Santoshi Maa 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dhairya hires Prabal


Santoshi Maa 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone dining. Santoshi says that guy will also be hungry, don’t know when will his work done. Prabal comes and says I finished my work, can I get this tasty food. Dhairya asks are you human or machine, how did you finish so soon. Prabal asks him to check. Kaki asks who is he. Dhairya says he is Prabal, I met him on the way and got him here for work, he was in need of work. Prabal takes them and asks them to see, he has cleaned everything. They get surprised and ask how did you clean so soon. Santoshi says you are very hardworking. Dhairya says give him food. Santoshi says sit here, I will get food for you.

Prabal sees Dhairya and thinks I will send you away from earth once I see your shadow during sunrise. Devi Paulmi gets glad seeing Prabal. She gets informed

that Narad has come. She goes to meet him. He praises her place. He asks her to end the enmity with Santoshi Maa, she said she wants you to not use your qualities on any human, she wants to talk to you. She asks did she get scared that she wants to surrender. He says you don’t want any solution, but Mata Santoshi has many good qualities. She says tell her I don’t want to talk, she will be my enemy always. He says you are crossing your limits, so much pride is not good, I know you have always used your powers for bad work. Devi Paulmi thinks did Narad know about her plan of sending Prabal.

Santoshi and Dhairya get shocked seeing Prabal eating so much. Prabal says its very tasty food. Santoshi says I can see. Maid says food got over, you have to cook again if he wants more food. Santoshi asks will you have anything else. Prabal says I want more. Santoshi says food got over, I can cook, but you have to wait. He says its fine if it ended. She says no, you have it. He says let it be, I myself don’t know when will I get stomach full. He goes to wash hands. Dhairya teases Santoshi. He says he is hardworker, we will keep him on work. She says yes, find some cook for him. He smiles. Prabal comes back. Dhairya says if you don’t get work, come again, I will give you food and money. Prabal says yes, I will come. Prabal thinks to stay here itself as he has to come back tomorrow again. He says how will I get sleep here, I promised Paulmi I will not think of luxuries till I do my work. He sleeps on ground. Mosquitoes bite him. Prabal says its troublesome to sleep here. Devi Paulmi says my brother who slept on soft flowers is sleeping on ground, he will soon become Asurlok and Devlok head.

Narad comes to Santoshi Maa and tells what Devi Paulmi said, its useless to explain her. She says I understand, but I will try once. Guard sees Prabal sleeping and says Dhairya asked him to go home. He asks Prabal to wake up. He whistles. Dhairya and Santoshi wake up and go out to see. Kaka and Kaki also get up. Dhairya asks what happened. Guard says see he is sleeping here, did he stay here to do theft. Dhairya says get water and wake him up. Kaka asks what’s happening. Santoshi says this guy is sleeping here. Guard puts water on Prabal. Prabal gets up and shouts who is it. Dhairya asks why did you not go home. Prabal says I stay very far, I have no home here, I was just roaming around, but now I think I reached right place, my work will be done, you people are so nice. Dhairya says I guess your work will be done, Santoshi he is hardworking and honest also, we will keep him on work. Santoshi signs and asks Kaka. Kaka says I find him right, you can keep him. Dhairya says you will work for us now, you can stay here, we will give you place in servant quarter. Prabal thanks him. Dhairya asks him to go and sleep. Prabal sees sky and says I was finding moon, I like it a lot. Dhairya and Santoshi smile. Santoshi says its Amavasya today, you won’t see moon today. Prabal recalls Devi Paulmi’s words and asks will sunlight come here. Dhairya says see in morning, go and sleep now. Devi Paulmi says Prabal is doing his work well, I m proud of you, sunrise will happen, but Dhairya’s life will end. Dhairya says go and sleep else you can’t see sunrise and sunset. They go. Prabal thinks its your life’s last peaceful night Dhairya.

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  1. Summer

    Pathetic how Devi Paulomi always seem to win with her evil deeds..literally getting away with murder! Yet, all the other powerful gods fail to see her evil plots and allow it to happen in the first place.

  2. Alister La Frenais

    Another hurdle for Santoshi and her family. Devi Santoshi is a useless Goddess, because she still wants to appease the wicked Devi Paulomi. Has she not learnt any lessons from previous encounters with this evil Goddess. There should be a shakeup in Devlok because all the main Gods and Goddesses are either stupid or lazy, therefore evil is thriving.

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