Santoshi Maa 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu and Ankur getting shocked seeing the video. Seshnath says Kaka and Kaki are on roads. Madhu asks how did you get them. Seshnath tells everything. He says he will do her work if he gets money. Madhu gives him money. Seshnath smiles. She asks him to send video on her phone. Seshnath does so and leaves. Madhu asks Ankur to get Kaka and Kaki here, we have to settle scores with Dhairya by them. Ankur smiles.

Santoshi tells Dhairya that he will pray for his success and does his aarti along with Bubbly. Bubbly joins Dhairya in his work. They both leave. Dhairya tells his ideas to Paras. They work hard and days pass. Santoshi takes care of Dhairya and Bubbly while they are busy in work. Santoshi waits for them at night. They come by auto. Dhairya’s progress is shown.

Santoshi Maa smiles. Santoshi wakes up and sees Dhairya working at night. She asks him to sleep,

After many days, Dhairya and Santoshi shift to a big house and get rich. He says we got big client, we have to go in party. She says I have fast today. He says I forgot, I have to go and meet builder, Madhu stayed a lot there, till I ruin Madhu, I won’t get peace. She says its not necessary to ruin other’s peace for our peace, jealousy is wrong. He says no, its no use to talk to you, don’t wait for me at night, sleep. He goes. She prays Santoshi Maa to give sense and peace to Dhairya.

Kaka and Kaki are on the way. Kaki says I hope Dhairya has progressed, I m glad to meet them today. Kaka says he is working hard, I heard he has progressed a lot, don’t tell him where we stayed, he thinks we went on tirat yatra. The men come and ask are you Dhairya’s parents, he asked us to get you. Kaka says how did Dhairya know about us. Kaki says Dhairya called us, why are you asking, come. The man informs Madhu that he got Kaka and Kaki.

Madhu comes to Santoshi and asks where are Kaka and Kaki. Dhairya asks Madhu to just leave. Santoshi says Kaka and Kaki went on tirat yatra. Madhu asks really, who is this then. She shows the video. Santoshi and Dhairya get shocked. Santoshi thinks it means I have seen Kaka that day in temple. Santoshi and Dhairya cry.

Madhu asks them to see Kaka and Kaki’s state, its because of Dhairya, he has become big businessman and did not care for them. Dhairya says I did not do this, you made them leave from house. Madhu asks him to shut up. Neighbors come and hear them. Madhu starts acting and says don’t say I did mistake, you are selfish, you are living well and left Kaka and Kaki on road to beg. Neighbours get against Dhairya. Dhairya asks Madhu to stop it. Santoshi asks Dhairya to find Kaka and Kaki, I m worried for them.

Madhu says you earned a lot of money, but lost the precious thing, parents, I will not leave both of you if anything happens to them. Dhairya gets angry and his eyes turn red. Madhu goes. Dhairya scolds neighbours and asks them to leave.

Santoshi says I know you are worried, forget what Madhu said, I m worried for Kaka and Kaki come, what happened. He recalls what Kaka told and left. He shouts I won’t go, what was the need, they lied to me, you supported them, Papa saw us in temple, why did he not come to us. She sys we will get them back. He says we will be defamed, Papa should have thought of our name, he is begging, Madhu came and scolded us because of Papa. She says there would be reason behind Kaka and Kaki doing that. He says I have imp meeting, I won’t go, I will give ad in newspaper, they will come if they want, you go to find them on roads. She asks will you go office than finding them. He leaves. She says whats happening….

Santoshi goes to find Kaka and Kaki. The men bring Kaka and Kaki to some place. Kaki asks where is Dhairya. Kaka says you said Dhairya called us, where is he. The men say Dhairya has become rich, it will be big insult if you go like beggars, stay here. Kaka says we will meet Dhairya. The man says you can’t go from here and warns them. They get shocked. Santoshi’s phone gets dead and she thinks how to show Kaka and Kaki’s photo now, how to find them. She prays for their safety.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    For goodness sake please end this nonsensical and boring direction of this serial. Not a single episode goes by without the same theme of get Dhairya and Santoshi. The storyline is predictable and there is no entertainment value.

  2. Agreed! Hopelessly boring

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