Santoshi Maa 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahadev asking Narad to go and ask Devi Paulmi what she wants. Narad goes. Santoshi asks Dhairya not to be angry and just think well. Devi Paulmi says I did not know Santoshi is so foolish, she is inviting troubles. Gaumata says is Devi Paulmi controlling Santoshi. Dhairya asks Santoshi to think of Rudrakshi, how will we raise two kids. Santosi asks him to think of Trishna. He says you are thinking for one who cheated us. She says I have decided this.

Narad comes to Devi Paulmi. She asks did you come to make fun of me. He thinks she is angry, so its not right to talk to her. He says I got Mahadev’s message, he wants to meet you. He goes. She smiles and says its good news. Santoshi Maa says one who has seen tough times can understand other’s sorrow, Santoshi is doing

this by feeling the sorrow, she does not know Paulomika’s truth, we can’t do anything than keeping an eye on her. Devi Paulmi comes to Mahadev. He asks her to say her problem. She says you place truth, you know greed is needed along with satisfaction, its my duty to save greed being its Devi, Rudrakshi is my enemy, if Trishna is called back, will Rudrakshi not spoil balance. He says she has gone there as Rudrakshi, not any human, if you have problem with her powers, I assure you she won’t use her powers in future. He gets powers from Rudrakshi. Santoshi Maa gets shocked seeing this.

Devi Paulmi thinks my work is over, now Rudrakshi has no power, she can’t face Paulomika now. Its morning, Santoshi does aarti and wishes to get Trishna’s daughter. Gaumata says Devi Paulmi limited Rudrakshi’s powers, Santoshi wants to get Trishna’s daughter home. Santoshi Maa asks her to have patience. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi is making a way for her death. Servant gives Kamini’s note to Santoshi. Santoshi stops Dhairya to talk. He says I m getting late for meeting. She says we will go and get Trishna’s daughter. He asks why don’t you understand, its their plan.

She says I m dying by guilt that I made a girl orphan, I will go alone and get her. He says fine, I will come. Paulomika asks Kamini when will her mummy come. Kamini asks her to wait. Dhairya and Santoshi come. Santoshi asks where is Trishna’s daughter. Kamini says its her. They get shocked. Dhairya says I told you Trishna is lying. Kamini says this girl is from Trishna’s first marriage, she stayed in boarding till now, I m not Trishna’s mum, she gave me money to become her mum, I was supporting her to settle with you. Dhairya says she said she was pregnant. Kamini says no, she was lying to get you, when she is not alive now, it does not matter, I worry for this girl, I have no money to raise her.

Dhairya says Trishna always cheated us, what shall I do. Kamini says if Trishna’s husband was good, she would have not done this, I will try to feed this girl and live with her. Santoshi says no need, we will take her with us. Dhairya asks are you mad, its their plan. Santoshi says look at the girl, please take her, else I will think of her all the time. He agrees. Kamini goes to get her luggage. She says Paulomika you know where you are going, Santoshi killed your mum. Paulomika says I know what to do. Kamini says Trishna will get soul peace. Paulomika says I will kill her every day. Devi Paulmi laughs.

Dhairya and Santoshi take Paulomika. Santoshi tries to talk to her. They come home. Rudrakshi and Tinu get glad meeting her. Gaumata says this is strange incident. Rudrakshi takes her to show room. Devi Paulmi says Paulomika is clever and will make her place. Gaumata says Mahadev took Rudrakshi’s powers back, so Rudrakshi is not able to see that girl’s negative powers. Rudrakshi shows the house. Gaumata says don’t know what is this girl planning.

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  1. Stupid serial…as always, evil wins and manages to fool the highest god! Really! How absurd can this serial get. Reading the updates is bad enough!

  2. Exactly. The sooner it ends the better. Though the vamp has softened up, can’t take abuse of humanism anymore.

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