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Santoshi Maa 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi telling Dhairya about Ankur. She says you will not believe me, I thought you will think I made fake story to get saved of naag panchami matter, now things have turned worse, someone from our family is also involved in this, Pratap, I know you will feel weird, but I have seen this myself, Pratap is supporting Sinduri, there is something linked. He asks why shall I believe you, maybe you are making story. She asks will I take Pratap’s name if I make story, trust me once. He says I don’t have to find anything, get out.

Gaumata tells Swarnrekha that you have done good repentance, I m pleased by your service, you are free now, forgive me if I did any mistake, I was obeying devlok rules. Swarnrekha says I know. She thinks this time I will attack such that Santoshi

maa can’t even imagine.

Santoshi meets Ankur and asks him to tell everything about Sindoor, that may help her. Ankur tells her everything. They see Dhairya there. Dhairya recalls that he was annoyed with Santoshi, but he knows she is not bad at heart, he also noticed what she said about Pratap. He stops Santoshi and says I have to talk to you. He says I felt you are right, Pratap has some connection, I did not forgive you. She says forgive me when your heart wants, we can solve this together. He asks does Pratap know about Sinduri and Ankur. She says don’t know, maybe Sinduri is blackmailing Pratap, there is something linking Pratap, Sinduri and Ankur. He agrees and says I don’t trust you completely. She asks him to give him one day time. FB ends.

Santoshi asks Dhairya do you trust me now, sorry Ankur, my husband wanted to hear this from you. Ankur asks Dhairya why did he wanted to know. Dhairya says so that we can help you and get free of Sinduri. Santoshi tells Ankur about Pratap. Ankur asks how are you sure. Dhairya says Pratap got Sinduri at home, he gets defensive about Sinduri and refuses to us if we want to send Sinduri out of home. Ankur asks why. Dhairya says maybe Pratap knows about your home, I think you should meet him once. Santoshi says Sinduri will not help you, meet Pratap. Dhairya also requests. Ankur says this won’t be easy, maybe he won’t talk to me.

Dhairya says I have an idea, join my small company, I will give you room at home to stay, you can keep an eye on Sinduri and talk to Pratap. Ankur asks if she runs away then… Santoshi says she won’t run away, as she loves Dhairya a lot. Ankur says fine, I can’t say no if your problem will get solved by me. Dhairya thanks him. Santoshi thanks Santoshi Maa.

Swarnrekha contacts her friends and says after 20 days, I will start my work, I will see does Devta protect earth or devlok.

Pratap comes home. Sinduri asks how did your plan flop, you have to make Dhairya marry me. He says I can’t force him, you tell me what to do. He goes. She thinks don’t know whom to say to get Dhairya for me. Dhairya and Santoshi are on the way. O karam khudaya hai………. Dhairya asks auto driver to change the song. Santoshi thinks Dhairya can’t get annoyed if I talk. Dhairya says we don’t know about Ankur, maybe he is making story, can we trust him. Santoshi says why will he make story about his mother, he maybe saying truth, we should say this to Kaka and Kaki. He says not so soon. She asks auto driver to switch off the music player and stop song. The auto driver stops music and the auto.

Gaumata says Santoshi started walking on true path, she will get her husband’s love. Santoshi Maa says she will get her husband’s love is she continues to walk on true path. She thinks to go to Swarnrekha and increase her confidence. She goes to Swarnrekha and says I m pleased to see you completed your punishment, I wish to see you in great position and marry Indradev. Swarnrekha smiles. Santoshi Maa leaves. Swarnrekha says you don’t worry, I will get my post and take revenge for my insult.

Sinduri prays to her and says help me, I took help of lie and could not win, make me meet my hero, you are my last hope. Swarnrekha says I will help you Sinduri, once Indradev comes, I will be free of all bounds. Sinduri asks her not to get late, else Santoshi will snatch my hero.

Swarnrekha says I won’t let this happen, Santoshi is my enemy, she is Devi Santoshi’s devotee. Dhairya asks what happened. The driver asks him to push the auto. Dhairya says no, we will take other auto. Santoshi pushes the auto alone. Dhairya stops. She asks who will push auto if we do not push it. Dhairya also pushes the auto. The auto starts. Dhairya asks Santoshi to sit in the auto. They leave. She asks driver to play the same song. The driver plays tere sang yara………….. Dhairya and Santoshi smile.

No Precap in And tv Video episode

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap: Dharyia tells Santoshi that he has set up hidden cameras aroound the house and she must not let Ankur know this. Santoshi and Dharyia watches Ankur on laptop holding a gun to Sindoori, threatening her to reveal the culprit of his mothers’ murderer or else he will shoot her.


    Finally show is going back on track but plz chnge santoshi drssing sense…


      Though tv show is giving credit to goddess but in my eyes santoshi to get crdit for bearing pain always…

      1. Hi Shraddha, absolutley, besides its was the goddess mistake that Santoshi accidently die and she had sindoori soul in her body before it was finally replaced. The new Devi Swarnrekha has replaced devi paulmi, but same plot, fighting agains santoshi maa.

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