Santoshi Maa 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Santoshi seeing the plants getting eaten by the ducks. She thinks till she completes her work and gets her powers back, I can’t help Santoshi. Devi Parvati tells Dev Laxmi that her heart is restless, Devi Paulmi has sent ducks there, the flowers will never grow there in Dev vatika and Devi Santoshi’s powers will never come back. Devi Laxmi says yes, and asks Devi Saraswati to solve this. Devi Saraswati uses her powers. Devi Parvati asks Gaumata to appear infront of them. Gaumata comes and greets them. They bless Gaumata.

Gaumata asks did you call me for some imp work. Devi Saraswati says you have to do a work for Devi Santoshi, and gives a flower to Gaumata. She asks her to enter Dev vatika by praying to Indradev and taking these flowers there. Gaumata leaves.

They smile.

Daksha and Madhuri make gifts and are very happy. Dadi asks them not to take gifts, they are simple people. Daksha says its Santoshi’s marriage, you got old, let us enjoy. We will have respect in Santoshi’s inlaws. Dadi says its waste explaining you. Madhuri says we will visit Santoshi’s inlaws and come. Dadi asks them to come soon, its time for Santoshi’s haldi.

Santoshi thinks to talk to Madhu. Madhu asks her to make two cups of tea. Santoshi thinks Pratap is here, when shall I talk to Madhu. Madhu sees Santoshi putting plenty tea and scolds her. Santoshi says sorry. Pratap asks Madhu to handle this, I m fed up of daily drama. He goes. Madhu asks Santoshi to clean the mess. Santoshi makes tea for Madhu and gives her. She says I have to talk something imp, actually my…. They hear some band. Madhu gets irritated and goes to see.

Daksha and Madhuri come dancing. Janardhan carries the gifts. Pratap and Madhu go to see. Daksha and Madhuri get happy seeing such a big house, and say Santoshi will become bahu of this house. They laugh. Santoshi gets shocked seeing them. Everyone come out hearing the band. Seshnath says why did they come here, they will do something now. Madhu asks the man to stop this dhol, whats happening. Daksha says I think she is Samdhan. She hugs Madhu and says congrats. They all get shocked. Daksha says I did not imagine Santoshi will become bahu of this house. Madhuri hugs Nupur and says we are happy meeting you. Nupur asks what are you doing, let me go, who are you. Madhu asks Pratap whats this. Daksha asks Janardhan to hug Pratap. Janardhan says you are very great, we did some good to get a family like you. Pratap, Madhu and Nupur push then away, along scolding. Seshnath thinks what will they do. Daksha asks Madhuri to get gifts. Daksha and Madhuri give the gifts, as your son is becoming our son in law now. Madhu, Dhairya, Riya, Pratap and everyone get shocked. Madhu throws the gifts. Daksha and Madhuri get shocked. Madhu asks how dare you take Santoshi’s name with my son’s name, she can’t even become my foot’s dust, how will she become this house’s bahu. Daksha asks what do you mean. Ujwal says a person should be in limits and talk. Seshnath says don’t get angry, I will talk to them. Daksha asks Seshnath to be quiet.

She says we know we are not rich than you people, but we will keep relations well. Madhuri says Daksha is saying right, we did not come with Santoshi’s proposal here, your father has come with Sanketh’s relation to our house. They all get shocked and start laughing. Kaka asks them to listen. Madhu says Papa went with this house’s son Sanketh’s proposal. Daksha says I think you all got happy knowing this. Dhairya says Sanketh is not son of this house, its me, Sanketh is a ordinary servant of this house. Daksha and Madhuri get shocked. Dhairya insults Santoshi. Daksha asks Kaka whats all this, you said you wanted to make Santoshi your bahu. Kaka says I said I regard Sanketh as my son, he is not our servant, he works in my elder son’s company. Madhuri says you said big things that day, we know truth now. Madhur asks them to get out. She asks Pratap to explain his dad not to say anything by going anywhere. She asks Santoshi to take her relatives. She calls them beggars. Daksha says you are beggar. Madhu gets angry and slaps Daksha. They all get shocked. Dhairya smiles. Madhu asks Daksha to mind her language, do you know whom are you talking to, be thankful that you are standing infront of me, else you can’t even become my slippers. Nupur says right, how dare she talk like this with Madhu. Dhairya says poor people have no manners, you called us beggars, let me tell you, our floor cleaners are costly than your clothes. He insults them. Santoshi cries. He asks Santoshi to open his shoe lace and then tie it. Madhu shouts Santoshi, did you not hear it. Santoshi recalls Madhu’s words and goes to Dhairya. She opens his shoe lace and ties it. Dhairya looks at Daksha and Madhuri. Daksha and Madhuri get sad seeing this. Dhairya kicks Santoshi’s hand away.

Daksha says Santoshi will not work here, and asks Santoshi to say. Santoshi says I will work here. Daksha says I will not spend in Santoshi’s marriage. Sanketh says I will pay. Madhuri taunts him for being a servant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god. What nonsense. This is too much now. Well maybe rich people are really like that.

  2. how long will santoshi endure this type of behavior from dairya you know what santoshi should have made a deal with them if you want me to lie to the police that dhyaria had in fact pushed her down then clear me of the money I borrowed and let me stop working for you all ; santoshi is so niaive she did not turn dhyira over to the police and now she is getting kicked around by dhyria again she so want to play miss goody too shoes and to know that was the opportune time to get back at dhyira she may not get a chance like that again

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