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Santoshi Maa 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sweety coming to meet Guddu. Guddu is injured and says you did right to come. She says you got beaten up because of me, I m really sorry, I will bear your medical expenses. Seshnath and Madhuri get glad. Madhuri says Guddi got very much hurt. Seshnath praises Madhuri’s acting. Sharmili asks Sweety to see her wounds too. Madhuri asks Sharmili to shut her mouth. Sharmili asks why is Sweety just taking Guddu for treatment. Guddu says I m her employee, I will come soon. Sharmili thinks I would show Sweety who I m if I did not want Guddu’s salary.

Kaka asks Dhairya to forgive Santoshi. Santoshi tells Kaka that she is keeping 16 fasts. Kaka says I m sure your fasts will be successful. She asks Kaka to give Prasad to Dhairya, he won’t take it from her hand. Kaka asks

Dhairya to be proud to have such wife. Dhairya takes Prasad from her hand. She asks Kaka will he keep fast for Janmashtami. Kaka agrees and convinces Dhairya to keep fast too.

Ankur comes and asks for Dhairya. Sinduri gets shocked. Pratap comes and asks Sinduri for coffee. He asks who is he, how did he come here without permission. Dhairya says he is Ankur, I hired him for work. Ankur feels he has seen Pratap somewhere. Sinduri worries. Dhairya asks Sinduri to take Ankur to guest room. He asks Santoshi to come and talk to him.

Dhairya says Santoshi knows to run laptop. She says I learnt by Tinu on Kaka’s saying. They see video feed, Sinduri and Ankur talking in guest room. Ankur asks Sinduri how does Pratap know you. She says I got a nice family, that’s why I m here, I m going to become bahu of this house. Dhairya says she got mad, why are you worried. I got hidden cameras fixed, we can keep an eye on Sinduri, Ankur and Pratap. Ankur asks Sinduri to say who is his mum’s murderer. Sinduri refuses and asks what will you do. Ankur aims gun and says you have to say truth, else I swear I will kill you. Santoshi and Dhairya get shocked. Santoshi says we have to stop Ankur. Dhairya says wait, nothing will happen, maybe Sinduri will say everything.

Sinduri starts laughing and says you feel you will come home and fool me, come on shoot. Ankur loads the gun. Santoshi says Ankur can shoot in anger. Dhairya says relax. Sinduri provokes Ankur. Ankur shoots and there was no bullet in gun. Sinduri gets shocked. Ankur says you know what, I can really shoot you, I will give you time of two days, if you don’t say truth, I will shoot you, get out now. Dhairya says I will tell Ankur not to take gun along next time, I told Ankur to empty bullets. Dhairya leaves her hand.

Ankur apologizes to Santoshi and says Sinduri will not say easily. Dhairya asks him to talk to Pratap. Santoshi sees Sinduri and Madhu coming. She asks Ankur to have food and go. Madhu claps and says husband should be like Dhairya, you made wife’s lover your friend, you did not think this is the guy whom Santoshi meets. Dhairya says I m not a fool, Santoshi told me Ankur is her childhood friend, whats your problem, I did not forgive Santoshi, I m supporting truth. Madhu says Ankur’s character is not good, he teased Sinduri. Dhairya says Sinduri blamed me too, Ankur is my employee, he will stay in guest house and work here, I have right on this house too. Madhu goes. Dhairya and Ankur talk about work. Sinduri goes. Dhairya says we have to be careful of Sinduri, Santoshi get some food. Santoshi asks him to keep fast. Dhairya says yes, send something for Ankur. She goes.

Narad comes to Santoshi Maa. He asks Santoshi Maa are you seeing this, there is some secret. Santoshi Maa says that’s why Santoshi is trying to find truth, she will make Sinduri away from life and make relations again. He says but she can fall in trouble. She says true path is tough, but no one can move one from true path, I m sure Santoshi will do this work. She smiles seeing Santoshi. Gaumata asks will you not bless Santoshi on Janmashtami. Santoshi Maa says this time, someone else will bless Santoshi. Gaumata asks who. Santoshi Maa says one who is naughty and has unique Leela, and describes Krishna. Krishna is shown playing the flute. Gaumata says Krishna ji….

No Precap in And tv Video episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap: Santoshi rings Dharyia to tell him that she saw Ankur getting into a ricksaw. Dharyia thinks that Ankur is still at home in office. Santoshi says she will follow him to see what she can find out. She twists her ankle and falls in the middle of the road. A oncoming van is approaching, the driver see Santoshi sitting in the middle of the road. He beckons Santoshi to go away because his brakes have failed. Santoshi looks on the oncoming vehicle in shock. Suspense continues…until next episode

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