Santoshi Maa 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu asking Daksha do you understand Santoshi’s place in this house. Seshnath asks Madhuri to stop it, leave from here now, if Pratap gets angry, he won’t leave you. Pratap says I think I have to call guard. Daksha says Santoshi will not work in the house where we did not get respect. Madhu says fine, ask Santoshi first, does she want to leave work or not. Daksha asks Santoshi to tell them you won’t work here. Santoshi says I will work here. Daksha gets angry. She asks Madhuri to see the effect of money, Santoshi is not ours now, we will not stay here now. They leave.

Madhu asks Santoshi to work in kitchen, the drama is over. Santoshi says I will work, I want 3 day leave for my marriage. Madhu says you won’t get leave. Kaka asks why, she will go for sure.

He asks Santoshi to go home, don’t worry, I will manage here. Santoshi takes Kaka’s blessings and leaves.

Devi Paulmi says now these bugs will not anywhere, as I have hypnotized them, the flowers will never grow, what will Devi Santoshi do now, I helped a lot by Brahmadev’s command, I will rest now. Madhu argues with Kaka as she has to bear all this because of him. She asks Pratap about Sanketh, he did not ask us about his marriage. Pratap says its his personal life, what will he ask us. Madhu says but Santoshi works in our house. Kaka says some works are done by emotions, I feel they should unite as they care for each other. Madhu asks her did you think about our house, how will I find new maid after Santoshi goes, you are getting Santoshi married. Kaka says you want me to ruin someone’s life for some benefit, sorry I can’t. Madhu says fine, but I m not that great, I don’t care for Santoshi’s marriage, she should be in this house even after marriage. Kaka says don’t worry, she will not go, I request don’t trouble her till her marriage. Pratap says fine, but I request you to follow as Madhu said. Kaka says fine and leaves.

Gaumata sees Devrakshak and thinks will they stop me. Gaumata carries the flowers. The guards say Devi Paulmi said Devis and Devtas can’t come here, but this is Gaumata. Gaumata enters Dev Vatika and thinks to be careful. The bugs come to those two flowers. Gaumata says Jai Saraswati Mata. Gaumata leaves from there after taking all the bugs on the two flowers.

Dadi asks the men to do arrangements fast. Daksha and everyone come home. Dadi asks did you give shagun. Daksha gets angry and asks the men to stop decorations, there is no marriage happening here. Dadi asks what nonsense. Madhuri says Daksha is saying right. They ask the men to leave. The man asks for money, else they will not go from here. Daksha says leave from here and fumes. Madhuri says its not our daughter’s marriage, why will we pay. Daksha says send them from here.

Madhuri asks Dadi about fixing relation with servant and not telling them. Dadi says Sanketh is not a servant, he works in Pratap’s company, Kaka respects him. Daksha says they slapped us, because of Santoshi, she has no respect of her own. She says Santoshi has to pay for price. Dadi stops Daksha and says Santoshi and I did not say Santoshi’s marriage is happening with Kaka’s son, they cooked this story themselves. Madhuri gets angry. Dadi asks Seshnath to control his wife. Seshnath says don’t tell me anything now. Daksha says I will not attend marriage and not spend anything. Madhuri says yes. The man asks who will give our money.

Sanketh comes there and says I will give your money. He apologizes and says I heard everything, I came to meet Santoshi and stayed outside, anyways whatever happened, I m sorry, the truth is my love for Santoshi is not false, its my marriage and I will give money. The men say fine, we will wait outside. Madhuri taunts that he is servant. Dadi says Sanketh is our to be son in law. Daksha says he is still servant, we would have not know truth if we did not go there with shagun. Madhuri says yes, he was fooling us. Daksha asks Sanketh why did you come. Sanketh says I will meet Santoshi later, I will leave. He gets sad and sees Santoshi. He leaves.

Dadi tells Santoshi that all of them are mad, go and talk to Sanketh, what will he be thinking. Santoshi thinks Dadi is right. Santoshi goes to Sanketh. He asks what are you doing here. She apologizes for what her family said. He says no need, its not your mistake, its not anyone’s mistake, this happened by my mistake, I m sorry.

He says I want to know, are you happy with this marriage. Santoshi says my happiness after Dadi’s yes, even Kaka said yes for this relation, what problem can I have. Sanketh gives her a gift and says my mum gave this for you. He asks her to see and say how is it. She opens the gift and smiles seeing a red bridal dress. She says its very beautiful, say thanks to Maa. When can I meet her, I want to meet. He says even she wants to meet you, sh e will come till marriage. I don’t want you to work in Mishra house, I feel bad and get angry seeing Dhairya and Madhu scolding you.

Santoshi says I took some loan, I have to work till I repay. He says don’t worry, its my responsibility now. She says yes, but I have to do this. He says I like this the most about you, you think about others, I agree with your decision. She thanks him and says now I will leave, Dadi would be waiting. He says fine, take care. She asks him to take care and goes. He says I will give your world’s happiness and your every problem is mine from today. Santoshi Maa sees the flowers growing. Gaumata comes there and greets her. She says Mata Saraswati has sent me to help you. Santoshi Maa says you are great Mata Saraswati and thanks her.

A girl comes to give message to Devi Paulmi. Devi Paulmi says I m resting, come later. The girl says its imp, I got to know from Indralok guard that all bugs went from there. Devi Paulmi gets shocked.

Madhuri and Daksha taunt Santoshi and wish Santoshi’s relation breaks. Santoshi cries. Santoshi’s mum prays to Mata Santoshi. Maa smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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