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Santoshi Maa 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka praising Santoshi. He says Vidya’s hands got fine because of her, she is really good, its much time now, Santoshi should have come by now. Madhuri says its hospital matter, maybe she will come in evening. Kaka says I will not leave without meeting her. Daksha asks Madhuri to get breakfast for Kaka. Seshnath and Guddu come home. Daksha asks Seshnath did he admit Santoshi in hospital. Seshnath says yes, doctor said he will keep her for 3-4 days more. Kaka worries and says you have admitted her in hospital, which hospital, tell me. Seshnath asks Guddu. Guddu says I forgot to see hospital name and goes. Dadi comes there and sees them.

Seshnath asks Kaka to go home, I will inform you. Dadi asks Seshnath why is he making stories, why don’t you tell Kaka that you all

have kicked out Santoshi from home. Kaka gets shocked and asks what did you say. Dadi says yes, they are cruel people, they made Santoshi leave because of her illness. Kaka scolds them and says you are lying and asking us money, Santoshi has no relation with this house now, its too much. He leaves.

Daksha scolds Dadi for ruining their plan. Seshnath says its our mistake, when Dadi went with Santoshi, we should have not let her come back. Madhuri cries and says we lost money, think about us Amma ji, you are always after us.

The Asur does Tapasya. A snake binds him. He asks who is it. Devi Paulmi comes there and asks why are you doing tapasya. He says I m your Kaka but you will bear my anger. She says I m come as Devraj Indra’s wife, you can get moksh easily, why did you do tapasya. He says moksh is got by tapasya, how did you think to give me moksh, you came here for your selfish motive, I will not help you, go from here. She says I will not like to go without giving moksh to my relative. She kills him and goes. Narad comes there and gets shocked seeing that Gunasur. He asks who did this, I came to meet you, I know you can be alive for few months, help me, there is someone who does not want Santoshi’s cure to happen, tell me how will that Asur chemical effect go. Gunasur tells him the cure and dies.

Santoshi Maa sees Santoshi falling weak. She makes her sit. Santoshi says don’t worry, the wounds will go soon, you are curing me, I trust you. Devi Paulmi looks on and says how will Santoshi Maa cure you, she is in dilemma herself.

Santoshi Maa applies some lep to her hands and thinks to find solution soon. Santoshi misses Dadi and tells her about Dadi. Santoshi Maa gets glad that Santoshi is worrying for others in this state. She says its not wrong to worry for family, but this time you should take care of your health, you are alone here, you don’t share sorrow with me, when I regard you my daughter. Santoshi smiles.

Santoshi Maa says this relation is not of name, I can read your heart, I will know your sorrow, take rest, I will get herbs for you, you can get fine and meet family too, I will try to inform your Dadi and Kaka. Kaka looks for Santoshi.

Nupur gets ready and tells Ujwal that she is going to meet Riya. He asks why. She says to talk about Dhairya and Riya’s marriage. He asks are you mad. She says Dhairya still wants to marry Riya, I just want to help. He says how many times will Dhairya marry, and Riya insulted us, don’t get in this matter, it will be your loss. She says no, I have to go, Dhairya should realize I can do anything, we have no value in this house, if Riya comes as bahu, we will become hero for Dhairya, then he will obey us.

Dhairya is sad and watches tv. Madhu sees he did not eat food and asks him to have food. He refuses. She says I did not eat food till now, I m hungry, we will eat food together, are you annoyed with me for Riya, don’t get angry on food, fine I will get you married to more beautiful girl than Riya. He says I want Riya, I love her. She says I know, but…. Fine, I will talk to Kranti Maa for your happiness, I will ask her to explain Riya’s parents, are you happy now, have food. He eats food and kisses her hand, saying you are the best, I love you. She thinks to make him forget Riya.

Santoshi Maa tells three Devis that if anything happens to Santoshi, I can’t forgive myself. Devi Laxmi asks her not to worry, Narad will get solution. Narad comes and they ask did he meet gunasur. He tells them someone killed Gunasur, someone is against Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says we know who is it, but we can’t do anything without evidence. Devi Laxmi says Gunasur could not help us, we have to think about other solution. Narad says Gunasur has told some words in his last time, I could not understand. He tells the words. Devi Saraswati understands it and says Himalayan mountain water. Devi Parvati says yes, Mahadev’s Sarovar jal.

Devi Laxmi says its pure, Santoshi will have benefit by it. Santoshi Maa asks who will get it. A duck greets them and says I will do this work. They bless the duck and asks Hansraj to stay back, they will send another pair of ducks there. Hansraj agrees and calls the duck pair. Devi Saraswati tells the work. She asks them to go to earth and give that water to Devi Santoshi. She gives them a kalash. Hansraj tells the duck to be careful. The ducks leave. They all smile.

Madhu meets Kranti Maa and tells about Dhairya’s wish. She says I hate Riya. Kranti Maa says no need to worry, I can see everything, I will do something that Dhairya will never take Riya’s name. Santoshi is in pain and prays. She sits crying. She thinks her final moment has come.

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