Santoshi Maa 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with men asking Kaka and Kaki to sit, they will make him meet Dhairya later. Kaka says I think Dhairya got coloured by money, so he is doing this. The man calls Madhu and says Dhairya’s work is done. The men leave. Kaka and Kaki think Dhairya can’t do this, Santoshi will stop him, there is something wrong. Santoshi looks for them. Her phone gets off. She thinks how to get find them. She gets mirror pieces and picks it. She sees electric supply and goes there to charge her phone. She asks the lady can I charge my phone, I have imp work. The lady sees her hurt. Santoshi says I fell on the way. The lady says fine, charge it. Santoshi charges phone and sits there. The lady helps her. Santoshi says I came in hurry and did not get money. The lady says its fine, have this tea. Santoshi

thanks the lady.

Madhu scolds Seshnath. He holds her feet and asks her to listen. She asks him to leave him. Pratap laughs. Madhu says fine, I will listen. Seshnath says I think Pratap is responsible for attacks on you. Madhu gets shocked. Pratap asks what proof you have. Seshnath says don’t shout, even Madhuri and Daksha also feel the same. Pratap defends himself and calls them mad. Madhu says shut you, get lost idiots. She asks Ankur to come.

Madhu asks Ankur to do something of Dhairya, he will go much ahead. Ujwal says I can give an idea, it will surely work. Ankur asks whats your plan. Ujwal tells them. Madhu asks both of them to make the plan successful. Santoshi says phone started. The lady asks whats in the phone. She sees Kaka and Kaki’s pic. She says I know them. Santoshi says they are my Kaka and Kaki, I m finding them. The lady says they had tea at my stall many times. Santoshi asks do they come here, do they stay nearby. The lady says I don’t know where she stays, calm down, have water.

Santoshi says fine, I will drink water, now say. The lady says Kaki was unwell, she left hope to live, one day Kaka got Prasad from Bhandara and gave her, then she was happy and telling everyone that she will go to her son and bahu, she was waiting to get fine. Santoshi cries. The lady says they had tea at my stall, then one car took them. Santoshi asks whose car was it. The lady says don’t know, I was busy and did not see number, I think you should file report in police.

Santoshi says yes, I will inform my husband first. She calls Dhairya. He asks why are you crying. She tells him everything. Dhairya says don’t worry, come home, I will give news ads and tell NGO, what do you expect, they were begging, maybe some good man took them, don’t trouble me, I m working, come home. He ends call. Bubbly looks on. Santoshi says what happened to Dhairya, he is doing work. She prays.

Sweety decorates the room and romances with Guddu. She slaps and beats him. She says love’s other name is pain, why did you meet Sharmili, tell me. He says she was threatening me, she will die if I don’t meet her, so I went to meet her. She says I will not threaten, I will kill you. She gets green chillis and feeds him. She says I will tell police that you are married, you can get anything but not freedom from my love.

The lady sees Ankur’s car and recalls. She tells Santoshi its same car. Santoshi sees Ankur and gets shocked. She hides inside the car. The lady smiles. Ankur buys water bottle at stall and puts on hot engine. He leaves. Santoshi asks Santoshi Maa to help her find Kaka and Kaki.

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