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Santoshi Maa 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi waking up. She holds her head and says what happened to me at night, my head is heavy. She recalls Sinduri and says did she mix anything in food, then Dhairya would have also eaten the same food. She rushes to see, and finds Sinduri sleeping with Dhairya. She shouts Sinduri and asks Sinduri to leave from her room. Dhairya wakes up and gets shocked. Dhairya asks Sinduri how did she come here. Sinduri says you did not let me go yesterday, did you forget the night. He asks what nonsense, leave from here. Sinduri says I m not saying nonsense, we have spent the night together in each other’s arms. Santoshi and Dhairya get shocked.

Santoshi scolds Sinduri and asks her to go. Sinduri says I won’t go. Dhairya asks her to leave. Sinduri says you called me at night

and expressed love, you did everything what happens between a husband a wife. Dhairya shouts and raises hand. Pratap and everyone come. Pratap asks Dhairya to stop. Kaka defends Dhairya. Pratap says Dhairya can do anything, its big thing for any girl and Dhairya has to get to marry Sinduri. Santoshi says great, you trust Sinduri and not Dhairya, how can you make Dhairya remarry. Kaka asks Pratap not to trust Sinduri. Dhairya says Sinduri is lying. Santoshi says I trust Dhairya, I know he will not do this. Sinduri says but this happened, if I don’t get justice, I will go to police. Dhairya asks her to go. Pratap says I will call police. Santoshi asks Pratap why is he taking Sinduri’s side. Pratap says I doubt Dhairya. He calls inspector. They all get shocked.

Daksha scolds Guddu and Sharmili. Madhuri asks Guddu do you realize what you did with us. She scolds Sharmili and her dad. Seshnath also angrily argues and asks Sharmili’s dad to leave. Sharmili’s dad refuses. Seshnath asks Madhuri to get stick. Sharmili’s dad gets scared and says I will go, I will come later. He leaves. Seshnath beats Guddu and Madhuri and Dakshi beat Sharmili.

Sinduri asks inspector to arrest Dhairya, I m ashamed to say what he did with me. She cries. Pratap smiles. Madhu thinks Sinduri’s intentions are confusing, she was giving life for Dhairya and now she is after his life. inspector says we have to arrest Dhairya. Santoshi comes in between and says Dhairya’s blame is not proved, where is warrant. Inspector says why will this girl risk her respect and blame. Santoshi says Sinduri is lying. Inspector asks how can you be sure. Santoshi thinks. Sinduri is sure Santoshi can’t do anything.

Santoshi blames inspector for teasing her, and says I will complain about you now, you are on duty, you write my complaint. Inspector asks what are you saying. Santoshi says you said girl’s statement is enough, you know I m lying, but you prove it. She asks him not to arrest Dhairya without any proof. Madhu thinks to which should I go to get profit. Santoshi asks inspector to find some way to catch Sinduri’s lie. He says medical checkup can prove truth. Santoshi says then get checkup done, if Dhairya is at fault, I won’t say anything. Inspector asks Sinduri to come to hospital. Sinduri gets scared and refuses. She says I will lose more name. inspector says you have to come with us to prove the blame, else I can arrest you for troubling them.

Sinduri acts and says I m poor, so you all are troubling me, Pratap trusts me, say something. She signs Pratap. Pratap says we can’t take her for medical by force, leave it, I will explain her. Inspector says fine, we are leaving her on your saying, next time we will not leave her. Police leaves. Dhairya asks Pratap why did he save Sinduri. He raises hand on Sinduri. Pratap stops him and says if she tells everyone that you have spent night with her, it will be bad. Sinduri says yes, blame will be on you if anything happens to me. Santoshi holds Dhairya’s hand and stops him, He goes. Santoshi sees Sinduri signing Pratap.

Kaka praises Santoshi for managing everything. She says woman can do anything to save home, which is like temple for her, I will see Sinduri now. Sinduri thinks to do something. Santoshi asks her to stop dreaming of Dhairya, don’t do this cheap thing again. Sinduri says you see how I trouble you, I will make Dhairya mine. She goes. Santoshi thinks whom should I talk. She goes to Dhairya. He says you helped me, it does not mean I will listen to you. She says its nothing like that, I came to say something imp, I know you are very much annoyed. She thinks to tell him all truth today and win his heart by walking on true path.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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