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Santoshi Maa 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna ji playing flute. He says I have taken disguise of a bangle seller Shyam. Dhairya sees video of Pratap. Pratap checks some files. Dhairya drinks tea and it falls down on him. Dhairya goes to clean tea. Ankur goes to help Pratap and picks files. Pratap says you know Sinduri well right. Ankur says yes, why are you asking, you also know her right. Pratap asks him not to ask and just answer. Ankur says I just know she is a clever dancer, who traps rich men for money. Pratap thinks how does he knows this, Sinduri did not tell me about him, I can’t go against Sinduri without knowing anything. Ankur asks why did you hire her.

Pratap says she did not behave wrong with us, you focus on your work, that will be good. He leaves. Ankur says I have to find truth, I think

Santoshi and Dhairya are right, Pratap has some connection with Sinduri. He sees Pratap’s pic kept there and recalls someone telling him in childhood that his father is dead now. Child Ankur picks his father’s pic, which is actually Pratap. Ankur does not understand and leaves.

Pratap calls Sinduri and asks about Ankur. Sinduri says I don’t know, don’t ask me anything, you are not of use to me. Sinduri says if Pratap knows Ankur is Gargi Devi’s son, he will think I m playing game with him and make me out of here, no this can’t happen, I have to do something of Ankur. Santoshi sees Ankur on the road and calls Dhairya.

She asks Dhairya did he send Ankur out. Dhairya says no, I will call you, wait. He checks the video and calls Ankur. His number is switched off. Dhairya calls Santoshi and says Ankur was in Pratap’s room, now he is not there, did he get off our plan. She says he is infront of me, I will follow him. Ankur takes an auto and leaves. She falls down on the road. A truck proceeds towards her. Driver tries to apply brakes but could not. He gets worried as brakes failed. He hits horn and shouts to Santoshi to move, brakes failed. Kanha ji pushes Santoshi away and stands infront of the truck.

Santoshi asks him to move. The driver asks bangle seller to move, he will be hit. The brakes work and truck stops infront of Kanha ji. Driver says sorry, brakes failed, its good nothing happen to you both. Krishna asks him to drive carefully, go. He asks Santoshi is she fine. She says don’t know I got foot sprain, I saw truck and could not get up, if you did not come, I would have… He says I know to cure this, and cures her foot. She says I got fine, you are magician. Gaumata says Lord Krishna helped Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says yes, he blesses people, and reminds how Krishna saved Arjun from Karn’s arrow. She says you helped me as a brother, can I call you brother. She thinks where did Ankur go. He says I have seen him. She says I have to know about him. He says you called me brother, so I have to help you and do brother’s duty, I will take you to that place, come.

They leave and talk on the way. She says its Janmashtami today and I got Murlidhar Bhaiya ji today, I think its Krishna Leela. He says yes, for sure, do you celebrate Janmashtami. She says yes. He says even I m Krishna’s devotee. He says your eyes look like Krishna’s eyes, that’s why you have flute like him. He says I play flute. She asks really. He plays flute. They teach the place. She thanks him for helping and invites him for puja. He says if sister requests and brother does not happen, how can’t this happen, I had to come. She says fine, I will wait for you. She gives her address. He leaves.

Ankur goes to his house. Santoshi reaches there and thinks whats Ankur doing here, is he hiding anything. Ankur checks for old things. Santoshi hides. Ankur sees kids playing. She says its good Ankur did not shut window. Ankur joins that torn pic and sees Pratap’s pic. He gets shocked and shouts. Santoshi looks on.

Ankur says once I get to know my mum’s murderer, I will not leave you Pratap Mishra. Santoshi tells everything to Dhairya. Dhairya asks why will Ankur say this. She says did he come with other motive to harm Pratap, we have to keep an eye on Sinduri and Ankur, they both are after Pratap, shall we tell Pratap, he will be alert. Dhairya says no, we won’t know truth now, Ankur won’t do anything to Pratap, we have to do drama and get Ankur and Sinduri’s secrets, Ankur trusts you, get secret out of him, I will trap Sinduri in love and get secrets, I have to act to love her. She gets upset.

Dhairya asks why did your face turn pale, you know our friendship is to save family. She says if you act to love Sinduri, she will doubt. He says right, but I know how to fool her. He thinks to show his charm.

Santoshi sings aarti and does puja. She gives Prasad to everyone. She tells Kaka that she invited special guest Murlidhar, he plays flute so good. Madhu asks who is he. Santoshi says I met him today and tells entire story. Dhairya gets worried for her and asks are you fine… why did you not say this before. Kaka smiles. Santoshi says I m fine. Dhairya says people don’t drive by mind, be careful when walking on road. Kaka says its Krishna’s blessing that nothing happened to Santoshi, and Murli saved her, she did good to invite him, we all should sleep now, have to wake up early and prepare for puja tomorrow.

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