Santoshi Maa 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vajramushti saying I will try my best, but my powers will not stand against Devi Santoshi for long. Devi Paulmi says you are praising Devi Santoshi, you came here to help me, can’t you see your mum is so worried, you are my ansh, won’t you help me son. She shows him the beautiful dev lok. He smiles. She asks him to see the dev lok, its so beautiful, if you die there, you will get heaven, it means you will get free from being a rakshaks, I m here for your protection, if I could not protect your life, I will free your soul, decision is in your hands. He says Mata, I accept your command. She blesses him. He leaves.

Madhu is thinking of Vidya’s words and says this is Kranti Maa’s blessing and Santoshi gave credit to Santoshi Maa, she made Vidya believe her. She says

Nupur, we have to careful, Santoshi is smart. Nupur says why don’t we stop her from doing puja here. Madhu says yes, else she will make everyone Santoshi Maa’s devotee.

Vajramushti chants some mantras and lok turns dark. Devi Paulmi smiles. The day turns into night, it thunders and storm comes. He does some yagya and puts yellow, white, blue, orange, red, green powders in a bowl. He mixes them by some magic and it turns into Santoshi Maa’s idol. He says I did all arrangements, but I have to get some water from Brahmadev Kamandal, if we have to get saved from all Dev/Devi’s sight. She says its very tough. He asks her to take him to Brahmlok and he will himself do this work. She nods.

Vidya is happy. Kaka asks her to have food. She makes him have food and smiles. Kaka makes her recall their young days. Santoshi works in kitchen. Kaka says money did not do anything, prayers made the effect, Santoshi’s prayers made you fine, you scolded her and she continued to keep fasts, I m thankful to Santoshi Maa that we got such bahu. She says I don’t doubt on her devotion, I m thankful to her, but how to accept her as our bahu, she is not suitable for Dhairya, she is not equal to Madhu and Nupur. He says a true and honest man does not need to be better than someone, true person is already high, she is ahead of Madhu and Nupur, I feel Dhairya will change and turn good by Santoshi’s efforts, see how she manages Dhairya and gets him on right path.

Devi Paulmi goes to Brahmadev and says Indra has returned by winning over Asurs, he has sent a gift, this flower will always bloom. He says thank Devraj Indra. She says sure. He looks at the flower. She drops Vajramushti there and says my work is over, I shall leave. She goes. Brahmadev sees a fish and thinks how did this come here. He puts water from his kamandal/pot to make the fish survive. He thinks its possible that Asurs came inside Devlok. He closes eyes and checks Devlok. Vajramushti takes water and returns to Devi Paulmi. He puts the water on Devi Santoshi’s idol and she smiles. He makes a round and says I did the work, now any Dev shakti will not be able to see your planning. She takes idol in her hand and smiles. Brahmadev says my powers is not able to see that magic, is that Asur powers planning to do any bad work. He sees the clear sky…

Gaumata plays making fruits on the sky. Santoshi Maa smiles and says Gaumata, you look very happy. Gaumata says the sky looks bright today.

Santoshi serves tea to Vidya and says you will be completely fine, you will start running. Vidya says I m happy whatever I got now, I can’t manage so many happiness. Santoshi says I wish you get happiness always. She asks Kaki not to eat sour thing when she keeps fast. She goes. Vidya agrees with Kaka that Santoshi is a good bahu, I will tell Dhairya to accept Santoshi, don’t know why he is not able to see her goodness. Kaka kisses Vidya’s hand and says I m glad you have seen her goodness, just keep your trust, truth does not hide for long, but remember one thing, don’t eat sour thing on fast day. She says I will be careful. Madhu hears this and says I will see how you complete fast without eating sour thing, and how you unite Dhairya and Santoshi. Kaka and Kaki sit chanting Santoshi Maa’s name. Madhu angrily goes.

Devi Paulmi laughs and says Devi Santoshi will be away from her devotees. Vajramushti says Devi Santoshi will not see her devotee’s situation, if you trouble them, she will just see them in good times, then her devotees’ trust will break. She says then no one will believe Devi Santoshi. She says Santoshi’s term with Vidya got fine, it does not mean Santoshi’s term with her husband will get fine, this will never happen. She makes some green rounds by her hands.

Dhairya asks Santoshi to eat chillies. Santoshi eats the chillies. Devi Paulmi throws some magical chilli, whose effect Santoshi can’t bear. She faints. Dhairya leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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