Santoshi Maa 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gaumata telling Santoshi Maa that Santoshi did not hear anything. Santoshi Maa says everything has a time, and tells story of Shiva’s devotee Shivik, who used to pray a lot to Shiv ji to get rid of his poverty, but Shiv ji did not answer his prayers, as his fate had poverty, then Mata Parvati says we will end his poverty, she goes on earth and keeps money bag on his way. Shivik sees a blind man and thinks how will he think if he did not have eyes, then he starts walking with closed eyes. He does not see the money bag, and passes by, seeing this Mata Parvati realizes the truth Shiv ji told her, when right time comes, Santoshi will find way and happiness.

Indra comes there and greets Devi Santoshi. He says my restless heart got calm hearing the story. She asks why is

he worried. He tells her about Swarnrekha. He asks Santoshi Maa to help. She says I will surely help you, go to your place and I will come there. He leaves.

Madhuri holds Sharmili’s dad’s hand and stops him from slapping Dadi. She says you taught wrong to my son, how dare you raise hand on our Amma. Daksha and Madhuri beat Sharmili and her dad. Guddi asks them what are they doing, leave Sharmili. Seshnath beats Guddu and asks someone to get rope. Tinnu smiles and gets rope. Seshnath and Janardhan tie Guddu. Seshnath slaps him for cheating family and signing on paper, see your wife and Sasur getting beaten up.

Ankush waits for Sinduri and says its imp for me to meet her. He sees Dhairya coming home, and thinks maybe he stays there, I will meet Sinduri and go. He tells guard that he came to deliver the bouquet. He thinks to wait or go infront of Dhairya. Dhairya attends some call and goes inside home. Sinduri gives water to Dhairya. Ankush looks on.

Santoshi signs him will he has tea, and goes. He says there is much difference in both, and goes. Sinduri sees Ankush and goes to him. He shows medical bills and says I m bearing all expenses as you have seen my mother’s murderers, please help me. Santoshi says who is he talking to Sinduri, its good someone knows him, I should call everyone. Sinduri shouts thief. Ankush asks her to stop. He thinks to leave.

Sinduri catches him. He runs away. Santoshi stops him and asks who is he, what is he doing here, does he know Sinduri, I m Santoshi, this house’s bahu, Sinduri works here, you can tell me anything related to her. He tells her everything. He says she was in coma since last eight months. She says so this is her story, but she lost her memory. He says I know, doctor told me, but her memory should come back, my mother’s murderers will get punished, will you help me. She says yes and asks for his number. He gives his card. She says I think you should leave, anyone can see you, I will call you. He leaves.

She says I have to do anything and get Sinduri’s memory back to make her leave from Dhairya’s life. She tells this matter to Kaka. Kaka asks was that guy lying. She says no, he showed hospital bill to Sinduri. He says we should tell this to Dhairya. She says no, he will think I m scared of naag panchami incident, what shall we do.

Pushpa scolds servant and says Madhu has seen your doing on CCTV footage, apologize to Madhu. Kaka gets an idea hearing Pushpa and says how did we forget that we have CCTV at home. She says yes. He says you can see everything on CCTV and know what are you going to do on naag panchami. She smiles and says yes, we will see. Kaka says Madhu has that recording, she locks laptop in her cupboard. Santoshi says this work is tough, Madhu keeps keys safe. He says she keeps duplicate key in her room, if we get that, our work will be done. She says I will take any risk to save my husband from Sinduri. He says when everyone sleeps, we will make a plan and then workout tomorrow. She thinks is she doing right.

Santoshi Maa and Narad come to Indra. Indra requests her to free Swarnrekha of this pain. Santoshi Maa says I know you are worried, but the effect will not end soon, it will take time to free the princess, I will start the mantras. Indra says as you find right. She starts praying.

Kaka tells Madhu to have time with them, its enough of fights now, we should make a new start. Madhu laughs and says great, how did this happen today, if you want to talk to sinduri, I won’t agree. Kaka says I thought that you are my elder bahu, anyways its your wish. Madhu says fine, maybe our relations’ bitterness will get less, I will have tea with you. Kaka smiles. Santoshi thinks Pratap should come downstairs, so that I go upstairs and find the key.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Summer

    No sure i’m going to like the new track of the new goddess and he wicked plans to get divine powers. Hopefully, the Sinduri track will come to a swift end asap.

  2. Renuverma

    Yes summer this track is disgusting

    1. Summer

      Hi Renuverma, I think so too. Sinduri character is so opposite to Santoshi. I find Sinduri character somewhat quite childish and immature, whilst Santoshi is empathetic, kind, sincere, considerate and submissive. However, since her recovery ( after Sinduri left her body), Santoshi has become a little more bold than normal. What do you think?

      1. Renuverma

        Yes summer agree with u. Renu

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