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Santoshi Maa 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu asking Santoshi to take the plates. She asks Pushpa to explain Santoshi. She says get cornflakes for Pratap and me in different bowl. Pushpa asks Santoshi to get plates from Ujwal’s room. Santoshi leaves. Dadi calls Daksha and Madhvi. Madhvi asks what happened. Dadi asks for some fruits, she feels weak. Daksha smiles. Madhvi says you have beaten us. Daksha asks Dadi not to keep fast, they don’t have fruits. Dadi says atleast make something. Madhvi says I just came from kitchen. Dadi scolds them. Madhvi says you kept fast for Santoshi, ask her to get fruits, drink water and keep fast. Dadi thinks where is Santoshi.

Pratap comes to Madhu and shows the empty wallet, this had 10000rs, where is it. Madhu says I don’t know. He says I know you gave it to that

useless Dherya. She says yes, he is your younger brother, I raised him as my son, and its our duty to see his needs. She asks him to explain his other brother, who is very spoiled and always begs for money, first stop him. Pratap says you know its tough. She says then stopping me is also tough. She goes. He says Ujwal is spoiled, and she is spoiling another.

Nupur Mishra talks to someone and tries selling the policies to secure family. The man ends call. Her husband laughs on her. She scolds him and says I have many clients, Pratap has given me clients. He says then its surely Pratap’s profit, why did he not give a share of business, its my right, I m a lawyer and know my rights, I m on this position by my hardwork, Pratap has set up business by dad’s money, every child has rights over dad’s property. She argues with him.

Devi Paulmi looks on and smiles. She says she wanted a medium to trouble Santoshi, anger and jealousy, this man has all those qualities, he can become the medium. She creates a big scorpion and says you know what to do. Santoshi comes to Nupur. Santoshi says I have come here to cook. She sees a scorpion in the tea cup, and stops the man. The tea falls on him. Devi Paulmi smiles. He asks whats happening, and gets angry. He scolds her. She worries and thinks Janardhan’s job can get in risk. She wants to say about scorpion. Nupur sees the scorpion and gets shocked. She puts cushion over the scorpion. She asks Santoshi to go. Santoshi apologizes.

Nupur says fine, we have forgiven you. Santoshi takes plates and thanks her. The man asks what did Nupur do. Nupur says you should thank that girl, there was scorpion there. He asks what. She asks does he want her policy, go for the meeting. The scorpion leaves. Devi Paulmi gets angry.

Dadi asks Madhvi and Daksha about Santoshi. Daksha thinks to avoid answering her. Daksha says Santoshi has gone out. Dadi worries. Pushpa asks Santoshi to focus in work, Nupur is nice, else it would be last day for her. Santoshi says this won’t happen again, I came here to get promotion. Pushpa asks her to work first and dream less. She asks her to cook food soon, and tells the dishes. Lunch should be very tasty. Santoshi says fine, I will make soon and smiles.

Kaka helps Santoshi in cooking. Santoshi thanks him. he asks her about her parents. She says I don’t have parents and stay with her uncles and aunts. She asks since when is he working. He says I did not even count. Pushpa asks Santoshi not to talk, food should not be late. Santoshi asks her not to worry. Kaka’s finger gets cut while chopping vegetables. He says I m fine and works. Santoshi looks on. He shows the spices. He goes to see some other work. Devi Paulmi thinks she will create such situation that her devotion will break. She comes in human avatar and tells Santoshi that Pushpa is calling her. She asks Santoshi to go out. Santoshi makes stove on low flame and leaves.

Devi Paulmi thinks last time Agnidev has saved you, but this time Agnidev will fill your life with problems. Santoshi goes to Pushpa and says she made dal. Pushpa asks why did you come. She asks why did she call her. Pushpa says I did not call you. Santoshi gets puzzled. Devi Paulmi smiles. Santoshi says that woman came to call me, she said you called me, that woman works in garden. Pushpa asks what. Devi Paulmi makes the fire and gas in her and says this fire will burn Santoshi’s life.

Santoshi thinks gas got over. Pushpa waits and says don’t know what will happen now. Santoshi says food will be on time and cooks outside. Devi Paulmi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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