Santoshi Maa 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhuri crying and waiting for Seshnath. He gives her a flower and says I got a scheme, we will get food, come. Daksha comes and says I will also come to have food. Seshnath asks them to cover face and have food, Dhairya is giving food. Daksha asks how did he get money. Seshnath tells them. They smile. Ujwal thinks to give this news to Madhu and maye he can have food. Ujwal goes to Madhu and informs about Dhairya’s Bhandaar. Ankur says Ujwal is right, Dhairya is getting rich and famous. Madhu says but how did he get money.

The people fight for food at the temple. Seshnath, Madhuri, Daksha and even Kaka are there hiding face. Bubbly asks all of them to sit. Santoshi serves food. Kaka sees Dhairya and hides his face. Dhairya turns to see him and asks why are you not

eating food. Kaka coughs. Santoshi gives him water. Dhairya says tell us if you want anything. Seshnath, Daksha and Madhuri also eat, by hiding under blankets.

Santoshi feels she has seen this face somewhere. Kaka thanks them. Santoshi says I felt Kaka is close, I think this and that sometimes, how can Kaka be here, he has gone for tirat yatra. Kaka blesses Dhairya and Santoshi. Seshnath sees Kaka’s face and smiles. He argues with a beggar. He hides and clicks Kaka’s pic.

Dhairya says mummy and Papa would have liked if they were with us. Kaka thinks I can’t meet them in this state, if they know Vidya is ill, they will be worried, it would be better when I give this food to her, she will be glad to know Dhairya gave this food. Dhairya says have food, its my Papa’s birthday, give blessings to him. Kaka cries happily. Seshnath thinks to follow Kaka.

Santoshi Maa says love is seen by sacrifice, Santoshi and Dhairya, Kaka and Kaki’s love are similar to have sacrifices. Kaka takes food for Kaki. Kaki is in bad state wearing beggar clothes. Seshnath smiles and thinks their state looks very bad. He clicks their pics.

Kaka tells Kaki that I met Dhairya and Santoshi today. She asks how is he. He asks her to have food. He says they are fine. She asks did they see you. He says no, I have hidden face and sat with beggars, Dhairya gave me work and went ahead, I had food given by him and got for you. She says you can’t lie well, I know you would have left and not eaten food. He says Dhairya was making poor people have food for my birthday, he loves me a lot, get well soon, we will go to them and stay happily. Seshnath thinks this video will be useful and runs. Kaki says we will meet and talk to our children.

Madhu scolds Daksha and Madhuri for having food at Dhairya’s bhandaar, and asks where is Seshnath. Seshnath comes and says I want to talk to Madhu. He goes with Madhu and Ankur. Dhairya and Santoshi come home. He gets tired. Bubbly says I got breakfast for you. Santoshi says I would have made it, thanks, will you have tea. Bubbly says yes, I will warm up food. Paras comes anad says I will also have tea. He says we got new four orders, we will get much food. Dhairya thanks Santoshi Maa. Paras asks him to work hard and keep any secretary. Santoshi says I think Bubbly can work for us. Bubbly says I did MBA in marketing, that can also help. Paras says yes, I will go now, lets meet in office tomorrow. He leaves. Bubbly says I will also go. She goes.

Dhairya shows the 10rs Madhu gave him, I recall that day when Madhu insulted me and gave me this note, she would have got jealous today, I would have got peace. Santoshi asks him to focus on work. He says I will not let Madhu forget this note.

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  1. I found this episode uncomfortable viewing. My heart went out to Kaka and Kaki, how can the two eldest sons treat their elderly like this? Not once did it show in the episodes that either Ujjwal or Pratap went looking for their parents and to care. Again, Madhu is so stone hearted that she plans to use them to cause more rift in the family. These constant conspiracies within the family are becoming despicable acts and not enjoyable viewing at all. Sheshnath, what a despicable character!!! Filming Dadi for his own personal gains. Does he have no shame ? Daksha, Sheshnath and his wife are all despicable characters who have no morals or loyalty to family…only to money.
    Someone, I get the feeling that new character bubbly might develop an attraction for Dhariya…hope the show does not take this direction. Santoshi and Dhariya already went through alot.

  2. Alister La Frenais

    I have a similar point of view to this episode as already mentioned by Summer. In addition to this I would like to add that the serial is in danger of becoming mundane and boring and predictable. Every episode has a similar theme of hatred and ‘get Dhairya and Santoshi’ Why is there no follow up of the police investigation of cyber crime committed by Ankur, it would seem that once the accused is bailed the investigation is closed. India must have very crooked and corrupt laws.

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