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Santoshi Maa 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi telling Ramlal that Dhairya’s foot is injured, can he sit here. He says fine, but I will make both of you leave if I see you wasting time. Santoshi sits cleaning the rice and smiles. Dhairya looks on. Tera saath hai to……plays……… Madhu calls Sweety and smiles seeing her coming. Sweety hugs her. Madhu says I missed you a lot.

Madhu sees Guddu and asks what is he doing here. Sweety says I will tell you later why he came here, he will stay with me from today. Madhu gets shocked and asks what, are you mad. Sweety says I love this guy, you know I get whatever I like, I have bought him.

Madhu says I know you won’t listen to anyone, fine, I will agree to you. Guddu smiles. Sweety thanks and hugs Madhu. Sweety asks Guddu to sit. Sweety says

we are shifting Lucknow and we want a house. Madhu says you can stay in your sister’s house, Dhairya’s house got vacant, just Pratap, Ujwal, I and my son Ankur stay here. Guddu thinks where did they all go, who is Ankur. Ankur comes. Madhu introduces her sister Sweety to him. Ankur thinks I have made them leave and someone else came here, I will see her later. He says I have work and goes. Guddu thinks how did Madhu get a son. Pratap gets cold drinks. Guddu gets shocked seeing him as servant. Sweety says Pratap is looking good and laughs.

Madhu says Pratap works as servant now. Pratap serves the juice and thinks I will kill Madhu to take revenge. He recalls how he added poison on one juice glass. He gives that glass to Madhu. She says I don’t want to have it, you have it, don’t show much love. He says no, how can I drink it. She gives him the glass. He thinks I added poison in this, how to drink this. Madhu asks him to drink it. Pratap worries. Madhu gets a call and goes. Pratap says Sweety I will just come and goes. Sweety laughs. Guddu says every husband becomes such drenched cat after marriage. Pratap throws the juice.

Dadi looks for Santoshi and Dhairya, and asks people. Ankur also looks for them, and says I will make your life hell. Dhairya says I m seeing this work is not so tough, I can also do this. Santoshi smiles and says its not so easy. He says I can try. She says fine and teaches him how to do it. The women laugh seeing him cleaning rice.

Dadi comes to Ramlal’s place and asks the man for water. The man says wait, I will get it. Dhairya says I will get rice sack. Santoshi asks him to sit, as he is hurt. Ankur asks people on road about Dhairya and Santoshi. Santoshi tells man that she was going to get rice sack. The man says its inside, can I get water bottle, an old lady came and asking for water. Santoshi says sure and gives the water bottle. Ankut asks people about them. Santoshi smiles and tells Dhairya that you are trying good, do this way. Dadi drinks water and asks the man his name. The man says I m Hari, I m godown manager. Dadi tells him about Dhairya and Santoshi, I will pull their ear and take them home, thanks for water. The man says you should bless that woman who gave her water bottle to you. Dadi blesses her.

Santoshi says its afternoon and time passed soon. A lady says we are going to have lunch, will you guys come. Santoshi says no, my husband and I are fasting, you all go. She asks Dhairya are you hungry. He says no, and you. She says no. He says but I m thinking what husband am I, I m keeping my wife hungry. She says no, we will have dinner at night. He says yes. Santoshi Maa smiles seeing them and says now Santoshi does not need anyone’s help, Santoshi and Dhairya have become each other’s support, their love grown in sorrow will be forever.

Ramlal asks Hari about some guy, how did he go on leave. Hari says he has taken leave. Ramlal says how will we deliver goods. Dhairya says I can drive vehicle and shows his driving license. Santoshi says you are hurt. Dhairya says I will manage. Santoshi asks him to take care. Ramlal says if you work well, I will do payment today. Dhairya leaves.

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