t get help, don’t do this again.

Tinu takes Devi Paulmi with him and says you look heroine, but Ram leela people wear such clothes, everyone will laugh on you, go home and tell your mum that you have to wear other clothes. He goes. Narad comes there and greets her. He says now you will know how human life is tough, you are Devraj Indra’s wife, you decide what work will be right for you. He goes. She goes to find a job. The man says we don’t want drama woman, we want female worker. She says I will do work. Devi Paulmi gets angry and thinks to punish Santoshi. She sits working. Three devis look on. Gaumata says I m happy seeing this, why is Santoshi Maa not looking happy. Santoshi Maa says we should not joke on anyone, Devi Paulmi did wrong work and bearing punishment, you should not do wrong this way. Gaumata apologizes. Devi Saraswati says Devi Santoshi is saying right, money is most imp for humans, Devi Paulmi would have not thought she will need Devi Laxmi, this is fate.

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