Santoshi Maa 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the evil women sinking Dhairya in the water. Santoshi prays. Santoshi Maa thinks of Mahadev’s words and sends the Rudraksh on earth to protect Dhairya. Kamini smiles. Trishna looks on. Dhairya struggles. Trishna says I m worried, will anything happen to Dhairya. The Rudraksh lands there. It starts thundering. A little girl appears from Rudraksh. Santoshi Maa blesses her. They all see Dhairya gone. They look for Dhairya. The little girl goes ahead. Devi Paulmi says the one who creates trouble has to bear consequences. Trishna gets angry knowing Dhairya disappeared. She says I will kill you for killing my Dhairya. The old lady runs away. Trishna runs after her. The women run to stop Trishna.

Trishna says I lost Dhairya, so you have to die. Kamini stops Trishna. She

says we should find Dhairya, maybe he is in water. Trishna says maybe he is alive, I have to find him. Kamini asks everyone to help Trishna. The little girl saves Dhairya. She says he will get conscious now. Devi Paulmi thinks to find out about this girl. Trishna says I worked hard to get Dhairya, you ruined everything. Kamini says I m sure he did not die, Santoshi did something.

Trishna says please mom, how will Santoshi come inside water, I lost Dhairya, I hate you mom. She cries and leaves. Kamini asks her to understand. Devi Paulmi says I have to control Trishna and explain this is right for her. She sends some rays. Trishna has locket in her hand. Kamini says Dhairya will come back, wait for her. Trishna asks where to wait, at his house, who will let me enter there. Kamini says you come with me. Santoshi and Kaka worry. Kamini and Trishna come home. Santoshi scares Trishna and asks about Dhairya. Kamini says he is in hospital, we shifted him to better hospital. Santoshi says I want to meet him, tell me in which hospital is he. Kamini says Dhairya does not want to meet you, he will come home one he gets fine.

Its morning, Dhairya wakes up and sees the little girl. He asks who are you, how did I come here. She says I want to ask the same. He says I m Dhairya, I don’t remember how I came here. She says you were sinking in river, so I saved you. He smiles and says thanks for saving my life. He thinks how did I come here, who is this girl, why don’t I remember anything. He asks who are you. She says I m Rudrakshi, I saved you. He says thanks, what are you doing here. She says I had to come for you and stay here all night, as you were unconscious, how did you sink in river.

He says I went to bath in river then I don’t remember anything. She says its good nothing happened to you. He asks where is your house and parents. She says I don’t know, but I have Maa, Santoshi Maa. He asks are you her devotee. She asks are you also her devotee. He says no, leave it. Devi Paulmi says this girl is some illusion of Devi Santoshi. The girl asks where did you stay. He says I stay in Lucknow, I m Dhairya. She says don’t take tension, we will leave from jungle, we will first think of food. He says yes, come, we will have something.

The people argue to visit Seshnath’s Samadhi. Seshnath comes as Baba. He fools the devotees. Inspector comes home to tell about Dhairya. He asks her to call Trishna and Kamini. Santoshi asks Pushpa to call them. Inspector asks Trishna where is Dhairya, tell me, else I have to arrest you. Trishna worries.

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