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Santoshi Maa 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka asking Dhairya to play some song on radio. Rj says this song is for newly weds. Pal bhar thehr jao…….plays………….. Santoshi smiles seeing Dhairya. Devi Paulmi is angry and says this time Santoshi would have died, but she got saved. Narad comes and asks why are you angry, do you know Santoshi got fine, its by Mata Santoshi’s blessings. Devi Paulmi asks do you think I have no other work, I don’t care about Santoshi’s state. He smiles and thinks what you think and not, you will know in Dev sabha, you will get invitation very soon.

Dhairya, Kaka and Santoshi reach home. Kaka says its first time, Dhairya has searched for you. Santoshi goes to Dhairya and smiles. Dhairya asks for his passport. She gets shocked and says you got me here to find passport.

He scolds her and asks her to just give passport. She gives him passport. He gets relieved and shouts Pushpa. He asks her to get his car cleaned, as Santoshi has sat in it. He says I don’t want anyone to have such bad infection like her. He asks Santoshi to get out from his room. Santoshi cries and leaves.

Gaumata says bad is happening with Santoshi, she got healthy and still fate has been playing game. Santoshi Maa says who is Santoshi’s well wisher and enemy, its infront of everyone. Gaumata says this place was lonely without you. Santoshi Maa asks her not to worry, whats in Santoshi’s fate will happen, she will not be harmed by such plannings, Santoshi is courageous and will succeed in her motives, those who come infront of her will fail.

Nupur gives juice to Dhairya and says I spoke to Riya. He asks what did she say, will she marry me. Nupur says yes, she is ready, but till Santoshi stays here, how can Riya come here. He says I don’t know what to do. She says if you work smartly, you can get solution, you can leave this house and go to Riya. He goes. She says now Madhu will get a shock from Dhairya, I m loving it.

Santoshi Maa greets Brahmadev and three devis. The three devis tell about Devi Paulmi’s actions. Devi Saraswati says Devi Paulmi is Indra’s wife, but Sabha rules are equal for everyone, she has to come. Devi Paulmi comes there and greets them. Devi Saraswati says you are Indra’s wife, but all rules are equal for everyone. Brahmadev says you got late, why. Devi Paulmi says I was making some gifts, I m sorry. Devi Parvati says she always acts clever, even this time she has some motive behind this.

Santoshi serves food. Dhairya says I have to talk to Madhu. Madhu asks him to have food first. He says no, I have to talk, what do you I will have food made by Santoshi, I will not even touch the food. Pratap says you are angry on Santoshi, I know. Dhairya says either I can stay here or Santoshi, think well. They all get shocked. Madhu thinks I will lose Dhairya forever.

Brahmadev asks Devi Paulmi not to get relations between Sabha, you are a culprit here. Santoshi Maa tells what all happened. Devi Paulmi denies all the blames, and says I can’t do this mistake. Devi Parvati says Brahmadev is most powerful, this illusion is nor tight, humans prays to me. When Santoshi Maa has bear punishment, then others will be punished too. Brahmadev agrees and says those who die can’t be brought back here, decision will happen, but I will like to get everyone’s opinion. Devi Paulmi smiles.

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  1. dev sabha is always presided over by lord Shiva according to our shashtra and nobody (devas,devis) is allowed to break de rules dat world is completely different from dis world how u makers can play with de image of dat world just for making money and if something like dat has mentioned in any shatra dat meaning is different .

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