Santoshi Maa 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna asking inspector to talk to Kamini. He asks where is she. Kamini says I m here. Santoshi thinks she has no worry on her face. Kamini says I did puja and came, have prasad first, I m ready to answer everything. Inspector and constable eat prasad. Kamini asks what did you want to ask. He asks about Dhairya. Kaka thinks how can he talk with love, when we complaint against Kamini. Kamini says we kept Dhairya away, as doctor said he should be away from tension, we can’t tell the place, Dhairya gets worried seeing them, will you want him to fall more ill, we can make you talk to doctor. Inspector says its not needed, we trust you. Santoshi says its needed, how can we trust her. Police takes Kamini’s side. Kaka says Dhairya is my son, don’t I have right to know about

him. Inspector says yes, but you would also want his safety. Police leaves. Santoshi says what happened to them all of a sudden. Kamini says don’t worry, you will know everything soon.

Santoshi says don’t know what are they doing. Kaka says we have to keep an eye on them, they will go to meet Dhairya. Dhairya is in jungle and talks to Rudrakshi. Her innocent talk makes him smile. She says I have no house. He says you saved my life, you come my home and stay till you want, my house is very big. She says we can go home when we leave from jungle. He says yes. She shows him mango tree.

Devi Paulmi says this is Devi Santoshi’s plan, she has used her divya shakti, she has helped Santoshi, but now she will become powerless. Dhairya plucks mango. She says I want another one. She encourages him. He picks her up and makes her pluck mango. She prays to Santoshi Maa. She gives a mango to Dhairya. He says you are great. She says person can even touch sky by belief. He says you talk right.

Seshnath says we got money, if anyone sees, it will be problem. Madhuri goes to shut door. Daksha comes and argues. She asks for her share. Seshnath asks what share, its mine. She threatens to tell everyone. He asks her to do anything. Madhuri makes him give share to Daksha.

Devi Paulmi comes to meet Devi Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says I was coming to meet you, to ask whether you created Trishna. Devi Paulmi says I came to know about the girl helping Dhairya, did you create her. Santoshi Maa asks her to answer first. Devi Paulmi says you can’t prove that I created Trishna, if that girl is sent by you, this will be proved easily. Gaumata thinks it won’t be right to get into their arguments. Santoshi Maa asks how are you using Asur shakti in Devlok. Devi Paulmi thinks how does she know this.

Santoshi Maa says your silence is making my doubt proved right. Devi Paulmi says I will show my rule, be careful of me. She goes. Gaumata says Devi Paulmi is using Asur powers, she challenged you, you have no powers. Santoshi Maa says Mahadev knows this, so he has given me powers to stop Devi Paulmi, she is angry and can do anything, now we have to stop her from time to time.

Santoshi prays to Mahadev. Dadi comes to meet her. She finds Santoshi worried. Santoshi tells her about Dhairya. Dadi asks her not to worry, we will go Shiv temple, Mahadev will fulfill your prayers. Santoshi asks guard to tell Kaka that she went to temple. Devi Paulmi says you all pray to Mahadev, I will serve Devlok, entire devlok will be affected by the organisms I created.

Guddu asks Sharmili not to get into elder’s matters. Madhuri asks him not to shout. Madhuri thinks to lock the house. Guddu says they are greedy, if you want to be with me in puja, you can stay back. Sharmili thinks. Santoshi and Dadi come to temple. Santoshi sees a married couple praying. She thinks of Dhairya. Dadi says we get peace coming to temple. They do puja. Santoshi prays.

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