Santoshi Maa 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi coming to meet Santoshi. Santoshi does not recognize Dadi. Kaki says she is your Dadi. Santoshi says I don’t remember. Dadi asks Kaka did Santoshi lose her memory. Kaka says no, she forgot few things. Kaki says I think we should do something to make Santoshi recall things. Kaka says maybe we can send her to her Maayka. Santoshi says its good idea, it will be entertainment. Madhu comes there and says there is no free car, do your arrangements yourself.

Santoshi takes the keys from Madhu and says I will take jewelry from your locker, I want cash to go to my Maayka. Madhu gets shocked. Santoshi goes. Janardhan and Daksha are still on hunger strike. Santoshi comes home with Dadi. They all get shocked seeing her new avatar. Dadi asks Tinu to give some time to Santoshi,

she will get well soon, then talk to her. Dadi introduces all her family. They all stare at Santoshi’s jewelry. Madhuri thinks Santoshi looks a queen, I should please her. Daksha thinks to get some jewelry from Santoshi, and acts good to her.

Madhuri and Daksha sing aarti for Santoshi. They ask all the neighbors to go. Sharmili asks Guddu was your sister like this before. He says no, I m shocked seeing her. Sharmili says I heard that some powers come when anyone comes back from death. He says its nothing like that. She says there is someone powerful in Santoshi, maybe it will be good if I stay good to her. Santoshi sees Janardhan and reads about his hunger strike. She laughs and sits with him. He says maybe I should tell my problem to her and she can help. Daksha tells the jewelry matter to Santoshi.

Madhuri argues and tells Daksha is saying wrong, Seshnath did everything. They both argue. Santoshi calls them greedy monkeys. Daksha says I m ready to take half jewelry, but Sharmili wants to take all jewelry, you explain Sharmili, it will be big favor on me. Sharmili goes. Santoshi says calm down, I will try to talk to Sharmili.

Dimakh Raj is still joining the paper shreds. Brahmadev says I have to find this missing part, else how will I complete Santoshi’s life, Dimakh Raj its very imp for us to get that missing part. Santoshi goes to Sharmili. Santoshi talks friendly with Sharmili, and says you have to give half share of jewelry to Daksha, we can find some solution. She says you can give me the jewelry, I can keep it in bank locker for safety, tell them that jewelry is stolen, I can get useful to you. Sharmili says she is more clever than me, but I will not lose so soon.

She asks Santoshi what to do of this problem now. Santoshi says I will see them, you get jewelry, I will manage them. She goes. Sharmili thinks now third one came to get share, I have to get saved of Santoshi, if I don’t agree, then she can beat me. Santoshi tells Daksha that Sharmili’s dad freed the jewelry, how is it yours now, you won’t get jewelry, greed is bad, forget it. Daksha says I will see who takes my share. She gets a sweeper to beat Santoshi. Santoshi holds her hand. Daksha says leave my hand. Santoshi pushes her. Daksha says I will show you and holds her hand. Santoshi gets angry and stares at her.

She pushes Daksha down. They all get shocked. Santoshi scolds her and speaks in Bhojpuri. Seshnath thinks how is Santoshi talking in Bhojpuri. Santoshi beats Daksha with the sweepstick. Daksha asks them to save her. Madhuri thinks Santoshi changed a lot. Dadi stops Santoshi. Santoshi says I will explain everyone by slipper next time. Daksha apologizes.

Santoshi comes back home. Madhu gifts her and says I will make a new start by forgetting old things. Santoshi says fine, next time don’t do anything. Madhu invites her for her cousin’s godh bharai’s function. Santoshi says I just came home, I m tired, I will rest first and then go, if Dhairya comes home, no ……plan cancel. Madhu says you are our bahu, I informed Dhairya, he will reach there. Santoshi says I will go there if he is coming, I will get ready and come in 10 mins. Madhu thinks this journey will become big trouble for you, I will act friendly and play enmity game, such that everyone will send you to mental hospital.

Madhu says if Kaka and Kaki come back, they won’t be sending Santoshi with me. Kaka and Kaki come home. Madhu gets shocked. Santoshi comes and asks Madhu to come. Kaka asks Santoshi where is she going. Santoshi tells about relative’s godh bharai function. Kaki says I did not hear about her before. Madhu says she is distant relative. Madhu goes. Kaka and Kaki warn Santoshi to be careful of Madhu. Santoshi asks them not to worry, I will go, enjoy and come back. Madhu and Santoshi leave. Kaka prays that Lord keeps Santoshi fine.

Madhu and Santoshi attend some function. Ganga meets Santoshi. Santoshi eats some laddoo and gets drunk. She dances like a bar dancer, on the song tinku jiya….. Madhu and Ganga get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Worst going…..when will original santhoshi come……god will take this much time to repair a fate page…… ridiculous…..

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