Santoshi Maa 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap asking Madhu is she doing this by thinking well, this will affect my reputation. She says money hides everything, don’t worry. Kaka sees the lawyer leaving. Santoshi asks what happened. Kaka says its same lawyer who met me that day. She says maybe, but why are you worried. He asks her to keep an eye on Madhu, I feel something is fishy, just do as I say. She says fine.

She goes to Dhairya. She sees Kaki with Dhairya and thinks Lord did not make any beautiful relation than mother and child. She asks Kaki to go and rest. Dhairya says I don’t need Santoshi here. Santoshi says fine, I will leave, have these medicines first. She tells Kaki that she will take care of Dhairya staying away. Gaumata asks Mata to change Grah’s place. Narad says its Shani’s effect.

Santoshi Maa says I know Santoshi will do puja, and make Grah change place by her devotion. Narad says but how will Santoshi know this. Santoshi Maa says we have to find some way.

Madhu calls doctor and says Dhairya is talking a bit, will he get fine in few days. He says he is able to speak as his face did not get paralysis effect, he needs much time to get fine. Madhu says fine and ends call. She smiles and thinks no one will pray for Dhairya now, he will not get fine.

Santoshi says why did the weather get stormy, doctor asked me to keep Dhairya way from cold air, Dhairya’s room window is open. She switches off gas and says I will give him kada later. She goes to Dhairya’s room and quickly shuts the windows. He asks why did you come here, just stay away, go. She sees the blanket wet and changes it. She says I will change your clothes too. He says no need, leave me on my state, remember when I get fine, I will punish you. She says fine, after eyes, you can punish me. She closes her eyes to change his clothes. He bites her hand. She asks whom shall I call at this time of night, you can catch cold, your clothes are drenched, I will not see you while changing your clothes. He says I don’t care, leave me alone. She changes his clothes keeping eyes closed.

He says you are doing wrong Santoshi. She covers him with the other blanket. He asks her to get out. She asks him to rest. He asks her not to show her face again, when I get fine, I will not leave you.

Its morning, Santoshi takes some flowers to keep in Dhairya’s room. She sees him sleeping and smiles. She keeps flowers there and goes. Kaka tells her that he is lucky to support her. She asks him to get kalash, she will start new fast, I decided to start 16 weeks fast again, this bad time will get away from Dhairya, I will make something for Dhairya then go for puja, we will make Kaki feed him breakfast. Madhu hears them and says I will not let Santoshi’s efforts succeed.

Dhairya wakes up. Santoshi gives the food and asks Kaki to make Dhairya finish it. Kaki feels weak to hold the bowl. Santoshi takes the bowl and feeds soup to him. Main tenu samjhawan…… plays………….

She goes to kitchen. Kaka asks her why is she sad. She says I don’t know, fasts for Kaki is completing and Dhairya is in pain. He says Santoshi Maa will make things fine. They hear the kids. He says kids have come. She sees Santoshi Maa’s idol and hugs Kaka happily. Kaki thinks to make Dhairya do Santoshi Maa’s darshan.

Devi Paulmi steps on something and create dark clouds. She says I will see how Devi Santoshi’s sight works, my bhakt will create hurdle in your puja. Santoshi Maa sees the stormy weather. Black clouds come there to block her sight. Santoshi Maa says whats happening. Devi Paulmi says my devotee is very powerful, and Santoshi needs help from her Mata always, this game is very good.

Madhu spoils the Prasad, and says this tamarind will do my work today. She goes. Santoshi Maa says I can’t see anything. Santoshi takes the Prasad. Madhu laughs. Santoshi sings bhajan and does aarti. Dhairya turns to get water and falls down the bed. Kaki comes there asking him to come in puja. She sees him fallen and shouts Dhairya. She calls out Santoshi. Santoshi can’t hear her. Santoshi Maa clears the black cloud and makes weather fine. Gau mata smiles. They see the tamarind on Prasad. Gaumata asks who did this work…… Santoshi Maa looks on.

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