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Santoshi Maa 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi thinking to talk to Dhairya. She asks him to listen and holds his hand. He scolds her and thinks to explain her in her language. He says I will bless you, get green chillies first. She goes. She gets the chillies. He asks her to have one chilli. She thinks I can eat 100 chillies to save your life. She chants Santoshi Maa’s name. He throws tissues saying you may need this. Devi Paulmi thinks this is golden chance to teach Santoshi a lesson. Santoshi Maa sees Dhairya giving kheer to Santoshi and they both smiling. She gets glad seeing everything normal between them. Santoshi eats the chillies. Dhairya smiles. She starts crying and eats more chillies. Devi Paulmi sends the magical green chilli. Santoshi eats that and faints.

Gaumata says its such beautiful moment.

Santoshi Maa says its not good to see their personal time. Gaumata says sorry, I m glad, bless Santoshi always. Dhairya thinks now Santoshi will think many times before speaking up. He goes and Kaka sees him smiling. Kaka asks what happened. Dhairya asks him to see Santoshi. Kaka sees Santoshi fallen near the sofa and rushes to her. He holds Santoshi and asks what happened. She starts coughing. He gives her water. She finishes the jug.

He asks her how did this happen. She says Kaka, I eat chillies, Dhairya Sir…Kaka says leave him, tell me why did you eat chillies. She says I had to talk to Dhairya, he was not listening, he has put condition that if I eat bowl full of chillies, he will talk to me, so I ate it. He asks are you mad, what was the matter. She says I can’t say. He asks whats the matter, tell me, don’t I have right to ask you anything, fine don’t say, we have just namesake relation. She asks Kaka not to say this again, after Dadi, he is her loved one.

She says I will tell you the matter, when I was seeing tv in Kaki’s room that day, I have seen Priya. She tells him everything what Priya said. Kaka gets shocked. Santoshi says Priya said she did that on someone’s saying. He asks who can do this. Madhu says whoever, whats use to know now.

Santoshi recalls Madhu’s words and gets tensed. Kaka looks on noticing that. Madhu says I told you Santoshi not to say anyone, anyways its okay if you told Papa, don’t tell anyone, I will manage matter. She asks Kaka not to tell this to anyone, I don’t want others to worry, I will do something. She goes. She thinks Santoshi can tell this to anyone, I have to do something, else all hardwork will go waste.

Kaka says we can’t change whatever happened, but I know its all fate, I pray and wish that everything gets fine, Madhu explains Dhairya, its your wish. He goes. She recalls Dadi’s words.

Devi Paulmi says very soon Devi Santoshi’s name will disappear. Gaumata tells Mata that she did not see such beautiful sky again, it seems you have seen it before, so you are not happy. Santoshi Maa looks at the sky. Vajramushti says Devi Santoshi will see just good things, she can’t see me and your doings, but its not possible to keep this magical trap infront of Devi Santoshi for long time. Devi Paulmi says we have to keep this trap till all her devotees end and her image turns bad. He says for this, we have to get Devi Santoshi’s power, Ganpati’s Ankush, once we get that, we can make her powers less, then she will lose her Dev sight, and not be able to help her devotees. She asks him to do anything but fulfill her motives. She says you are my son, my ansh, will you not do this. He says I m born to fulfill your work, I will complete this. She says Devi Santoshi made me helpless to use all my powers, see who wins now.

Madhu talks to Dhairya and asks him to come home. Santoshi comes there and says I feel we should tell everything to Dhairya, true relations do not stay on lies, maybe he will feel bad, but when he knows truth, he will feel much bad, I will be hurt as I know truth and did not tell him. Madhu asks do you know the result of this truth. Santoshi says yes, whatever result be, but I can’t end someone’s love and start my new life.

Madhu says I think you should think again, as you are giving your sindoor to someone else. Santoshi says I thought well, I will tell truth to Dhairya. Madhu says fine and calls Dhairya. She asks him to come to her room first. She tells Santoshi to promise that she will not tell her marriage truth to Riya’s parents. Santoshi agrees.

Dhairya comes and asks what happened, did she do any drama again. Madhu says she did good thing today, everything will be fine, the girl who broke your and Riya’s marriage, Santoshi has exposed her lies. He asks what. Madhu asks Santoshi to say. Santoshi tells everything how Priya met her on her marriage day and even Riya was there.

Dhairya says so you did this foolishness, you always try to be oversmart. Madhu asks what are you saying, she found truth for your good. He says she can’t think good for anyone, she always cheated us. Santoshi can do anything for her benefit, I m sure its her plan. Santoshi asks him to believe her. She says you made me eat chillies and went. Madhu says Santoshi is saying right, don’t know why that girl did this, you did not do anything wrong, Riya should know this, you should thank Santoshi for this good thing.

Madhu says I called Riya and her parents for dinner, I will talk about you’re and Riya’s marriage. He says but I don’t trust Santoshi, it will be true if you are saying, I can do this for my Riya, thanks Santoshi. He says I m very lucky to get Mabhi like Madhu, you are the best as always. Madhu says Santoshi gave you this happiness. She goes and Kaka looks on puzzled. Dhairya says if Mabhi is saying true, its your favor on me, my biggest enemy is returning my most valuable thing, thanks from heart. Santoshi gets glad. He leaves. Santoshi thanks Maa for giving courage and showing right path. Kaka asks her why did she do this mistake, I thought you want to say truth to Dhairya, but you…. Its not Dharm to give your husband to someone, do you know what will you bear, society does not accept such woman. She says I did what I found right. He asks will she accept someone as husband after leaving Dhairya? She gets silent. He says I know there is no love between you and Dhairya, but you have his name sindoor in your maang. She says yes Kaka, I will respect this all my life, but its true that I can’t end his happiness for me, I have just done Patni Dharm, you all are with me, I will serve you all and life will pass, don’t worry, my Santoshi Maa will show me some way for sure.

Kaka says you have everything’s answer, how to explain you. He goes. Gaumata sees a calf crying and thinks to calm him, else Mata’s Dhyaan will get disturbed. She talks to the calf. The calf says he does not know way to Indradev lok, he wants to reach his mum. Gaumata asks him not to worry and pacifies it. Gaumata gets locked in calf’s look and Vajra mushti appears. He takes Gaumata’s look and goes to Santoshi Maa. He thinks Devi Santoshi is doing Dhyaan, where is that Ganpati’s Ankush. He looks for the Ankush.

Dhairya and Riya get engaged. Santoshi cries. Santoshi’s family comes there and gets shocked. They ask whats happening here…. Vajramishti gets the Ankush and it starts thundering.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If Dhairya is the male lead and Sanyoshi is the female lead. Ain’t the two of them suppose to be the real pair? Ain’t they suppose to fall in love. I don’t understand a thing in this serial. Honestly..

  2. pehli BAAT toh yeh hai ki santoshi and dhairya dono lead role hai fir on Dino ke beech itni krwahat kyo . right. Marie mai bhi kuxh samajh nahi pa rahi????

  3. Well get Sanketh and Santoshi married now

  4. I think santoshi & santhik should be married .or santoshi & dhari should fall in love with each other..

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