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Santoshi Maa 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap telling everyone that all he has is by Kranti Mata’s blessing. Narad goes to Devlok and does not see anyone. He asks are humans so blind that they don’t want to see difference between truth and lies, do something Lord, if this goes on, Devs and Devis will not exist, world will end, what is this superstition. He greets the three Devis, though they do not appear. He asks them to solve this problem and give him Darshan. The three Devis appear and he greets them. Saraswati Mata asks him why is he worried. Narad says yes, humans are calling themselves Lord, this is Narayan’s insult. Devi Laxmi says I understand, but humans choose the way himself, its not possible to change his way in one day, and about becoming Lord, devotion is by true feeling, it goes to Lord, Lord

does not go to devotee.

Saraswati Mata says she is right, greedy people are running business. Devi Laxmi says we can’t do anything as they are blindfolded, but when they have Devi Santoshi in their heart, all worries will end, contentment is truth, trust Devi Santoshi. He says I have belief on Santoshi Mata. The Devis say superstition can’t be there for long, truth does not end, and lie does not hide. He says true words Devis and they smile.

Pratap says I want to say a lot, but my wife Madhu is big devotee of Kranti Mata. Madhu greets Kranti Maa and says we did not have anything few years back, there was no happiness in family, we lost hope of all miracles, then we came here, Kranti Mata blessed us, then we made Mata temple in our house, we do her aarti daily, things started changing, we have everything now, we know its all by her blessing.

Devi Paulmi sees two trees and makes the garlands with the flowers of both the trees. She makes a swing for her and sits on it. She sees the earth and says its great to see earth from here. Narad comes and greets her. Devi Paulmi says see them, how humans prove they are fools and believing that human as Devi. He says you are also a Devi, is this good to see superstition, Santoshi Maa said good will win over evil. She says you are innocent and come in Devi Santoshi’s words, good will win when jealousy, evil, greed and superstitions end from human’s heart, this won’t end till I m here, as this is the basis of my existence.

Madhu says my mum in law’s hands were not working, we got many doctors to treat her, but nothing happens, but when Kranti Mata knew this, she asked her to keep her pic in room, see Maa ji got fine. Santoshi and Santoshi Maa look on. Kandin asks Mata what is all this. Narad comes and greets Mata and Gaumata/Kandin. He sees Santoshi Mata with closed eyes and requests her to open her eyes, to see what is happening on earth.

Kandin says when Mata saw this, she started doing Dhyaan. HE says if you be calm, there will be unsatisfaction in humans, open eyes and what Santoshi has to bear. He goes. Madhu says I m glad seeing Kranti Maa devotees, and taunts Santoshi to be blind to not see Kranti Maa’s miracles.

The people agree. Narad goes to three Devis and greets them. They say we know why you are worried, its kalyug and humans are excited to take other’s money and credit, they don’t use own mind and walk on other’s words. Narad says yes, but innocent humans face trouble, Santoshi’s devotion is tested. Devi Saraswati says Santoshi’s devotion is like pure ganga which will make her own way. He asks will they not do anything for Santoshi. Devi Parvati say we can’t do anything. Devi Laxmi says Mata Santoshi will do something by her plan, her tests will also has good for her devotees. He says you are saying right, and goes.

Kranti Mata asks Vidya to show the miracle by lifting her hands, so that people believe her powers. Madhu says yes, you show everyone that you are big devotee of Kranti Maa. Vidya nods. Santoshi feels sorry to Santoshi Maa, that she is silent seeing her blessing being named to someone else. Santoshi Maa’s devlok gets shaken. Narad comes and asks Kandin whats happening. He sees some dried leaves and touches it. A big fresh tree gets out of the dry leaves. Vidya holds Kranti Maa’s pic with her hands.

The tree starts getting fruits on it. Narad says Mata, I can’t understand your Leela. The fruits fall down the tree and get dried. Santoshi Mata opens her eyes. Vidya’s hands gets shaking and she asks whats happening Kranti Maa. Kranti Maa’s pic falls from her hands. They all get shocked.

Vidya cries and says see my hands, they are not moving. Kaka and everyone get shocked. Kranti Mata says I think Kranti Mata’s devotion got less, so this happened with her. The people get angry on Vidya and her family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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