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Santoshi Maa 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Daksha not to trouble Janardhan, he did not eat anything since morning, stop this strike. Daksha says stop it, else we will make you sit on strike too. Janardhan asks for food. Tinu comes and gives him lollypop. Daksha stops Tinu and eats that. Madhuri smiles. Dimak Raj says I will join Santoshi’s fate paper again. Santoshi Maa asks Brahmadev to do this work soon. He says have patience, work done in hurry may have mistakes, I can’t do mistake in this work.

Doctor checks Santoshi. Everyone look on. Ujwal tells Pratap that I think she is ghost. Santoshi asks doctor to do it fast. Kaka asks doctor is everything fine. Doctor says all fine. Madhu says Santoshi got mad. Doctor says she has met with an accident, so that affected her mind. Santoshi scolds doctor.

Madhu says I think she got completely mad. Santoshi asks are you doctor, you are mad. Doctor says test is showing her mind is affected, I will write some medicines. Pratap asks doctor to declare she is mad. Doctor says no, she has memory loss. Santoshi scares him. Doctor runs away.

Kaki says everything will get fine. Dhairya says yes, you are not mad Santoshi, take medicines on time. Madhu says you have to become mad, for me. Madhu tells Pratap that they have to do something. She asks him to make Santoshi leave from this house, she has got mad, did you not see what she did. He sees the mark on her hand. She says I think we should tell her to mental hospital, else we can get risk of life. He says yes, don’t worry, once she gets electric shock, she will get all her senses. Kaki hears this and gets shocked.

Dhairya smiles recalling Santoshi. Kaki comes to him and says I think Santoshi can be like this forever. He asks her not to worry, I like her. She thinks to talk to Kaka about Madhu and Pratap’s planning.

Madhu cooks food. Pratap asks Pushpa to find a cook, Madhu has to make food. Madhu says no need to scold Pushpa, send Santoshi to mental hospital, bribe the doctor, then we will get peace. Dhairya dries his hair and asks Santoshi what did doctor say. She smiles seeing him. She flirts with him and says doctor asked me to love my husband, and I will get fine soon. He smiles seeing her and says this is strange doctor. Bheegi bheegi …………..plays…………. He asks her not to get fine, I like you this way. She hugs him. He pushes her. She gets pillow to beat him and smiles.

Kaki tells everything to Kaka. He gets shocked. He says don’t worry, I will see who makes Santoshi leave from this house. Sharmili goes to Janardhan and gives him food. She says I don’t want you to get in between women fight, have food. She says I will get food for you every day like this. He thanks her. She thinks to see who will snatch my jewelry now. She hears someone coming and hides. Daksha comes out and sees Janardhan sleeping.

Dhairya sees Santoshi coming from a bath. Kehte hai khuda ne…………..plays…….. She combs her hair and the comb falls near his feet. They smile seeing each other. He picks the comb. They have an eyelock.

Santoshi and Madhu have an argument. Dhairya feeds food to Santoshi. Pratap asks doctor to make Santoshi mad and he will give him money. Narad asks Santoshi Maa is this happening right with Santoshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg madhu v.bad

    1. Please bring old santoshi back please

  2. yes plzz bring old santoshi back

  3. this santoshi is vry dangerous..pls bring back d old santoshi

  4. Hi Friends,

    Yes, I agree, I am not sure i like this Santoshi very much. Bold but rude. Good acting though. I think i prefere old Santoshi, she was more respectful towards elders and kind. This Santoshi reminds me of the character Riya, hence probably why Dhariyia likes this Santoshi.
    I cannot understand why does the Mother and Father in law tolerate so much nonsense from Madhu?

  5. I like the twist of this story

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