Santoshi Maa 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi wondering on their belief on a human. Kaka asks Santoshi to see them. They all say Jai Kranti Maa and proceed. Seshnath romances with Madhvi. Dadi comes there and asks Seshnath to return money given by Santoshi. Daksha smiles. Madhvi says I know Daksha has got Amma here and argues. Seshnath says I won’t return money. Dadi scolds him. Seshnath argues with Daksha and Dadi. He says he can’t return any money. Daksha says I will tell this to Santoshi, its waste to ask you all. She takes Dadi from there.

Madhvi says Daksha did this. Seshnath asks her not to care for them and be with him. she smiles.

Madhu thanks the man and says my mum in law got well by Kranti Maa’s blessings. He asks them to sit. Madhu thanks him and they all get seated. Santoshi

takes care of Vidya. Dhairya asks her to stand there and not go anywhere. Santoshi thinks how they believe in humans like this, Santoshi Maa should give them sense. Devi Paulmi thinks how will Santoshi Maa give them sense, when they are such impure hearted. Kranti Mata comes and people chant her name.

Santoshi turns to see her. Kranti Mata blesses everyone. Mata Santoshi and Devi Paulmi look on. Kranti Mata thanks them for coming for their devotion. She says still some people have to believe me and asks some devotees to come on stage and say their experience. Santoshi thinks of the man’s lies. A lady tells how she got her child with Kranti Mata’s blessings.

Kranti Mata prays and says its powerful stone which appeared in her ashram by lots of prayers, only her best devotee will get it and know its effects, and asks them to check who has got it. They all check their purses. The man says he has put it in someone’s pocket. He says Jai Mata. Kranti Maa signs the men and blesses. The man says Mata has kept lucky draw today, and whoever name comes, they will be blessed. He gets a note and tells name of some lady. He asks the lady to come and take Mata’s blessings.

The lady asks for some solution, as her husband’s business is not doing well. Kranti Maa gives her a gold chain by miracle. She asks the lady to give this chain to her husband. She says she has many devotees, but someone call her devotion as drama. The man says we will not leave them. The crowd gets angry. She says its fine, your presence here is my strength. Madhu greets her.

Kranti Maa says my devotee wants to tell something, she wants to tell their experience and asks them to come with her family. Dhairya stops Santoshi and says Kranti Mata called our family, not servant.

Madhu tells everyone that her mum in law got fine, its all because of Kranti Mata. Narad asks Santoshi Maa to see people are giving credit to Kranti Mata. Vidya’s hand shake and Kranti Mata’s pic falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t knw when they will start showing the chemistry of dhariya and santoshi…i want to see Dem together

  2. Real name of kranti Mata ?

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