Santoshi Maa 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daksha going to make sweets. Kaka takes Dadi’s permission to inform Sanketh’s mother and asks her to call pandit to get good mahurat. Santoshi thinks to inform Madhu. Madhu meets Kranti Maa and asks her to help. Kranti Maa says pairings are made in heaven, we can’t change it. Madhu says but you can do anything, Dhairya is like my son, Riya is not good for you, if she comes in his life forever, it will be bad. Kranti Maa says I will surely help you, you have to obey me with devotion. Madhu asks what shall I do. Kranti Maa says time is great, keep Dhairya’s marriage after 3 days, I will see what to do. Madhu agrees.

Devi Paulmi and Devi Santoshi are planting seeds again in Dev vatika. Santoshi Maa asks her to do the work carefull, else it can hurt her. Three

devis look on and Devi Parvati says its good Brahmadev has seen Devi Paulmi’s hidden intentions, else Devi Santoshi would have been punished alone. Devi Saraswati says yes, Brahmadev also decides to do justice equally. Narad comes and greets them. Devi Laxmi asks from where is he coming, he looks very happy. He says Laxmi Mata, I always stay happy, but today I m seeing Devi Paulmi working with Devi Santoshi, two Devis are doing same work with different intentions, its good that Devi Paulmi had to come to help Mata Santoshi.

Devi Saraswati says its rule of world, that whoever hurts other with jealousy, has to face problems. Narad says true, I think Devi Paulmi wants to complete her punishment soon, its good, Santoshi Mata will get her lost powers back. They smile.

Devi Paulmi thinks this won’t happen, Devi Santoshi will not get her powers easily, everyone is making fun of me, but I have won, till your powers come back, there won’t be any Bhakt to seek help, what will you do of your powers when there is no Bhakt. She angrily hits soil and gets hurt. Gaumata smiles. Devi Santoshi asks Devi Paulmi to do work carefully, do like this. She shows planting.

Madhu thinks I called pandit on Kranti Maa’s saying, I know Kranti Maa will not let anything wrong happen. Pratap asks mahurat. Pandit says after 3 days. Madhuri says how can we manage in 3 days. Janardhan asks what. Daksha says Santoshi’s marriage. Pandit says next mahurat is after 6 months, you decide and tell me. Pratap asks Madhu to say. Riya says after 3 days is fine. Dhairya says I think we need time to make arrangements. Riya says I can’t wait 6 months. Santoshi says not so soon, I m not ready for marriage.

Dadi tells Santoshi that good relation comes by difficulty, we can do arrangements, why do you worry, we are here. Kaka says yes, trust me, don’t worry about money, I will give my pension money, and even Sanketh is here. Daksha and Madhuri smile and ask Santoshi to agree. Dadi asks Santoshi to get married, its first time something good is going to happen. Daksha says yes, we will keep Madhuri’s jewelry mortgaged too. Madhuri says yes, we will sell Daksa’s clothes, but do your marriage well. Daksha asks Santoshi to smile. Daksha gives her sweets for Kaka and Sanketh.

Madhu gives sweets to Riya’s family and says marriage will be after 3 days. Riya gets glad and says my parents are okay with this. They agree. Riya makes Dhairya have sweets. Sanketh gives sweets to Santoshi and smiles. Daksha tells Madhuri that she did not think Santoshi will marry in rich home, come, we will do arrangements.

Riya asks Dhairya how is he feeling to get married, you don’t look happy. He says nothing like that, its all so soon. She says but we love each other, you should thank me that I saved you from boring marriage. He says I will thank you after marriage in my way. They laugh. Madhu looks on.

Kaka says I got relieved today. Sanketh says you regard me son, this is my duty to relieve your burden. Kaka asks Dadi to do preparations, they will get baraat after 3 days. Dadi says sure, take care Sanketh. Kaka asks Santoshi to take care. Santoshi says I will come along. Kaka asks whats the need for you to work, prepare for marriage. Santoshi says but Madam, fine you go. Kaka and Sanketh leave. Santoshi thinks how to tell you, its imp to meet Madhu, I can’t marry without her permission.

Daksha and Madhuri laugh happily. Dadi and Janarshan look on. They think what happened to Daksha and Madhuri. Daksha asks Santoshi not to do work and spend time with them. They dance. Santoshi thinks I m worried about Madhu. Dadi says I did not see them happy for Santoshi before. Daksha asks Dadi to dance. She says make list also, write well. Madhuri says yes, we will get house decorated. We will do something different, we will keep chinese food menu. Madhuri asks Daksha to calm down, they both will think. They say they want good sarees. Dadi checks them and asks do they have fever. Madhuri and Daksha refuse and say we are happy for Santoshi’s marriage. Dadi says you both are so happy as its your marriage. Santoshi smiles. Daksha and Madhuri leave for shopping.

Its night, Kaka and Sanketh come home. Kaka says I find you worried, what is the matter, tell me. Sanketh says I felt Santoshi was worried, she said yes, but don’t know is she happy or not. Kaka says you are a diamond, why will she not be happy, maybe its sudden for her, girls take more time for marriage, as they have to leave their home, Santoshi is shy too. Sanketh says fine, I spoke to Maa, she may not come so soon, I was thinking if you do all marriage rituals. Kaka says sure.

Its morning, Santoshi prays. Daksha says Amma, make the list fast. Santoshi says I will leave for work. Daksha says now you are becoming someone’s bahu, come home on time. Santoshi says yes. Dadi asks Santoshi why is she worried, are you happy with this marriage. Santoshi thinks how to say why I m worried. Santoshi says I will meet Madhu and come. She wishes she has courage to tell Madhu about her marriage.

Santoshi’s family brings dhol in Dhairya’s house. Daksha gives them gift saying Santoshi is marrying Dhairya. Madhu asks how dare you say this, and scolds her. Daksha argues. Madhu slaps Daksha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. God has daksha lost it….by the way madhu is going to do something for sure and then santoshi will get married to Dhairiya.?

  2. I dont want santoshi to get married why cant she be independe t girl? :'(

    1. If you want to see some independent girl in serials then watch ganga. Its awesome.

  3. Plzz update today episode fast

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