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Santoshi Maa 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hari asking Dhairya to go and deliver good. The old driver sees Hari and argues with him for hiring new driver. Ankur sees Dhairya. Dhairya leaves. Ankur tells the old driver that Dhairya always snatches other’s jobs, we have to teach him lesson. Driver agrees. Dhairya is on the way and thinks I hope Seth ji likes the work, I have delivered all the things. Driver and the other goons stop Dhairya on the way and beat him. Ankur smiles seeing this. Dhairya fights with the goons. Driver confronts Dhairya for snatching his job, and says I will not leave you today. Ankur ties cloth to his face and goes to beat Dhairya. Ankur hits on Dhairya’s head, and then all the goons beat Dhairya with sticks.

Santoshi comes that way and gets shocked seeing Dhairya’s state. Santoshi

stops the goons. People gather and goons run away. Santoshi catches Ankur and gets shocked seeing his face. Ankur runs away. Santoshi asks Dhairya to listen to her, we will go hospital, its much bleeding. She asks someone to help, they have to take him to hospital. Seth ji and Hari see Dhairya wounded. Seth ji says he is wounded, take him to hospital, I will pay all medical expenses.

Ujwal jokes on Pratap, who is reading murder mystery book to kill Madhu. Ujwal says you are finding tips to kill Madhu in books, not bad, you can’t get such things in book. Pratap says I m not courageous to do this. Ujwal asks him to think what will Madhu go. Pratap asks him to hire someone, we can pay the man after Madhu dies. Ujwal says I don’t know, you find your way.

Dhairya gets aid done and comes back to the workplace. Seth ji Ram lal calls police and complains against his driver Ramesh, who attacked on Dhairya. Hari says we have to pay doctor fees. Ramlal says I will pay that, are you guys fine. Dhairya thanks him. Ramlal gives permanent job to Dhairya and asks Hari to pay them. He goes to pay doctor. Santoshi asks Dhairya to be careful, Ankur was also there with the goons, I have seen his face. Dhairya says he has fallen so low, we should not leave him. She says we won’t do anything now, take care and be alert. Hari gives them 500rs as wage, and they get glad.

Daksha cuts onions. Dadi comes home crying. Madhuri and Daksha ask her the reason. Dadi tells them that Santoshi and Dhairya left home, Madhu does not know about them, she told me that Santoshi would be begging somewhere. Madhuri says something is wrong. Dadi says don’t know, Pratap has become servant, he was looking strange, I tried to find Santoshi and did not get her, I will not lose and find her.

Madhu asks Pratap to serve food. Dhairya comes there with police and tells inspector that Ankur has beaten him. Ankur gets shocked. Dhairya tells Madhu that Ankur has tried to kill me, I will send him to jail. Madhu asks are you mad, why will my son do this, what proof do you have. Dhairya says my wounds, he has attacked on me. Madhu says maybe you have hurt yourself to frame my son, you have no proof, but I have proof that my son has come from Delhi half an hour ago, how can he attack on you. She asks Ankur to go and get ticket. Ankur goes. Madhu taunts Dhairya. Ankur shows tickets. Madhu and Ankur smile. Ankur recalls how he told everything to Madhu. Madhu worries and took this precaution to save Ankur, she booked his ticket. Ankur asks Dhairya whats his problem to be after him, so much happened and you are still mad. Dhairya says you are lying. Ankur warns him. Inspector scolds Dhairya for lying. Madhu argues with Dhairya. Dhairya thinks I will take revenge of everything soon. Madhu asks Dhairya to get lost.

Santoshi asks Dhairya to take rest. She heats a cloth and reliefs his back. She thinks Dhairya would be in much pain, I wish I got his pain. He thinks these wounds are of relations which he trusted the most.

No Precap in And tv video episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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