Santoshi Maa 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya standing in window, while its raining. He recalls Riya and Madhu’s argument. Riya comes and hugs him, saying this rain is like you, sweet, leave it now, rain is so romantic. They hug and smile. The farmers jump happily in the rain. Santoshi Maa sees the rains. Gaumata says excess rains can end the plants’ life, this rain should stop, else vatika will be ruined. The three Devis see the rains. Devi Laxmi says Devi Paulmi is showering much rain than needed. Dei Paulmi says Devi Santoshi wanted rain, take more rian, I will see who stops me now.

Devi Santoshi sees the excess rains spoiling the plants. She says my prayers got rain, but what did this happen. Devi Paulmi laughs and says no one can control me, I know well to change the direction if my work, Devi

Santoshi prepare to work hard again, plant more trees, I will make you powerless that there won’t be any Devi, Bhakt, blessings and Devi’s identity.

Dadi waits for Santoshi at the temple and asks Maa to see her Bhakt did not come. Santoshi comes to meet Dadi. They have a talk. Pandit gives them aarti and asks Santoshi did she not get flowers. She says no. Dadi says rains spoiled all plants, its no season of rains. Santoshi says its fine, Santoshi Maa will bless even without chadava, we will start 16 weeks fast, come.

Santoshi Maa, three devis, Gaumata, Narad and Devi Paulmi go to Brahmadev. Santoshi Maa says I can’t complain about anyone, but Devi Paulmi did such work, she has misused her powers for personal differences, she ruined Dev vatika and the trees planted by me, even plants on earth has got ruined. Brahmadev asks Devi Paulmi does she have to say anything. Devi Paulmi says I did a noble thing by Santoshi Maa, Gaumata and three Devi’s request. She says I m Devraj Indra’s wife, I don’t know how much rain is needed in jungles, I did my duty, they should respect me for hearing their requests, am I saying anything wrong, tell me. She says Santoshi Maa does not have any Santosh in her heart, she asked help from three devis, as she does not trust Lord Indra.
Brahmadev says its clear that Devi Paulmi did not do that intentionally, so I declare that Devi Santoshi will plant trees in dev vatika again, I accept that Devi Paulmi did rain on three devi’s request, but its true that rain could have been stopped, but Devi Paulmi did not do this, so she has to repent for her mistake. He asks Devi Paulmi to help Devi Santoshi in getting dev vatika back to form. Three Devis and Santoshi Maa smile and greet Brahmadev.

Dadi and Santoshi are on the way. Santoshi takes Dadi home, while having a talk. Dadi says I m unable to help you, I got old. Sanketh says I will help. Santoshi sees Sanketh and Kaka. Dadi says I know Sanketh, about whom Santoshi always says. Santoshi asks how did Kaka and Sanketh come here. Kaka says we had some work.

Dadi asks them to come inside house. Kaka goes with Dadi. Sanketh tells Santoshi that he has to tell her something. He looks around. She asks him to say and smiles. He says he likes a girl, he wants her help, he wants to marry that girl. She says great, you have to do this work on your own. He says I m afraid whether she will say yes or no. She says she will say yes, you are a good person and getting such life partner is not easy. He says she is my good friend, I m afraid she will feel bad. She says she will not feel bad if she is your good friend. He says that girl is you Santoshi. She gets shocked.

Sanketh says I know this is sudden, I spoke to Kaka and he told me to talk to your family, so we came here. Dadi asks what, you came to talk about Santoshi’s marriage. Kaka says yes, if Sanketh’s mother was here, she would have agreed too, I spoke to her and took her approval, she is happy with this relation, Sanketh is like my son, I know him since long time, I m sure he will keep Santoshi happy. Sanketh asks Santoshi are you not happy. she says you are joking right. He says no, I got Kaka here, I really like you and want to marry you, I wanted to tell you, I did not have courage to tell you. She thinks she does not have courage to marry, as she sold herself to Madhu.

Dadi is happy and says Sanketh is nice, you are Santoshi’s boss, you will think good for her. Kaka asks Dadi to say yes for Sanketh, anyone would be happy to get Santoshi as bahu. Madhuri and Daksha hide and hear this. Madhuri asks am I dreaming. Daksha says its true, I knew Santoshi will do something big. Daksha thanks Kaka for getting his son’s proposal. Kaka says yes, Sanketh is more than my son. Dadi wanted to say that Sanketh is their employee. Daksha says I know Amma, Sanketh is more than his son. She gets glad. Santoshi runs inside. Sanketh asks her to listen.

Kaka tells them that he is Sanketh. Madhuri says he is handsome and good valued. Daksha says our Santoshi is one in a million too. She asks Santoshi why is she worried, come and take blessings of elders. Santoshi says sorry, but I m not ready for this marriage. Sanketh, Kaka and everyone get shocked. Madhuri and try to convince Santoshi.

Kaka says I know this is sudden, but we are greedy about you, before anyone else asks your hand, I want to make you my bahu. Daksha says you will not get such proposal. Santoshi agrees for the marriage. Sanketh happily smiles. They all get happy.

Narad tells three devis that when Devi Paulmi completes her punishment, Mata Santoshi will get her powers. Devi Paulmi works with Santoshi Maa and thinks Devi Santoshi won’t get powers so easily, and till she gets her powers, there won’t be any Bhakt needing help. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. safiya (disawala)suwasrawala

    All dis actually happ coz of laksh..he 1st broke engagement wid rag den again coz of sanskar again did fake engagement wid rag..again broke wid hr sayin he luvs swara..den gt engagd w8d swara rag was gud bt suddenly sanskar made hr bad..omg..hw dese writers fool us how we gt easily fooled n kip oj watchin such foolish waste of tym..n dis shekhar pehle to bolta hi nahi tha bus dekha karta tha uski ma ne ragini ne itne naatak kiye..rag ne to maheswari house pe qanza kia unko torture kia..tub kuch nai..tub to kuch nai bola or aaj bola to aisa k bechari swara ko b punish kia..hav stopped watchin dis stupid serial long bak i juz read d updates here every day..

    1. The problem is that laksh is a coward. These two laksh and ragini cant stop at a point they are always like REVENGE,REVENGE and REVENGE. This Laksh doesn’t realise Ragini’s love for him for sooooooooooo many months. That’s pretty ridiculous. Usko maat mari gayi Thi when he had married ragini. If he had denied then ragini could not have married him. But no, he didn’t believe or either wait for Swara and went to marry Ragini. Is this what his love for Swara meant. No trust in the relationship. And after all this he is now saying that he loves Kavya. Seriously? I don’t give a damn about him right now and moreover i think ragini should get a new hero. Who can really really love her.

  2. And by the way safiya why are you commenting about swaragini in santoshi maa’s place???

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