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Santoshi Maa 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya seeing Santoshi and running away. Santoshi misses her and runs to find her. Priya hides her face and stands near Kranti Maa. Santoshi thinks how to find her, all ladies are wearing similar clothes. A man brings mirror and Santoshi sees Priya’s reflection. Priya runs again. Santoshi asks her to listen, and stops her. She catches Priya and Priya bites her hand. She even burns Santosho’s hand by fire stick. Santoshi warns her and asks her to say truth. She requests her and says I did not come to fight. Whatever you said that day is true or not, it can save a family, please say the truth.

Priya says I can’t say much, whatever I said that day was acting, I did that to break Dhairya and Riya’s marriage. Santoshi gets shocked. Santoshi Maa looks on. Narad greets

Mata. He says he has a question, will this change Santoshi’s life, I m worried for her, what will she do. She says life has problems which do not come by warning, every human has to give test, Santoshi’s time is of test too, I m sure she will just support truth, like gold burns and turns bright, even person walking on truth turns courageous and devotion turns strong. Narad says its true, it means Santoshi will tell everyone what Priya said, but she has to face problems, she is married, what benefit to say truth which has no use. She says truth is just truth, you know truth can’t be given any value, Santoshi is marriage, its true that lie just makes person restless, my blessings are with Santoshi. She smiles.

Santoshi thinks to meet Kranti Maa and asks a man. He says she has gone to her Kaksh for rest Santoshi goes to Kranti Maa’s Kaksh. A guard stops her and says Kranti Maa has gone, you can’t meet her. She says this is necessary and gets inside. She sees the room vacant. The guard says as if I was lying, I donlt know where she went, you better leave. She says sorry and leaves.

Daksha smells the laddoos and says I will send this with love. Seshnath laughs and jokes. He asks her to send pedas for Dhairya, as rich people have illnesses like cholesterol, kidney failure… Daksha agrees. Madhuri says Santoshi would be fine there, she will have big room, car and she would step on nice marble floor. Santoshi walks barefoot in ashram. She recalls Priya’s words. Daksha says I made her marry Dhairya, else she would have married Sanketh and suffered. Seshnath says I have become king of the village. Daksha says once I send this shagun, I will see what comes from us there.

Santoshi cries recalling Riya and Dhairya. She thinks to tell Dhairya the truth, he is bearing punishment of my mistake. Devi Paulmi laughs and says everyone is using Santoshi, she does not know this, great.

Dhairya recalls Riya and sees her pic. He calls her. He recalls the slap and ends call. He gets sad and throws the phone. Santoshi comes home and Dhairya is leaving. Vidya calls for help. Dhairya goes to help Vidya, while Santoshi prays to get courage to rectify her mistake. Dhairya then leaves from home. Santoshi looks for Dhairya in his room.

Madhu comes and scolds Santoshi. She asks what are you doing here, I asked you not to come here, go from here and do your work. She thinks to tell Madhu everything. She tells Madhu that she came here to tell something imp to Dhairya. Madhu asks what. Santoshi tells her about Priya, whom she met in Kranti Maa’s ashram and what Priya said. Madhu gets shocked. She asks did you tell anyone. Santoshi says not yet. Madhu asks her not to say this and create drama, I will manage. Kaka comes there and asks Santoshi where was she. Madhu asks Santoshi to remember what she said and leaves. Kaka reminds Santoshi her fast. She does not tell anything to Kaka and he goes.

Santoshi tells Vidya not to get anger on food. She goes to Vidya. Vidya gets fine. Madhu says I will call Kranti Maa. Vidya stops Madhu and says I got fine by Santoshi’s bhakti and Santoshi Maa’s blessings. Madhu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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