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Santoshi Maa 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmili doing puja arrangements. Kaka tells Dhairya that Santoshi has to sit in puja, its for baby. Dhairya says I m scared of you and mahila sanghatan people, I did not cage Santoshi, go and request that maid. Kaka asks him to go and get Santoshi. Dhairya says I did not cage Santoshi, go to her. Kaka scolds him and asks him to leave Santoshi for house respect, when the guests know this, what will they think. Dhairya thinks it will be bad if neighbors know. He says fine, I will get Santoshi, just for one day and some time.

The lady sings bhajan. Gaumata says I m recalling one imp thing, I used to work at tantric place, I learnt tantra vidya, I can use it to trouble Santoshi. Trishna asks her to stand quiet. Daksha and Madhuri get Santoshi. Trishna asks Gaumata what

was she saying.

Gaumata says Santoshi will be given sindoor, I will give it to you, you chant mantras, when Santoshi applies sindoor, her marital life will be ruined. Trishna agrees and asks her to get sindoor. Santoshi sits for the puja rituals. Gaumata apologizes to Santoshi Maa to lie and use sindoor for her aim. She takes sindoor to Trishna. She recalls Santoshi Maa’s words. She tricks Trishna and asks her to wipe hands with the cloth. Trishna wipes her hands. Gaumata smiles. All the suhaagans apply the sindoor. A lady takes the cloth to wipe her hands. Gaumata gets worried.

Gaumata thinks what did this happen. The lady says send the sindoor to Dhairya, ask him to touch it, then Santoshi will apply it, we will start godh bharai ritual. Dadi sends Sharmili to Dhairya. Dhairya asks his man to kill that man. Sharmili asks Dhairya to touch the plate, Santoshi will fill the sindoor touched by you. He says you know Santoshi’s value in my life, even then you came here. He refuses to touch sindoor and angrily throws the plate. Everyone get shocked. Kaka thinks Dhairya will never change. Devi Paulmi laughs and says this puja was also unsuccessful, very soon I will end Santoshi Maa’s name from Santoshi’s mind.

Santoshi Maa says Dhairya is creating hurdles and Gaumata is facing troubles, Gaumata think of something before Dhairya hurts Santoshi, take Trishna’s hand prints. Dadi says Dhairya did big abshagun. Dhairya calls Santoshi a big abshagun. Trishna smiles. Gaumata thinks I failed in my work and can’t stop Dhairya. Dhairya thanks everyone for coming in puja and asks them to leave now. The guest asks will you insult us. He asks them to get out.

He insults Santoshi’s family and asks them to leave. Dadi asks Santoshi to come with them. Dhairya says don’t think so, if Santoshi goes out, she knows the result. She asks Dadi to leave. Dhairya asks Santoshi to stop drama. Trishna asks Gaumata to tie chain to Santoshi’s feet again. Gaumata gets sad.

Santoshi apologizes to her baby and says Dhairya will fall in the problems he is creating, I will try to keep you happy. Gaumata comes there and thinks to try again to take Trishna’s handprints on divya cloth, to find her past. Trishna likes the diamond necklace. She hears some sound. Gaumata says I have to get her handprints. She puts cloth on the door knob. Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata to do her work fast. Gaumata thinks this is right place, Trishna should keep her hand on this. Trishna comes. The cloth falls down.

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