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Santoshi Maa 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode with Madhu taunting Santoshi. Kaka asks Madhu to leave. Ankur calls them beggars and says we will get ill if we stay here. Santoshi taunts Ankur on his new found richness, Dhairya has left his money, you will get ill if you see our love, you can leave, focus on relations, not money, money can go away, relations come to work always. Kaka says I know Madhu and her happiness are fake. Madhu says I m very happy. Ankur says don’t argue with the beggars mom, lets go. They leave. Dhairya gets sad. Kaka tells Dhairya that I m glad you controlled your anger, always be the same.

Kaka says we will go on tirat yatra, we will go together next time, we want you both to prosper till we come back. Santoshi gives jewelry to Kaki for use. Kaki says no, I don’t need this, you keep it, I should

give something to you in such times, but I have nothing to give you. Santoshi says you gave your son to me. Santoshi asks Kaka to keep it and puts jewelry in his pocket. She asks him to use it when needed. She gives some items to Kaki to use in journey. Santoshi and Dhairya take their blessings. Kaka and Kaki hug them. Kaka and Kaki leave. Dhairya tells Santoshi that he is feeling strange seeing them leave, I would have broken if you were not there. She says I had to be with you, come and have food, then you have to go and find work.

A man delivers a parcel. Madhu says I want to see what Ankur ordered. She checks and likes a beautiful saree. She says I think Ankur ordered this for me, my son loves me so much. Pratap comes and says don’t trust him so much that you don’t trust anyone else when he cheats you, when he is my blood and did not become mine, how can he be yours, I accept I did mistake, I have apologized. Madhu says fine, I will forgive you. Pratap asks really, I promise I will never trouble you.

She says wait, I did not complete my words, I will forgive you, but you have to kill Dhairya. He gets shocked and asks what are you saying. She asks him to think, clear my way and your way will clear, I promise I will never trouble you. Pratap says fine, I will make Dhairya out of your way forever. She claps and smiles.

She says great, I did not get shocked hearing you, the man who could be of his wife, what will he be of his brother, I don’t want to get Dhairya killed, why will I get him killed, I wanted to see how much you fell low, you proved you can fall more lower. He scolds him and asks him to do his work.

Narad comes to Santoshi Maa and asks how can humans be so bad, I think Devi Paulmi’s bad powers have affected humans. She agrees with him and asks him not to worry, the people who believe in truth and satisfaction will bring them to right path, but…… A darkness and storm is shown. Someone says Devi Santoshi says things of truth and knowledge, when she gets troubled on earth, I will see how her knowledge works for her. Santoshi Maa sees the dark cloud and says this is not an ordinary situation, there is some reason behind this.

The man asks Dhairya to lift the bricks and keep it at that place. Santoshi and Dhairya sign on the register. They start working. Santoshi asks shall we divide work, we will take bricks half way. He says done. O karam khudaya hai……………plays……….. They both lift the bricks. She says if you had certificates, you would have not done this. He says I will get duplicate certificate soon, I will not do this forever. She says the one who tries…. He says never fails.

Sharmili smiles seeing the money. She gives Guddu to Sweety and says I have no right on Guddu now. Sweety asks Guddu to come. Madhuri and Seshnath come and tell tradition that parents go along guy. Sweety says I just bought Guddu, not his family. Guddu says yes, I m bought and I will go, no one will buy you. Sweety says we will not stay here, we will shift to Lucknow soon. Guddu says I will do as Sweety says, I will go with her. They leave. Sharmili laughs on Madhuri.

Dhairya says I don’t think this can happen till evening. Santoshi says it can happen by courage. Pushpa gives news to Madhu about Dhairya and Santoshi lifting bricks. Madhu says you gave me good news, I will give you bonus, where is Ankur. Pushpa says he went out. Madhu says fine, you go, it means I have to do work alone. Dhairya and Santoshi sit to have food. He eats food and asks won’t you have it, I will finish it, then you won’t get anything. She smiles and eats. A hungry dog comes there. Dhairya gives him roti. He says even ghungroo used to do this when he was hungry. He feeds the dog. Santoshi and Dhairya get ready for work again. They smile seeing each other. The dark fumes enter Santoshi Maa’s place. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi and Dhairya completed each other by their support. Narad agrees.

No Precap in and tv video

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks! at the moment santoshi maa is more enjoyable than gangaa.

  2. Precap: Madhu turns up at Dharyia and Santoshi work place and throws small bits of wood with long sharp nails sticking out onto Dharyia path. Dhariya is carrying a workload of brick walking ahead and steps onto the nails from the chip wood. He screams in pain and hobbles, Santoshi quickly comes to his aid. Screen freezes at Madhu wicked smirk.

  3. Alister La Frenais

    The script writers are losing their way with the story line. Firstly, who in their mind would sign over all their rights and money and property. Secondly, what became of Santoshi’s bond/shares that were worth Millions of Rupees. In what world does a wife be able to sell her husband. As for the goddess Santoshi, she is as useful as a wet tissue. When I first came upon this serial I thought it had good entertainment value, but regrettably it is on a downward slide which will end in oblivion.

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