Santoshi Maa 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi seeing Dhairya hurt. Madhu scolds her and makes Dhairya sit. She goes his aid. Dhairya says I punished myself. Madhu cries and scolds Santoshi. Madhu does aid. She asks Santoshi to clean floor, come in Dhairya’s room as a maid only. Santoshi obeys her and cleans the glass pieces. She gets hurt and looks at Dhairya. Madhu asks her to get lost. Santoshi goes. Madhu says your punishment is over Dhairya, now its time to take revenge from Santoshi, I did not forget what she did with you and Riya, I will show her.

Kaka blesses Santoshi. She says its good someone called me suhaagn, everyone see me as maid, its tough for them to accept me as bahu. He says truth is powerful, don’t worry, they have to accept this one day. She says yes, I trust my sindoor, Dhairya

will accept me some day, I will meet Kaki and come. He says she is in room, you have to hear few things from her, like I m hearing since many years. They laugh.

Santoshi goes to Vidya. Vidya scolds her. Santoshi apologizes to her. Vidya asks her to move. Santoshi says I won’t move if you don’t bless me. Vidya says let me see Kranti Maa’s pravachan, go from here. Santoshi says I will see whats in it. She gets shocked seeing the girl and thinks its same girl who met me in temple, Priya….. what is she doing with Kranti Maa. Vidya asks her to go. Santoshi leaves. Vidya gets angry.

Santoshi works in kitchen and recalls Priya’s words. She thinks what Dhairya told her before filling sindoor. She does not understand whats right and wrong. She asks Maa to show her some way. Servant asks her to give juice in Dhairya’s room. She says I can’t go there. Servant says explain Pushpa, I m taking tea for Pratap and his friend.

Dhairya comes in his room and wears a new watch. Santoshi comes there with the juice and collides with him. The juice glass and tray fall. She apologizes. He raises hand on her and stops. She says I brought juice glass for you. He says I don’t want, you have no self respect, I get angry seeing you, clean this mess and leave, you spoiled my clothes, I have to take bath again. Her saree gets stuck in his watch. She looks at him. music plays……………

He asks her not to touch him and removes the saree end from his watch. He says I hate you, I would have kicked you out of here, but I can’t do this, this is last warning, don’t walk around me.

She cries and says Dhairya is blaming me for breaking his marriage, did Priya lie to me, I have to find out truth, Santoshi Maa help me, show me way to find truth. Madhu does Kranti Maa’s aarti. Santoshi looks on and thinks to do something.

Santoshi joins her and stands to pray infront of Kranti Maa. Madhu looks at her. Santoshi thinks how did that girl reach Kranti Maa, does Kranti Maa know her truth, don’t know by what intention she went to Kranti Maa, I have to meet that girl anyhow. Madhu gets shocked seeing Santoshi taking aarti. She asks what are you doing here, you don’t believe Kranti Maa. Santoshi says yes, but I have become part of this family, so I should accept the traditions here, if you permit, I want to meet Kranti Maa, can I? Madhu says fine, don’t know I m sending you as my bahu, it will be good if you do Kranti Maa bhakti, maybe you will stop preaching Santoshi Maa. Santoshi goes. Madhu says this girl is preaching Kranti Maa so soon, this can’t happen, there is something fishy, I will inform Kranti Maa about her.

Kranti Maa gets Madhu’s call. Madhu says Santoshi is changing, she wants to come to your ashram to meet you, I permitted her, so I called to inform. Kranti Maa says fine, I will talk later. She ends call. She tells Priya to go her home, Santoshi is coming. She says if this girl comes before my dhyaan end, make her leave, if she comes after dhyaan end, then get her to my rest room. Santoshi comes there.

She looks for Priya…..Santoshi goes ahead, and Priya leaves hurriedly. Santoshi sees Kranti Maa in dhyaan. Santoshi sees Priya going and follows her. A lady asks Santoshi why is she disturbing. She says there is no one here, don’t come again. Santoshi says but I have seen her, how can this happen, it will be better to hide here and wait. The lady leaves from there. Santoshi goes inside the place and does not see anyone. Priya was hiding and gets relieved. Santoshi looks outside. Priya tries to run and the lady asks her whats the matter. Priya acts and says that girl is after my life. She sees Santoshi coming and gets tensed.

Priya says I can’t say much, I can just say what all I told that day was a drama, I told that to break Dhairya and Riya’s marriage. Santoshi gets shocked. Madhu asks Santoshi did she tell this to anyone. Santoshi says not yet. Madhu says then you won’t tell anyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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