Santoshi Maa 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi asking Mata to give her strength and help her. Mata smiles. Dadi worries for Santoshi. Guddu sings song. Mata comes in human avatar. Her bag falls and Santoshi helps her. Mata asks her what happened to her hand. Santoshi says nothing, it just burnt a little, I will go home and apply something. Mata says Santoshi Maa will not come to help you, apply something, I m here instead, sit. Santoshi asks does she have magic stick.

Mata shows honey and says all medicines are less than this honey. She apply honey to her hand. Santoshi says its like gold, I did not see this before. Mata says its from my village, don’t put hand in water. Santoshi says we don’t know each other and you are helping me. Mata says this is world, if we help each other, it will become heaven,

Santoshi Maa will always help you. Santoshi says I will always remembers this and goes. Mata disappears. Bittoo sees tv and smiles seeing and tv telly award. She misses that guy and smiles.

Dadi is worried. Guddu talks to his friend to do big work and buy lottery. Dadi asks Guddu to do job. Guddu says I will not do job, keep quiet. Madhvi asks Dadi not spoil Guddu’s mood and asks him to do anything he wants. Dadi asks her to ask what she wants to do. Guddu does not like Malai milk and argues with Madhvi. Madhvi says I will be careful next time. Madhvi says where did Santoshi go, Daksha sent her. Daksha comes there and hears Madhvi making fun of her.

Daksha says its good, you backbite about me. They argue. Dadi sees Santoshi coming. Madhvi asks her to sweep the house. Dadi says she just came. Madhvi argues and says she can do this work, she was outside all day. Santoshi says I will work in morning. Madhvi asks why. Santoshi says my hand burnt. Dadi worries and asks how did this happen. Santoshi says its fine, Amma met on the way and applied honey. Madhvi asks her not to make excuse and work.

She asks how did her hand burn. Daksha stops Santoshi from saying and asks her to go and apply ointment. Madhvi asks Santoshi to say. Santoshi says I cooked food, Daksha has sent me to Lucknow, to Janardhan’s boss house, she asked me to cook there. Madhvi says oh, this is the thing. She asks Daksha to come and talk to her. Dadi asks why did Santoshi not tell her before going Lucknow.

Santoshi says sorry, but Daksha told she will tell you. Santoshi asks what did she eat. Dadi says nothing. Santoshi asks Guddu could he not get fruits for Dadi from the market. He says I was busy. Santoshi calls Tinu and tells Dadi that she will just come. Santoshi and Tinu get fruits for Dadi. Dadi laughs. Tinu and Santoshi hug Dadi.

Madhvi asks Daksha why did she send Santoshi to Lucknow. Daksha says she wants money to give to that Bua, I m sending to Santoshi to work as cook, I will get money. Madhvi asks what else did you do. Daksha asks her not to interfere. Madhvi asks what will you give me. Daksha says till I return Bua’s money, I will not give anything. Madhvi says fine, I will make Santoshi work. Daksha says fine. She says Dadi should not know anything.

Santoshi tells everything to Dadi and Tinu what happened in Lucknow. She says Santoshi Maa punished Dhairya and his GF, they fell in mud. Dadi says I m glad that you are doing this for Janardhan. Santoshi says yes, but I went for Janardhan’s promotion, but everyone talked to me as if I m maid. Dadi says Daksha was talking to you nicely, she has some reason to send you there, Janardhan did not tell me his boss stays in Lucknow, I know Daksha, she can do anything, we should ask her. Dadi calls Daksha. Daksha waits for Janardhan to explain him everything. Santoshi asks Dadi to let it go. Daksha says I think Madhvi told her everything.

Janardhan comes home and asks Daksha why is she welcoming him today. She says come fast, your Amma is shouting. Madhvi sees Dadi angry and goes to see. Daksha asks Janardhan to say yes if she says she sent Santoshi to his boss’ house for cooking. Dadi asks Daksha did she send Santoshi as maid to Janardhan’s boss’ house. Daksha gets tensed.

Bittoo is with that guy. Madhvi wakes up and asks who is there. She calls out thief and they catch the guy. The guy asks Santoshi to say. Santoshi asks who is he. He says I came to meet Santoshi, we love each other. Santoshi and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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