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The Episode starts with Dhairya shouting on Santoshi. He signs her about Sinduri. She argues with Dhairya and says I m your wife, not maid, that you talk to me like this. Dhairya asks will you tell me now, you don’t have any right, I don’t love you, I love Sinduri. Sinduri hears them and smiles, thinking my hero loves me, he did all that being helpless. Dhairya asks Santoshi to leave. Sinduri goes. He says I just hate Sinduri. He praises Santoshi for her acting. Santoshi says you told me what to do, I just said the lines. He says lets prepare for next scene.

Sinduri goes to Ankur and asks him not to follow her. He asks her to tell her mum’s murderer’s name, why do I feel you know Pratap well. She says no, I just wanted work, I met with an accident by his car, so he got me in this car,

if you don’t believe me, you can ask anyone, I answered you, leave me, I got this house by difficulty, don’t ruin my life because of your mum. He threatens her and says why do I feel the murderer is linked to this house. She says you are wrong. He says you have one day now, if you don’t say truth, your life will not have any second. Dhairya and Santoshi see the video and say they have to be careful. Kaki calls Santoshi. Santoshi says Kaki should not know this, she will feel bad. He says yes, she will be hurt knowing we are keeping an eye on Pratap, I will see how to trap Sinduri, I will discuss whatever I get to know. She stops and thinks what happened to him. She turns and sees her saree end stuck in table. She thinks I m mad to think anything and smiles.

Kaki asks Santoshi to take puja items and decorations items. Santoshi asks does Dhairya love singing and sees his guitar. Kaki says yes, he used to play it well. Santoshi asks shall I take this guitar to my room, maybe he can recall his old likes. Kaki agrees. Santoshi hugs her.

Santoshi Maa says Narayan was born by Devki’s womb, his Shashti is celebrated on 6th day of his birth, we will celebrate. Narad says I heard you are celebrating Shashti in Devlok, but I want to celebrate it on earth as Krishna has gone on earth, I will get much Prasad. Santoshi maa says everyone celebrate it with happiness, you can celebrate anywhere. Narad thanks her and leaves.

Dhairya thinks Sinduri was in guest room, where did she go, whats the matter, Ankur was with her, Santoshi and I have to trap them. He sees the guitar kept on the bed and says how did this guitar come here. He plays music. Santoshi waters the plants. She sees Sinduri meeting Pratap and thinks to hear their conversation. Santoshi hides. Pratap asks Sinduri what do you want. Sinduri tells him about Ankur, he is finding you, Ankur is Gargi Devi’s son. Pratap gets shocked and asks whats this nonsense. Sinduri says I m saying truth. Santoshi thinks why is Pratap looking tensed. Pratap asks did you say him anything. Sinduri says no, I told his truth to you, make plan to send Ankur out, if Dhairya knows, it will be problem. He says I will see how to deal with this problem. He goes.

Santoshi comes to Dhairya and sees him playing music. He asks what happened Santoshi, why are you tensed. Santoshi says I have seen Pratap talking to Sinduri, he got tensed and did not go office. Dhairya says it means Ankur was saying right, Pratap knows something of Ankur’s mum’s murder. She says we have to keep an eye on Pratap also. He says yes and shows her a spy camera. Pratap says I don’t know what to do, Ankur wants to know truth and Sinduri is hiding truth, I have to think of something, else my truth will be out, what to do so that just either of them remains, then this can solve.

Madhu asks Pratap are you fine, what happened, why did you not go office, do you have headache. He says you are my headache, I request you to leave me alone. She says fine, I will send tea, have it

Santoshi asks Ankur why is he tensed, does he miss mum, I can understand how it feels when parents are not with us, you can share things with me, what happened with her. Ankur says we used to stay in Banaras, my mum went to Lucknow for work and she got killed, I came here and Sinduri said she knows my mum’s murderer, she was attacked and went in coma, now she is not telling me anything. She pacifies him. He says my mum’s murderer is free because of her, when will she tell truth, I feel she is playing game with me. She feels the same and asks him to trust Lord, talk to me if you feel like sharing things. Ankur agrees and thanks her. Santoshi says my Dadi says we should not lose senses in anger, have this pakodas. Dhairya sees the video feed.

Sinduri cleans the house. Dhairya looks at her and smiles. She sees him and blushes. Lagi tumse mann ki lagan………….plays………… She slips from the stool and he holds her. He says if anyone sees, what will they think. She says that you still love me. They smile. She says I was passing by your room and saw you making Santoshi out of room, how will she make place in your heart then. He asks her not to say truth. He holds her hand. Santoshi and Ankur look on. Ankur says I think Sinduri is trapping everyone, you and Dhairya should be careful.

Swarnrekha says I think Santoshi Maa will please Krishna and get his blessing, but I will not let this happen. She prays and calls her brother. She welcomes her in devlok and asks him to fulfill some work. Ankur asks Sinduri not to forget that you have one day to say truth, I promise you can’t smile again in your life. Pratap sees them and calls Sinduri. He asks Sinduri to meet her outside right now and goes. Sinduri says there are still 8 hours left, don’t worry. Ankur thinks I will really kill her if she does not say truth.

Sinduri tells Pratap about Ankur threatening her. She says I will not lose my life for someone, I will tell him truth. Pratap gets shocked and says don’t do this, I request you. She says I can’t promise, you are Dhairya’s elder brother, so I will try. He thanks her.

Dhairya comes to Santoshi. She says acting was good, why did you hug Sinduri. Dhairya says if anyone welcome others by pakoda, is that good, its good there is no smoke alarm in this room, else by this burning jealousy, alarm would have rung, try to understand, you gave Ankur so many pakodas, do I say anything. She says you feel bad if I give snacks to Ankur, who am I to you. She goes.

Dhairya thinks even Santoshi knows whats she for me. Sinduri comes there and he thinks its Santoshi. He says I knew you will come soon. She says yes, how would I not come. He sees Sinduri and starts acting. She asks him to say what he wants. Ankur looks at them. Dhairya says you are real Santoshi and I love you. Sinduri smiles and says my hero. They hug. Ankur looks on and thinks entire family is cheater, I have to tell this to Santoshi ji.

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