Santoshi Maa 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi praying to Santoshi Maa to make Vidya fine. Gaumata says Santoshi’s fasts got completed, now she should get the fruit of her devotion. Santoshi says Maa, you can find me greedy, accept my one more request. Kaka goes out and prays to Santoshi Maa, seeing no one around. He prays and says sorry, its my first fast and I m doing puja here, instead temple, I know puja can be done anywhere, always bless this house. Santoshi says someone broke Riya and Dhairya’s marriage, the blame came on me, Dhairya loves Riya a lot, maybe that’s why he did not bear the separation and filled my maang in anger, I can’t make my house by ruining others, get Riya back in Dhairya’s life, unite them. Kaka prays that Dhairya loves Santoshi, that they both get together. Santoshi says if

love is true, relation stays, Riya is his love, help me in uniting them. She worries that anyone can see her doing puja. She apologizes and hides all the puja things in her bag.

Kaka comes there and she gets shocked. She sees him and says you just scared me. He asks why is she worried. She recalls Madhu’s words. She goes not tell him. He asks her to leave all worries and gives her Prasad. He says its my first fast and smiles. She asks are you keeping Santoshi Maa’s fast, bring it. She says I will give this to Kaki. He says don’t go, she is angry and will not see you. She says I will make her eat it anyway, its necessary. She goes.

Vidya chants Kranti Maa’s name. Santoshi goes to her. Vidya asks her not to come infront of her. Kaka says why are you angry on her. Santoshi says Kaki you can get angry on me, have this Prasad and then see the change in you. Vidya refuses and says don’t know what she added in it, she ruined my son’s life, don’t know what new drama she got, tell her to leave. Santoshi ass her to eat Prasad and bless her. Vidya asks her not to come close to her. Kaka signs Santoshi to go to Vidya. Santoshi nods and walks to Vidya.

Vidya asks her not to come close and her hands shake. She herself drives her wheelchair away and asks Santoshi to go away. Santoshi and Kaka see this and get shocked. They smile. Vidya asks Kaka to tell something to Santoshi. Santoshi touches her feet and cries. Vidya slaps her and beats her, asking her to go. She pushes her away. Santoshi still smiles and says I was waiting for you to beat me, beat me more. Vidya beats her more and asks why is she smiling, shameless, I think she will kill me. Santoshi says beat me more Kaki, I m feeling good. Vidya pushes her. Santoshi says I m ready to bear your anger, you don’t know you are giving me blessings by your hands, see your hands got fine, by Santoshi Maa’s blessings. Vidya realizes this and gets glad.

Kaka says Santoshi Maa answered Santoshi’s prayers. Santoshi thanks Santoshi Maa. Kaka hugs Vidya and makes her do exercise. Kaka calls it a miracle. Santoshi says its Maa Santoshi’s blessing. They say Jai Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa looks on. Madhu comes there and asks who is chanting Santoshi Maa’s name.

She smiles seeing Vidya’s hands fine and says Maa ji you got fine, its miracle, I will inform Kranti Maa, she will be happy, I knew she will bless you. Vidya stops Madhu and says this is not Kranti Maa’s miracle, its fruit of Santoshi’s devotion and Santoshi Maa’s blessings, she kept fasts for me. Kaka asks Madhu to thank Santoshi Maa. Madhu leaves. Santoshi thinks Kaki got fine, Maa bless that Dhairya’s life gets everything fine.

Devi Paulmi gets angry. She says Devi Santoshi, what do you think you will get right on earth by doing miracles, you can’t win their trust always, humans are greedy, they won’t do anything without benefit, you blessed a lot, its time when I ruin the way by which you reach your devotees, I will do what you can’t even imagine. She stares at a fish and makes it a stone. She bursts it. A man appears there. He greets her. She welcomes Vajramushti…. He asks how can I help you. She says I remember that day when my namesake sister gave you to me and told me you are very powerful, I raised you as my son, your upbringing has my ansh, I m sure you will help me by your magical powers, I heard you can control anyone’s mind and take anyone’s look, you can change anything’s shape. He smiles and turns into a white horse, a mermaid, bird… He says I can change anyone’s thinking too, and can control sunlight and air for some time too. She says I m very worried. He asks what happened. She says the reason is Devi Santoshi and her bhakt Santoshi. He asks her not to worry, her son Vajramushti will do the work. She says its not easy to control Devi Santoshi’s mind, you have to use all your powers, I want her name gets erased from the world, her bhakt think she is powerless.

Vajra Mushti does some magic and tells Devi Paulmi that Devi Santoshi can’t see her bhakt’s situations now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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