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Santoshi Maa 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu talks to her friends. Her friends say we came to help you in solving your problem. Madhu says I will give party to you after this work is done. The lady gives her some powder. Madhu says spread the news in the party that Santoshi went mad, this powder will shot affect, once Santoshi acts mad, she will go to mental hospital.

Ganga sees her hands and cries recalling the past and Amma ji’s strict behavior towards her. She thinks how Amma ji supported her today and declared Ganga is part of her family. Amma ji comes to her and asks what are you seeing in your palm. Ganga says I m seeing fate lines. Amma ji asks since when did you believe in these lines, Ganga writes her fate on own. Ganga says my fate cheated me and I lost belief in these lines, today I have belief again as if they read

my heart. Amma ji asks her will she cry or hug her Dadi saas. Ganga cries and hugs her. She says I was dying to get your love. Madhu and Ganga talk about Santoshi. Madhu says don’t feel bad, everyone was saying so, that’s why I said so, we stay in society so, elders made some customs.

Santoshi comes and scolds Madhu. She asks her to get juice for her fast. Madhu smiles and goes. Santoshi compliments Ganga’s saree. Madhu’s friends spread the rumor that Santosho got mad after her accident. The guests also agree and believe them. Ganga tells Santoshi that I m glad to meet you, thanks for supporting me, I can’t believe Sagar and I are uniting. Santoshi sees a girl with Sagar. Ganga asks will you come in my marriage. Santoshi says yes, I like marriage and all, but will this marriage happen. Santoshi asks who is this girl around Sagar. She asks is that girl really mad. Ganga says she is kiddish, her mind is like a child, so she needs me. Santoshi says no, I feel Ragini needs Sagar, she is madly in love with Sagar.

Ganga says no, Ragini is not like that. Santoshi says I have alerted you. Ganga goes to Sagar. Sagar holds Ganga and flirts with her. Santoshi says oh romantic scene, Sagar save this love for honeymoon. Sagar asks do you really don’t remember anything. Santoshi says yes. Ragini comes and calls Santoshi mad. Ganga makes Ragini apologize. Ragini asks Sagar for cold drink. Sagar asks her to get it for herself and him too. Madhu adds powder in Santoshi’s cold drink and gives her. Santoshi says I don’t want it now, you have it.

Ragini gets a glass and asks waiter for another glass. He says cold drink got over. Ragini thinks how to get cold drink for Sagar now. Madhu apologizes to Ganga again. Ragini takes the cold drink from Santoshi and it falls over Madhu’s face. Santoshi laughs. Ragini says I wanted cold drink for Sagar. Amma ji takes Ragini. Ganga takes Madhu to washroom. Madhu tells her friends that plan flopped, I wish to kill Santoshi. Her friend says so what, we have other plan, don’t worry. They tell the other plan to Madhu. Madhu smiles.

Santoshi goes to take laddoo and a kid runs with the laddoo. Madhu’s friends give laddoo to Santoshi. Santoshi eats laddoos. Madhu smiles seeing this. Santoshi loses her senses. Madhu’s friend calls Santoshi mad. Santoshi gets angry on the lady. Santoshi acts drunk. Ganga tries to calm Santoshi. She starts dancing. Ganga goes to call Sagar and hears Madhu’s friends telling their plan that they added bhaang in laddoo, and how Santoshi will behave mad. The lady records everything. They run seeing Ganga. Ganga says it means someone joked with Santoshi, Santoshi is doing this in bhaang effect. He tells Sagar about Santoshi. Sagar asks Santoshi for her phone. Santoshi gives them. Ganga calls Dhairya. She says your number was last dialed, I m Ganga, are you Dhairya. He says yes. She says Santoshi’s state is very bad, can you come here. He asks driver to take u turn.

Santoshi asks Madhu to come and dance with her. She asks DJ to play good song. He runs. She says I will play song. She dances weirdly. Dhairya comes there and sees her. She dances with him and fails. The waiter says she was dancing like Sindhuri. Madhu says what happened to Santoshi, she did not know dance, what did this man say, who is this Sindhuri. Dhairya asks Santoshi to open eyes. Ganga tells Dhairya that I called you here. He asks about Santoshi’s state. Ganga tells everything. Dhairya shouts asking who made Santoshi have bhaang. Madhu signs her friends to go. Ganga says I did not see those women, maybe they left. Santoshi says my hero has come. Madhu cries and says don’t know what happened to Santoshi. Dhairya says I will take you home. Santoshi tells Ganga that save Sagar from Ragini. He lifts Santoshi and goes. Madhu sees the video and says this is enough for proving Santoshi mad. She thanks her friends. She thinks Santoshi will spend her life in mental asylum now.

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