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Santoshi Maa 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa and Gaumata having a talk. Gaumata says Brahmadev stopped a big problem by calling Devi Paulmi back. Santoshi Maa says yes, but I know Devi Paulmi well, she will take revenge from Santoshi and create troubles, we have to keep an eye on her. Dhairya tells Devki that Riya did not do anything. Devki asks him not to interfere in their work, else we have to arrest you too, better support us. Riya asks Dhairya to say something. Riya is taken away by police. Vidya does aarti of Santoshi and says its your new start as our bahu. Dhairya comes there and looks on. He throws the aarti plate and goes. They all get shocked.

Madhuri sees Seshnath and Guddu day dreaming. She puts water on them and scolds them. Seshnath and Guddi do not tell her anything. She says fine, go

to hell. Daksha and Bittoo look on. Daksha asks how did they get money. Bittoo says they did something that we will have fun seeing them. Daksha asks why are you joking, tell me what happened. Bittoo tells everything to Daksha.

Seshnath asks Guddu which car will suit him. They make plans. Dhairya comes. Daksha says so this is their treasure. Seshnath and Guddu ask for cheque. Dhairya asks them to come, and slaps Guddu. Guddu asks why are you beating me. Seshnath asks what did Guddu do and beats him. Dhairya says I will say and beats Seshnath too. He calls them useless to take money from them and give video to someone else. Seshnath asks Guddu to whom did he give video. Bittoo smiles. Dhairya beats them.

Devi Paulmi tells Nupur that Riya has gone from here, move Santoshi out of your way, else Madhu will make you servent. Nupur asks for her contact details to take her guidance. Devi Paulmi says I can’t give you contact details, but I will contact you. Nupur says fine, I will drop you. Devi Paulmi says its fine, I will leave, you take care. Madhu looks at them. Devi Paulmi leaves.

Madhu asks Nupur did you think you will go against me by helping Riya, you forgot who I m, Dhairya does not know that video is made by your phone, think what will happen if Dhairya knows. Nupur thinks video became problem for me. Madhu asks Nupur to do what I say. Nupur agrees. Madhu says your husband has to dance on my fingers too, else you know what I can do. She goes.

Santoshi tells Kaka and Kaki that she made their fav food. She asks them why do they look sad. Kaki says its Dhairya’s birthday today. Kaka says we should celebrate. Santoshi says fine, we will celebrate. Kaka says our pandit ji told us that Dhairya’s life will get troubles by Shani Rashi from this year, Santoshi Maa will protect Dhairya. Santoshi says yes, when there is belief in heart, why did you have fear, I will make kheer for everyone. They all sit to dine.

Vidya asks Madhu to keep any other cook, Santoshi is our bahu. Santoshi says no Kaki, bahus cook food, I like cooking. Madhu asks will Dhairya not have food. Vidya says its his birthday, maybe he went out with friends. Madhu says how did I forget his birthday, its because of Riya. Pratap says it happens sometimes, now Dhairya will come, wish him. Dhairya comes. Madhu and everyone wish him happy birthday. Dhairya says I don’t want to have food. Ujwal asks why, shall we keep our party tonight. Dhairya says I will give a party, first you have to fight my case. He says I want divorce from Santoshi. They all get shocked. Dhairya says its Riya’s chargesheet, I want freedom from his maid. Ujwal says I know you want to fight Riya’s case, but it will need money. Dhairya says fine, take money from Pratap.

Pratap says why shall I pay for this. Dhairya says because you are my elder brother. Pratap says so what, it does not mean I pay for useless things. Dhairya says fine, I don’t like to beg money, give me my share. Pratap asks what share. Dhairya says business share. Pratap laughs and says I made this business, you don’t have any share in it.

Dhairya says fine, I will sell my house share and fight case. They all get shocked. Dhairya asks Kaka to give his share. Kaka says I gave your share to your wife Santoshi. Dhairya looks at Santoshi and says so you made my Papa name my share of property to you. She says I did not. He holds her neck. She coughs and says I swear on Santoshi Maa, I did not do anything. Kaka says leave her, she did not do anything, it was my decision. Dhairya says its all her acting, she can’t fool me. Pratap shouts Dhairya. Dhairya holds Santoshi Maa’s locket. Santoshi Maa opens her eyes. Dhairya tries to pull the locket, while Santoshi stops him.

Dhairya gets a shock. Everyone get worried. Ujwal asks what happened. Dhairya falls down. Ujwal holds him. Madhu and everyone get shocked. Madhu asks Pratap to call doctor. They take Dhairya to the couch. Nupur says I think we should admit him in hospital immediately.

Santoshi gets oil and says Dadi says oil massage makes body work. She applies oil. Ujwal says doctor is reaching in 10mins. Pratap says Dhairya, nothing will happen to you. Gaumata sees Santoshi Maa in her Dhyaan. Narad comes there and greets Gaumata. He asks why do you look worried. She says I m waiting for Mata’s Dhyaan to end, so that I can ask why did she punish Santoshi’s husband so severely.

Doctor checks Dhairya. Kaki asks what happened to him. doctor says he got paralysis attack, he may take one week, one month or many years to get fine. Kaki cries. Doctor asks them to take care of Dhairya, get these tests done. Kaka asks can our son work. Doctor says we will know how far his body got affected in 24 hours. Pratap says we will get his best treatment done. Doctor says patient wants love and care, any miracle can happen. Santoshi sits with Dhairya and wipes his tears. He looks at her. She says no need to keep any nurse for him, I will take care of him. doctor says its good if family member takes care of him, just be careful that cold air should not reach him. Santoshi thinks Santoshi Maa will make him fine soon.

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