Santoshi Maa 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi lying that she told Dhairya to apply tape to her mouth, as she has Mounvrath today, this tape will remind that she does not have to talk. Madhu says Dhairya was helping her and Riya interfered, you know he does not want anyone interfering in his work. Riya says baby, this is not my mistake, its because of this stupid work, I thought to help her, sorry.

Dhairya smiles and says its okay, you just removed tape, not killed anyone. Riya asks so you are not angry with me. He says no. Madhu says Dhairya ignored when I told him to remove tape, and this Riya removed tape and Dhairya did not care, if I don’t see this Riya, she will snatch my son, I can’t let this happen. She says we are getting late to go to Kranti Mata ashram. She asks Pushpa to take Vidya. Dhairya

stops her and says today Santoshi will come with us. Ujwal says its like taking problem, she will say anything. Dhairya says relax, I m here, she should see how miraculous is over Kranti Mata, I m sure she will forget her Santoshi Maa after that. Madhu agrees. Nupur asks Santoshi not to say anything there. Madhu says we should chant her name from here and goes.

Riya takes Dhairya. Madhu thinks where did Dhairya go, and asks Pratap. He says he maybe in other car. Madhu looks for Dhairya, and says I thought he is with Ujwal and Nupur. Nupur asks is he with Riya. Madhu asks Santoshi to go and see Dhairya. Nupur says this Riya is very smart, she is trapping Dhairya. Madhu says I trust Dhairya, he will come.

Riya says I m charming and convinced Madhu. Dhairya says Madhu loves me a lot, she will never say no to anything I want, she permitted us to go. She says I m excited. He says you come along us. She says no, this is not our age to go for satsang, we can go on date, its okay if you don’t want to come. He says we will go tomorrow, I told Madhu I will come, Kranti Mata is important for our family. She asks am I not important. He says you are important, so we are here, we will play where we will go and romance. Santoshi says Madhu is calling you. Dhairya asks can’t she knock and come. She asks where is the door here to knock. He asks her not to act smart and sends her. He hugs Riya and says I have to go.

Madhvi tells Seshnath that Santoshi has asked money for you, and this was slap on Daksha, wherein Daksha was thinking to take Santoshi’s salary. He calls her clever and makes her eat Kaju. He says I feel bad for Daksha, its real kalyug and jokes on Daksha. They laugh. Daksha hears them and gets angry.

Dhairya and his family reach the ashram. Madhu says we came to thank Kranti Maa, my mum in law got fine. The man says Kranti Maa is very happy and thought to call you all on stage to say your experience. Madhu says we are glad. He asks where is Mata ji. Dhairya gets Vidya. Vidya tells Santoshi that many people have come to meet Kranti Maa.

Santoshi Maa closes eyes. Kandin/Gaumata sees a bird sitting on Mata’s shoulder and tries to move the bird. Santoshi Maa asks her why is she trying to move the bird. Kandin says as bird is disturbing you. Mata says bird does not know this, nature made them, don’t worry. Narad comes and greets them. He asks why can’t humans be like Brahmadev made them. She says evil will end soon. Narad says what about Santoshi, she is taken to humans’ temple. She says everyone is tested, Hanuman ji went to Paatal lok and even then Ram was there in his heart. This is tough time for Santoshi, but strong person is like water, who makes way infront of huge stones. Narad says Santoshi will have you in heart, and leaves. Dadi tells Tinu about Santoshi Maa. Daksha comes to talk to her. Tinu asks her to come later, and argues as Daksha is arguing with Dadi. Dadi asks Tinu not to talk like this with elders and sends him.

Daksha says don’t doubt on me, but this time I came for Santoshi’s good, Santoshi is foolish, she has no brains. Dadi says yes, you are smart. Daksha says Santoshi took money for Madhvi and doing extra work, Madhvi did not thank her. Dadi says even you did not thank Santoshi. Daksha says I did not send Santoshi to hear everyone’s scolding, whats guarantee that they will treat Santoshi good after she took loan. Dadi says yes and worries. Daksha says Santoshi should not think about them, I will talk to Seshnath and Madhvi, and ask them to return money to Santoshi, if you support me. She smiles.

Santoshi sees people buying Kranti Mata ji’s locket, Charan water and other stalls. Madhu asks whats here that there are so many devotees. The man says its Charan jal of Mata, it becomes Amrit. Madhu agrees. Santoshi thinks whats happening, they regard humans as Lord.

Kranti Mata comes. Santoshi sees her. Madhu tells about Kranti Mata giving them everything, as they were poor before and then turned rich by Kranti Mata’s blessing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So many things to learn! Love watching and reading the show.

  2. I m just keeping a track of this show bcoz i hav a gut feeling day santoshi will get married to dhariya some day…as maybe for circumstances or due to love?

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