Santoshi Maa 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu helps Pratap is getting ready. He asks is everything fine. She says I want to say something, I don’t like the way Dhairya stays with Riya here, tell Dhairya to drop Riya to her home. He laughs and says you want me to do your work. She says think anything, try to talk. He asks her to talk, as she knows Dhairya just agrees to her. Riya comes there to talk to Madhu. Madhu reminds her that she should knock before coming in anyone’s room. Riya says sorry, I will remember next time.

She calls Dhairya there. Dhairya asks Riya is it necessary to talk now. Riya says yes, we both wanted to talk something important, please call Nupur and Ujwal as well. Kaka cuts food and helps Santoshi. He says they did not wake up till now. Santoshi says I have seen Dhairya and Riya

going to Madhu’s room, I think they went to talk about their marriage. Kaka asks marriage? Santoshi says I know they should have asked you. He says I don’t care if they don’t ask me, but Riya … this house’s bahu? Santoshi asks don’t you like Riya.

Nupur asks Madhu why did she call them here. Riya says I will say, you all know Dhairya and I love each other, we are dating since long, I know you all don’t like us staying like this, we got a solution for this problem, that’s marriage. They all get shocked. Santoshi and Kaka set the table. Santoshi asks Kaka what is he hiding, Riya loves Dhairya a lot, they will be happy. He says you think they will be happy, they love each other, but love alone is not enough, you have to accept partner’s weakness too, Riya is a nice girl, I don’t think Riya and Dhairya are made for each other, they can’t change. Santoshi ays yes, so what type of girl will suit Dhairya.

Sanketh comes and gets file for Pratap. Santoshi goes to get water for him. Riya asks why are they not saying anything, don’t you all like me. Pratap says nothing like that. Madhu takes all decisions for Dhairya. Riya asks Madhu. Madhu says marriage decisions can’t be taken in hurry. Riya says I know, but you have to take decision soon in our case. Sanketh thanks Santoshi and asks how is she. She says fine. He suggests her to take rest. Kaka says Santoshi says fine when she works. Sanketh says this is not right. Kaka says my children do not listen to me, why will she listen. Santoshi says I always listen, don’t complain. Santoshi asks Sanketh how he manages all work. Sanketh says I should ask you this question, you work a lot and care for everyone, except yourself. They talk and smile. Kaka looks on and thinks Santoshi will be right for Dhairya, but the truth is Sanketh will be right for Santoshi, who can bring smile on Santoshi’s face and keep her happy.

Madhu says I can do anything for Dhairya’s happiness. Riya says you know, his happiness is in me. Madhu says yes, I know, but I have to ask Kranti Maa first, then I can decide. Riya asks what is the need to ask Kranti Maa, if Dhairya and I love each other, and you all don’t have problem, who is Kranti Maa to decide. Madhu apologizes to Kranti Maa and says you are going to become bahu of this house, just understand this, that every decision here is taken by Kranti Maa’s advice. Riya says you mean if Kranti Maa refuses, then our marriage won’t happen. Madhu says no. Riya fumes and goes out of the room. Dhairya goes after her. She asks why did Dhairya love me, stay away, you should have asked Kranti Maa about loving me, get lost, you don’t understand anything. He asks her to calm down. They argue in living room. Santoshi, Sanketh and Kaka hear them and go to see. Santoshi says Vidya is sleeping, she will get up.

Riya says if you love me Dhairya, have courage to speak up, why will Kranti Maa decide, don’t make me quiet. Kaka scolds Riya and asks did she get mad. Riya says I was mad to fall in love with Dhairya, I m really mad, I don’t have any value. Sanketh asks Riya not to shout, Vidya is unwell, and is sleeping now. Everyone come there. Riya asks Sanketh will he tell her what to do, thanks Dhairya for this. Dhairya asks Sanketh who is he, stay as servant and don’t interfere in my personal life. Sanketh says I m saying for Kaki. Dhairya says shut up, I m there for Maa. Sanketh says I know, but Riya should think… Dhairya shouts Sanketh and raises hand on Sanketh. Pratap holds Dhairya’s hand and asks him what is he doing, is he mad, on whom is he raising hand and for whom.

Dhairya says Sanketh is servant of our house and always crosses limits. Pratap says Sanketh is not a house servant, he is my office employee, just I have right to shout on him, but no one has right to slap him. Dhairya goes to his room. Sanketh looks at Pratap.

Santoshi Maa prays to Lord Indra for blessings to complete her hardwork. The sunlight comes. Santoshi Maa says like a baby needs food to grow, the trees and plants need your blessings, they can’t grow without rains, give them a new life. Gaumata says Devraj don’t test Santoshi Mata more, she is bearing my punishment. Devi Saraswati, Devi Parvati and Devi Laxmi pray to Lord Indra to bless the plants. It starts thundering. They smile.

Santoshi tells Kaka that she will come tomorrow, take care of Kaki. Kaka asks her to take care, and gives her special aloo parathas. She says I will eat it, as I don’t want to fight with you. He laughs. Sanketh smiles seeing Santoshi leaving. Kaka asks Sanketh you… Sanketh says I have to talk something imp. He thinks how to tell Kaka my feelings. Devi Paulmi does the thundering. Narad comes to her and greets. He says Santoshi Maa is your competitor and requesting your husband for blessings, three Devis are also with her, you got Devi Santoshi punished, but its against you, this is challenge for you, what will you do now. She smiles and says its our capability to understand the situation, I knew this will happen, I can’t come against my husband’s work, Devraj is away for some imp work, so I have to accept three Devi’s request in his absence. She does the thundering and rains shower from the cloud. Narad smiles.

Santoshi Maa sees the rain and smiles. Three Devis smile as Devi Paulmi accepted their request in Devraj’s absence. Devi Saraswati thanks Devi Paulmi. Narad is glad and says Devi Paulmi you did miracle today. He goes. Birds come on the garden. Rains shower on the flowers, trees and flowers. It all blossom. Santoshi Maa tells Gaumata that birds have come here, its sign of some good news, my hardwork did not go waste, its true work done by heart does not go waste. Gaumata thinks Mata’s punishment will be over after this rain.

Gaumata says excess rain can ruin these plants. Santoshi Maa looks on. Sanketh asks Santoshi her help. She asks what. Sanketh says I like a girl, she is my friend, I m afraid she can feel bad. She smiles and asks who is that girl. Sanketh says you are that girl Santoshi. She looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I ama follower of santoshi ma since childhood fail to understand why owner of house help A servant in Kitchen

    1. Ya i totally agree with you. Kaka is the owner of such big mansion but the way he dresses up it looks as if he’s the servant of the house. All like that Mali kaka.

  2. Woooooo…now the love story begins..paralala???

  3. no use, dhairya will marry santhoshi

    1. yeah, i too read .Disgusting writers

  4. What???// why????

  5. Yes eventually Dhairya will marry Santoshi. kyuki hindi seriels mein aisa hi hota hai

  6. kyoun ki jeena isika naam hai…….

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