Santoshi Maa 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya saying the car broke down. Santoshi says don’t worry, car broke down in front of this village, we can find some mechanic here. They enter the village and meet an old man. Dhairya asks for help. The old man asks did your car break down, there is no mechanic here. Dhairya asks is there any hotel around. The man says yes.

Santoshi asks them to give a place to stay at night. The old lady says you can stay here, did you had food. Dhairya says yes. They thank the couple. They go to the room. Dhairya romances. They sleep. Its morning, Santoshi wakes up and gets shocked finding herself sleeping on the road. She gets shocked seeing the village gone. She shouts Dhairya and thinks where did he go, where am I. Devi Paulmi says you give your life and I will make you reach

Dhairya. Gaumata asks where did Dhairya go, did he get trapped by any Maya. Santoshi Maa closes eyes and says even I can’t see Dhairya, some magical power surrounded him.

Santoshi says we came from that road, what’s happening. She prays to Maa. Santoshi Maa helps her. Santoshi sees police station sign board and runs. She asks inspector to find Dhairya. She tells everything what happened and asks him to help her, come to village and find him. He says we will go, but there is no village. She says village was there. He says none will believe you, there is no village there. She says come with me to that village. He agrees. Dhairya wakes up in that village house and says I got good sleep, where did Santoshi go. He asks the old couple about Santoshi. The old man says she went somewhere in morning.

Dhairya thinks did she get Santoshi Maa’s temple. The old lady says I will make ginger tea for you. Dhairya says no, I will have it after she comes. Old man says they have much love. Dhairya goes to check out. He calls Santoshi and say there is no network here, what’s this village. He sees Santoshi coming with police and says why is this police with her. He goes out and asks where did you go. Santoshi says village was here. Dhairya says I m saying something, why are not looking at me. Santoshi says everything disappeared in morning. He asks what’s wrong with you and goes to her. He stops by some invisible magical wall and gets a shock. Inspector says there is no village and no human here. Dhairya looks at them. Santoshi cries.

Santoshi Maa comes to three Devis and says Santoshi is not able to find her husband, even I m not able to see him. Devi Laxmi asks her not to worry, devotion is powerful than Maya. Devi Saraswati says we will try to find him by our powers. Santoshi says our car broke down here, we went to a village here, old couple gave us place to stay, when I woke up, entire village disappeared. Dhairya says I m here. Inspector asks how can this happen, it looks a story, maybe you got an illusion, or maybe you are unwell, go home, he will come home. She says I m not unwell, I m finding my missing husband. Dhairya shouts I m here and can’t go through the wall. Santoshi cries.

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