Santoshi Maa 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna asking Dhairya what will you do with Santoshi now. Kaka, Santoshi and Sharmili come home. Dhairya shouts Santoshi. He says I will show her right place. Kaka scolds Dhairya. He says I know you have fear of going jail, so you are getting angry on Santoshi. Trishna says listen Dhairya. She tells some plan. He nods. Pandit checks Santoshi’s kundli and says Santoshi’s life does not have peace and happiness. Dadi asks is the coming baby ashagun. He says no, babies are gift from Lord, its bad sight on baby. She asks him to give solution.

He says Santoshi did not do kuldevta puja, just keep a puja in her seventh month. Dadi says it already started. He says after puja, don’t forget to give sindoor to seven suhaagan. She agrees. Kaka says Dadi called and gives

phone to Santoshi. Dadi talks to Santoshi. Santoshi says Kaka, she wants to talk to you. Kaka talks and says fine. He says your Dadi want to do kuldevi puja, she is coming here tomorrow. He asks Pushpa to prepare for puja. Pushpa asks how is Madhu.

He says she is in coma, pray for her, relations are strange, Santoshi has no blood relation with Madhu, but Santoshi feels pain, and Dhairya called Madhu as Maa, he is doing this and wants to kill her today, leave all this, Pushpa invite seven married women for puja, I hope everything gets fine then. Pushpa goes. He asks Santoshi to take rest.

Dhairya and Trishna confront Gaumata. Gaumata says I have hidden on terrace. He asks why. She thinks if I say true, he will fire me from job, sorry Maa, I have to lie to take Trishna’s hand and foot prints. She says Santoshi opened chains and was running. Trishna scolds her and slaps. Santoshi Maa looks on. Devi Paulmi laughs.

Santoshi Maa says sorry Gaumata, I can’t help you. Devi Paulmi says Gaumata is facing this insult, its great Trishna has insulted her. Trishna says I told you to keep an eye on Santoshi. Dhairya says I have a plan, we can use her against mahila sanghatan. Trishna agrees. She asks Gaumata to leave if she does mistake again. She asks Dhairya to punish Santishi. He says Santoshi will not think what I m going to do. He gives handcuffs to Gaumata and sends her. Trishna asks did you do this for my plan.

Santoshi thanks Gaumata for help. She asks her to sit, she will do the aid. Gaumata says Santoshi, I have to make you wear this handcuffs. Santoshi asks why do you want to do this, don’t support them, else they will make you do bad things. Dhairya comes and scolds Gaumata. Gaumata feels bad. Trishna says I think you can’t do this. Santoshi asks what will you get by hurting me, its not right to support wrong. Gaumata says I m servant and doing my work. She ties handcuffs. Devi Paulmi says I m making Gaumata do injustice with Santoshi.

Santoshi asks Gaumata what will she do now. Dhairya argues with her and hurts her for saying true. He says I would have not left you if you did not have baby in your womb. Santoshi says you worry for baby, and not me, if I get hurt, will your baby not get hurt. Trishna says Dhairya, she is creating problems for herself, you are right. He agrees. He gives last warning to her and goes. Santoshi says I thought you are my well wisher, even you got against me. Gaumata cries and thinks whats this test, bless me Mata, I m hurting Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says I know its tough for Gaumata to do this, but she has to walk on this path to find true. She praises Gaumata.

Dadi, Madhuri and Daksh come to Dhairya’s house. Kaka welcomes them. Dadi asks Kaka why is he worried. Kaka asks them to sit for puja. Gaumata thinks to get Trishna’s handprints in puja. She recalls Santoshi Maa giving her Divya cloth to get hand prints of Trishna. She thinks cheating is bad, but she has to protect Santoshi and its right to do so.

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