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Santoshi Maa 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi giving tea to Kaka and Dhairya. Dhairya asks why is she in tension. Kaka says its because of Sinduri. She asks Dhairya why don’t we give Sinduri’s pic in newspaper, we can know her family. He asks how does she know about us. She says don’t know, but just do this, I know she is lying. He agrees. Madhu says no need to do this, Pratap got Sinduri, we know about her. Santoshi says I have to know about her, as things got related to my husband, that girl is creating misunderstanding between me and Dhairya.

Madhu tells them that Sinduri won’t go anywhere, I got a cook and I won’t let her go, you all don’t discuss this. She thinks Santoshi, Sinduri is working for me in this game. Devraj Indra hears a woman singing. He says I will enjoy your art some other

day. The Devs thinks what happened to Devraj Indra. Daasi says Swarnrekha wants to come here. Indra smiles and says get her with respect. Swarnrekha comes there and greets Indra. He goes to her and holds her hand. He makes her sit on the chair. He asks woman to start singing again. The woman ssings. Indra smiles seeing Swarnrekha. Swarnrekha says I have come to invite you for lunch. He accepts her invitation.

Pratap asks Santoshi what is she saying. Madhu says I know, Sinduri is Santoshi, this happened, else how does Sinduri know everything. He says you should do yoga, your mind will stay calm, you are saying anything, everyone is thinking you got mad, I can’t help you. She asks are you scaring me. He says no, I m saying truth. He goes.

Sharmili talks to her dad and says we are coming. She asks Guddu to wake up. He refuses to meet her dad. Narad appears and greets Indra. He says you look very happy, it seems your got your love. Indra says no, Swarnrekha invited me for lunch, she is a good woman. Narad says you said true, when she is waiting, go soon. He leaves. Indra smiles and proceeds.

Santoshi asks Dhairya to check his files. Dhairya gets ready and ties tie by making her wear it. She smiles. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…………..plays…………. He asks her to get stapler from Madhu. She says I did not give. He says you gave it, you don’t remember anything. She asks how can I go there, Madhu is not in her room. Sinduri gets stapler, and says sorry, I gave this and forgot to get it back. She tells Dhairya that she remembers Naag Panchami matter. Santoshi says its good, but don’t in our room like this. Sinduri leaves.

Dhairya jokes and cheers Santoshi. He asks Santoshi not to do mistake, else he will believe Sinduri is real Santoshi, don’t cry, I know my Santoshi can’t lose to anyone. She thinks I will try to fulfill your expectations. Gaumata says we have to help Santoshi, else her problems will increase. Santoshi Maa says we have to try, I need your help. Gaumata says it will be my good luck. Santoshi says I will find solution of test on Naag Panchami and tell you your role.

Sharmili and her dad take Guddu to builder officer and ask Guddu to sign. Guddu refuses. Sharmili asks him to sign, else he won’t go back. Guddu signs. Sharmili smiles. The builder gives them money and say now your house iss ours. Guddu asks what nonsense, I did not give my house. Sharmili says I have to sell that house. The man says when your house gets broken and building is made there, you will get a flat.

Santoshi cries and tells Kaka that Sinduri told something to Dhairya about naag panchami day, if I don’t remember anything, he will believe Sinduri is his wife. He asks her not to worry, I will tell Madhu and make Sinduri leave. Santoshi asks what happened to Dhairya, he started liking me, he does not get angry, how did he change. He says because you changed. She says I m still same. He shows her video of her dancing in the party. She gets shocked. He says I know you don’t remember, but its you.

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  1. Renuverma

    Oh god pl end this sindoori track soon.

  2. Seriously please end this sinduri track . Its really very irritating and too boring.

  3. I have to agree, not really enjoying this Sinduri track. She is totally the opposite of Santoshi. I cannot understand how Dharyia not know the difference, as Santoshi has always expressed her faith in Santoshi maa, why would he even doubt Santoshi. Please let Santoshi find happiness with Dhariya.

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